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Give Your Lips Superior Protection That Lasts Throughout The Day With EOS Lip Balm Products

A recent PRN Newswire beauty care article is raving about the new EOS lip balm products, saying, they’re chosen 10 to 1, over Chapstick. They are widely known throughout the world for leaving your lips feeling ultra smooth. They saturate your lips with an all natural hypoallergenic base that won’t dry or crack your lips. Your lips have very sensitive skin that needs extra sensitive products to retain your youthful luster. EOS lip balm products come infused with jojoba oil and shea butter providing 100% all natural coverage. Pamper your lips with the perfect lip balm that is great for all budgets.

Why Go EOS?

EOS lip balm products are all natural and have many delectable flavors to choose from that will have you craving their fragrances. Their products heighten your senses and give you a equal balance of moisture and flavor. Say goodbye to the traditional lip balm products with harsh by products that require multiple reapplications. EOS lip balm products are known for having your lips feeling ultra smooth when and where you need coverage. They are individually packaged in unique packaging that will have their lip balm products easy to identify.

Evolution Of Smooth Flavors

– Acai

– Blueberry

– Almond Milk

– Lemon Drop

– Purple Sorbet

– Wildberry

– Original EOS

and much more…

Evolution of Smooth is a very popular EOS lip balm. They offer a great product that is easy to order from their exclusive website, Pamper your lips with an organic lip balm that will have you exploring all of their unique flavors. You can also find EOS lip balm products from You’re invited to try their products and transform your lips to full silky smooth puckers with your first use. View the EOS product gallery on Facebook.


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Ricardo Tosto: Getting Legal Help For Your Business

Are you facing a legal difficulty in Brazil? Do you wish to hire one of the best lawyers in Brazil to deal with your case? When legal complications occur, it’s imperative to get an expert law firm to handle it. And there are many resources that will enable you to find a lawyer or attorney in Brazil.

You will need to talk about your case and devise the right approach to resolve the case once you find a legal counsel. If more than one attorney meets your criteria or requirements, you should decide on the one that you think is the most ideal for your case.

The Internet provides a tremendous amount of information on how to find and pick a good lawyer or attorney in Brazil.

Lawyers directories and Bar Associations are great resources for information about lawyers and their areas of practice. Check with these associations, and you will be able to acquire a list of names and contact details of potential legal representatives.

Before you even put your signature on any document, make sure you read the fine print. Take the time to go through the contract or retainer contract and understand the terms of service. Ask for clarification if you have a tough time understanding any statement on the document.

Once you have a reliable law firm or attorney on your side, you can be sure your legal problem, no matter how complex or difficult it may seem, will be resolved effectively.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a competent litigation attorney in Brazil, specializing in business and corporate law. Mr Ricardo Tosto has represented various individuals, businesses and organization in various legal matters with positive results. He has an established history of rendering superior legal solutions and is well expected in the industry.

Ricardo Tosto has advised and represented many high profile clients in complex cases involving business dispute, breach of contract and other related problems in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto is a remarkable business litigation expert and is recognized all over the world due to his unique negotiation skill and courtroom style.

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Securus Technologies Advances Prison Communication

Many people communicate today in ways that were not feasible a few years ago. The availability of emails instead of writing is a great technology leap. Moreover, people can easily communicate with smartphones instead of the traditional landlines. The availability of a video call feature has created a great flexibility with calls.


One company that has revolutionized communication is Securus technologies. The company is technology firm that provides technology-aimed communication systems. Securus has made use of the video call feature to create a video visitation program. Family and friends take advantage of the technology to communicate with inmates.


I think that the video visitation program by Securus Technologies will bring excitement and joy to many inmates. The opportunity is set to see friends and family communicate during the holiday season. The video visitation program is configured to create a unique, memorable moment that inmates are likely to cherish for long.


Securus Technologies is a highly technology advanced company. The company produces technology related services and products for organizations. Apart from correction facilities, Securus Technologies avails its services for agencies in the public sector.


The prison video visitation service is critical in the Christmas festive season. This is a time where family comes together to share a happy moment. A family with a member in correction facility will feel not feel complete. However, the Securus video call makes communication possible through video chats. Children can talk to their parents in correction facilities. Wives, on the other hand, can join husbands in prison facilities. People can have a happy moment and make memories. Lastly, fathers have had the chance to watch their children open gifts. They have gone ahead to wish each other a Merry Christmas through the video.


Securus Technologies has highlighted a few videos by the video visitation program. A simple YouTube search of Securus family communication during Christmas would reveal the Securus video technology at work. The video showcased an incarcerated father talking to his son during the holiday season. He checks on his son and then watches him open his Christmas gift. With the help of the video facility, the father is present for his son. He watches his son open gifts, and the two share a special moment. All these are made possible with Securus video Visitation Technology. The family bond has been preserved during the Christmas holidays. Securus has created a gift of communication to give a beautiful and wonderful moment for families.

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Capital Group Experiencing Growth After Implementing Leadership Transition Plan

Timothy Armour, a Los Angeles-based executive, obtained his degree in economics at Middlebury College. He began his career at Capital Group as an associate volunteer. Armour is the CEO and chairman of Capital Group. Armour was appointed Chairman by Capital Group’s board of directors.

This high-status appointment materialized after the death of former Capital Group Chairman, Jim Rothenberg. Following his appointment, Armour vowed to continue working with Rob Lovelace and Phil de Toledo in managing the company. Armour still heads Capital Research and Management Company, a division of Capital Group. Additionally, he is a seasoned portfolio manager with over three decades of investment experience.

Since his appointment, Timothy Armour has promoted the company’s expansion by facilitating Capital Group’s merger with Samsung Asset Management, a Korean-based company. The purpose of the collaboration is to create unique investment strategies and retirement solutions for Korean nationals. Capital Group has since assisted Seoul Group, a subsidiary of Samsung Asset Management, in the management of hedge funds. According to Armour, this partnership is a win for both companies, as they will all benefit financially and in the expansion of their businesses.

Janet Yang’s Congratulates Tim Armour Impressive Record of Achievement

In a 2015 article, Janet named Armour and his colleagues as key drivers of Capital Group’s success and expansion plan. She also said that Armour has the right qualifications for steering the business in the right direction. Janet termed Capital Group as one of oldest successful companies with trillion worth of assets and over 7000 employees.

According to Janet, Capital Group has managed to withstand challenges and survive tough economic challenges due to its capability to respond to changes promptly. For instance, in 2015, the company made changes to its fund lineup by increasing employee’s retirement fund.

Armour’s Thoughts Concerning Market Selloffs

Following the decline of Chinese stocks, Armour and his colleague Rob Lovelace came out to analyze the inflation status. According to Timothy Armour, market volatility is expected in any growing economy. He said that United States economy was stagnating in the financial year of 2015. In his opinion, Armour stated that banks should try to come up with realistic interest rates to survive inflation.

Additionally, short term and long term interest rates ought to be increased for businesses to thrive. He encourages foreign investors to put their money in nations that have stable economies. He also urges them to conduct intensive research and understand the markets to avoid making blind investments.

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EOS – The Smooth Evolution of Lip Balm

Until the early 2000s, the lip balm market seemed invincible. If your lips were dry and cracking, staring right back at you from every checkout line in any store was the cure: a cylindrical tube lined up in a variety of flavors waiting to be chosen. In 2007, an innovate sphere began appearing right next to those artificially flavored tubes consumers apathetically purchased. The organic, innovate and alluring design of EOS has created ripples in the monotonous industry of lip balm.

It’s not easy for creatures of habit to embrace the unfamiliar, and so Sanjiv Mehra, cofounder and managing director of EOS lip balm, partnered with Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky. Mehra had worked in consumer package-goods for companies like PepsiCo and Unilever, while Teller and Dubitsky spent time in startup incubators prior to the EOS venture. Together these entrepreneurs put their heads together to find a design that would catch the eye of consumers. They developed a lip balm that appealed to all five senses: the soft texture of the small globe, the smell of each balm, the pastel colors, the organic flavors, and even the clicking sound when it closes. Not to mention, the ingredients are organic.

According to, they used an entrepreneurial mindset and big-company discipline to give competitors like Burt’s Bees and Chapstick a run for their money. EOS started out quiet, but not too long after they landed on the shelf at Walgreens, EOS made a huge splash in the lip balm industry. With 1.7 million followers on Instagram, 7 million likes on Facebook, and celebrities like Britney Spears, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus endorsing the product, it’s no wonder why such a fabulous little sphere has changed the way consumers thought about lip balm.

Check out today!


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Businesses Switching to Gooee LED Lighting

Switching to LED lighting for your office is a wonderful way for you to budget more easily without having to worry that you are spending all of your hard-earned money on your electricity. Gooee is a great company for you to choose when it comes to getting the most out of your electricity options. Because of the fact that Gooee has a variety of different products available to homeowners and business owners alike, it is incredibly easy for you to pick and choose the different types of products that you need for the home or office and knowing that you are doing something that is going to benefit your budget over the course of many months.

Gooee is a great company for you to choose for your LED lighting options because they have a variety of different products available to people all over the world. You are also going to find that Gooee is great for people who would like to save money on their electric without having to worry that it is too expensive. Now that you know how easy it can be for you to switch to LED lighting within the home, it is a good idea for you to make use of a company like Gooee so that you know you are getting some of the best product out there on the market that you could possibly add to your home or office in order for you to save lots of money because of the fact that you are finally switching to good quality LED lighting.

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Todd Lubar and His Contribution to the Real Estate Industry

Todd Lubar is a famous person in Washington DC and its neighboring regions. The popularity comes from a thriving career in business and real estate. Mr. Lubar has served as the leader of several real estate holdings like TDL ventures. His career is one that is both exciting and diverse. He has gotten into real estate mortgage and several other industries.

His first schooling was back in 1987 where he studied in the University of Syracuse. He specialized in speech communication and landed his first job in the real estate genre. Lubar worked with Craster mortgage as his first company. He worked with the firm for more than four years before gaining a vast experience within the industry. He also gained a massive experience in other industries before going to a Texas-based organization called Legacy Financial.

Todd Lubar attended mainly to underserved customers in Legendary Financial LLC. He used his skills as a mortgage dealer and managing director of a mortgage company. He assessed the risk of individual loans. The Legendary Financial LLC grew to serve both private persons and enterprises. His business operation varied from homes, businesses and development of loans.

Mr. Todd Lubar is a highly successful entrepreneur. He ranked among the top 25 mortgage originators within the United States for many years. Through his business operations, he has helped many borrowers develop a proper financial lending plan. After multiple changes in the real estate industry, he decided to venture into other businesses such as automotive scrap metal and nightclub industries. He has further been involved in commercial demolition. The business model enabled him to gain contracts from the biggest contractors in the country.

Apart from his vast experience in the mortgage industry, Todd Lubar has an experience as vice president in Priority Financial Services. The company has grown to become famous for its excellent customer service deals and mortgage contracts. Todd Lubar loves traveling and adding value to people that contract him. He today serves as the president TDL Ventures. He today lives in Bethesda Maryland where he resides with his two kids. He loves traveling and spending time with his children.

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Enjoy Using The Magnises Back Card Everyday When You Get Your Membership

It’s not very hard to enjoy using the Magnises card, especially in New York City. After getting the membership, using the card is as easy as 1-2-3. First, pay the membership fee to join Magnises by going to the website. The cost to join as a member is $250, which will be some of the best money you’ve ever spent. Once you pay the fee, you should then download the Magnises Concierge because it’s your guide to all the fun that New York City and beyond has to offer. The concierge is set up to help any Magnises card holder by addressing them by their names.

The app also works by giving all kinds of suggestions, whether it’s about where to go to eat for the night, bars that are popular, coffee shops, special events and more. Since the application is loaded with all the fun things that a Magnises member wants, you simply need to converse with the application to get something to do for the night or to make reservations. Since the app is able to make reservations, there is no need to call a restaurant or bar to get the reservations you need, especially when the app has an easier time doing it for you.

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You will receive your own black card from Magnises, which will display your name on the front of it. The back of the car will have a magnet strip that is just like a credit card, which means it can be swiped and used as a purchasing card. Add banking information to the card, which is not a requirement but something that many Magnises card holders have chosen to do. The ease of usability of the Magnises card is the reason why so many people carry the card around with them, and there are also so many perks too.

Magnises has changed some things around and added a number of what are called lifestyle perks, which are just fabulous and can help to give great discounts to anyone who uses the passes on their membership. The only thing that should be notated with the passes is that they are an additional cost on top of any membership fee that’s paid. Each pass doesn’t the same amount. The ClubPass is definitely one of the hottest commodities from Magnises because of its ability to allow guaranteed nightclub entrance.

Everybody knows that it can be such a problem to enter a nightclub in New York City, so using the Magnises ClubPass can help prevent this problem. The SportsPass is a great addition to any Magnises membership because it has the ability to give the Magnises card holder some great seating in any sports venue, which also comes at a great price. Discounts are also available when using the HotelPass and WorkPass, which one gives discounts to hotels and the other to co-working spaces. Consider adding every pass to your account to make for the best membership, especially if you want all the best perks.

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The Changing Lip Balm Market

For almost a century, lip balms were stuck in an unchanging environment. The major makers of lip balm, Pfizer who made the Chapstick brand and Blistex, were not augmenting or innovating their products in any meaningful way. Customers were satisfied with their lip balms but viewed them in a purely utilitarian manner. They were not enthralled or excited about the lip balm that they were buying.

An article in Fast Company details how a new market entrant, EOS, changed all that. EOS lip balm envisioned the market from the ground up by seeking to understand what modern customers wanted in a lip balm and how this differed from the products that were currently available in the market.

The founders of EOS who had considerable experience buying and marketing for major brands like Pepsi and Unilever started to explore the customers wishes. They were seeking higher quality ingredients over the unnatural petroleum jelly based lip balm used in the past and EOS introduced oils like she’s butter into their lip balms. While this higher quality ingredient cost more money, customers proved to be willing to pay up for a luxury ingredient when the final cost of the lip balm was only $3 an orb at Lucky Vitamin.

About the orb; well EOS lip balm found that women customers were tired of losing their lip balm in their hand bag and designed a unique orb that was still sanitary to apply but which provided a luscious application. Bright colors on the case made it easy to find even in a crowded hand bag while interesting flavors kept customers trying new options and flavors.

All of this led to a marked success for EOS which has become in just seven years a $250 million in revenue enterprise that is now starting to branch out into other personal health care products.

For more info, visit the EOS website ( and Facebook page.

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ClassDojo App Receives Additional Funding

Technology has become a dominant part of the education system. Today, almost every aspect of the education system is impacted by modern technology. While technology has had a major impact on most areas of the education system, there are still a few areas of the education system where technology has yet to make a significant impact. One of these areas is the teacher and parent communication that takes place related to students.

The traditional method of communication between teacher and parents has been and continues to be the face-to-face meetings that are held between teachers and parents a few times each year. These meetings are important in the growth of students because the meetings allow parents and teachers to meet to discuss the strengths and weakness of the students.

Although these meetings hold significance in the educational development of the students, the method of the meetings pose various problems for both teachers and parents. For teachers, the meetings add a tremendous amount of time requirements fro meetings when teachers are already overloaded with the tasks that they need to handle on a daily basis. As for parents, the amount of time needed concerning the meetings can cause time allocation problems to an already full schedule.

A company that is taking aim at providing a technology alternative to the physical meetings between teachers and parents is ClassDojo. The company has an app that provides the capability for parents and teachers to communicate over a platform designed for schools. The communication app developed by ClassDojo allows teachers and parents to communicate on a regular basis without having to physically meet in person.

The app allows teachers to update parents using the app. Parents can connect to the communication platform to view student schoolwork, student activities, student progress, and a variety of other student related tasks.

Recently ClassDojo received additional funding for the communication app to add a wide array of capabilities to the app. The amount of additional funding is 21 million dollars. The app by ClassDojo is already receiving good reviews from schools that are using the app. The communication app is in almost 80,000 schools across the country.

ClassDojo is providing technology in an area of the education system where there has been little technology. Many schools are still primarily using the few face to face meetings held during the year related to parent and teachers to keep parents informed o students progress in school. The communication app by ClassDojo will give these schools options related to the traditional parent and teacher meeting.