Nathaniel Ru’s Journey To Greatness Through Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru is preeminently knows as the lead executive and head cheerleader of Sweetgreen, one of the leading, high-quality salad franchise in the nation. With over 40 restaurant locations, it is evident that Sweetgreen is manned by experienced leaders.

Background data

This is how it all started: During their schooling year in Georgetown University, Nathaniel Ru and two friends had trouble locating health-based, eating diners that were in addition fun and easy. The three friends wondered if they could provide an answer to this question.

With a 560 square-foot area on M Street, they decided to establish a revolutionary business. Six years later, their hospitality business transitioned into a 21 –store serving, diner, with Ru as the chief executive officer.

The onset of Sweetgreen

Recently speaking at the New Era of Marketing, a program that is set to initiate the growth of marketing strategies, Ru stated that Sweetgreen’s growth is directly appended to his determination to expand the business by investing in healthy foods. Read more: Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

The first attempt at starting this business was encompassed with challenges as the landlord was barely reachable to provide the rental logistics. After calling up to explain his situation, the landlord hanged up.

For over a month, Ru and his current partners called up to schedule a business meeting. Well, the trio got lucky. What was initially the green has now transitioned into an admirable business that most restaurants can borrow notes from.

The establishment of Sweetgreen

The first month of the business was spent looking for backers in addition to an architect. Ru was thankful to the landlord for assisting them in their quest.

Through her better judgment, the business was set to succeed. She agreed to assist the group that bore no previous experiences in hospitality. Ru narrates the series of events as a blessing to have nailed the chance.

Fresh salad produce

Sweetgreen is presently a leading franchise in Northeast America. With major stores in the state’s major cities of Philadelphia, New York, Washington and Boston, the company is focused on providing healthy, fresh foods. Most ingredients stem from local farmers. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

The company markets itself through its fresh produce and concentration on digital marketing.

The conclusion

In addition to providing superior ingredients in addition to developing stellar reputation for being a leading, healthy chain option, the business has a modern and unique model of operation.

Nathaniel Ru is persistent about decentralizing the company’s operations with the aim of running the business away from the main office.

How SahmAdrangi Makes Money By Shorting Stocks

SahmAdrangi is the founder and chief investment officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management, LLC. It was in April 2009 that he founded this investment company which is located in New York City. One of his bigger transactions occurred in 2016 when he raised $100 million from other investors. The money was used to bet against one single stock, as his research led him to believe it would fall and by shorting the stock he could make back a lot of money.

Usually hedge fund managers raise money in order to invest in a company or sector they expect to experience growth. The capital can be raised to invest in distressed companies that are on the verge of a comeback or it could be invested in other asset classes such as residential mortgage-backed securities. Sahm Adrangi, though, is flipping this on its head by shorting a company he sees as losing a significant amount of money per share.

When writing about raising this capital, Sahm said that because he was able to swiftly raise the $100 million he knew that his idea had been seized upon by others in the alternative investments community. He hasn’t publically revealed the name of the company, only that it is worth more than $10 billion. Along with one of his analysts at Kerrisdale, Shane Wilson, he put together a presentation including a video, a report, and a website which is being used to show other investors why he is right about this company’s stock.

Adrangi received his bachelor of arts in economics from Yale University. He has worked in the financial industry for about 13 years. He started out his professional career as an analyst for a number of firms including Chanin Capital Partners, Deutsche Bank, and Longacre Fund Management LLC.

Under Sahm’s management, Kerrisdale now has about $150 million in assets under management. He is well-known for making money by shorting stocks. He was one of the first investors to see that several Chinese companies were actually fraudulent in nature. He shorted a number of these companies in 2010 and 2011 from which Kerrisdale made a significant amount of money.

Rocketship Education- Solution For Assuring The Success of Disadvantaged Students

Rocketship Education is a charter school network based in California. The first Rocketship Education school opened in 2007. The network has 16 schools in three states and DC. Most of these schools are in the San Francisco Bay Area. The campus in DC is an elementary school. There are two Rocketship campuses in Nashville, Tennessee: Rocketship Northeast and Rocketship United. Students attending Rocketship schools come from academically and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Schools in the Rocketship Network have been nationally recognized for high test scores. Students use traditional learning methods and technology. Staff is sensitive about the needs of its culturally sensitive students.

Rocketship schools have five core values. Respect, responsibility, empathy, and persistence are the four core values held in common by Rocketship network schools. Parents and teachers decide on the fifth core value. School environment and vision are the determinants of this decision. Some ideas for a fifth core value include duty, eagerness, and desire. As of February 2017, gratitude was chosen as the fifth core value because it would empower students to develop relationships with their classmates and teachers.

Toxic stress management is a critical skill that students learn at Rocketship. Social-emotional learning is offered three times a week. The Kimochis program is used for the lower grades at Rocketship. Upperclassmen at Rocketship use RULER tools to for tracking their emotions in a diary.

One of Rocketship’s goals is to instruct parents on how to be advocates for their students once they complete elementary school. Parents have an opportunity to connect with their child’s teacher prior to the first day of class. Attendance and parent engagement matter at Rocketship. The school administration cares about the effectiveness of the teachers. Teachers have a chance to go over their lessons with the principal. Once the administration observes the teacher, an evaluation is completed. A positive evaluation can lead to a promotion. Teachers never stop learning from others.

The CEO of Rocketship Education is Preston Smith. He is also one of Rocketship’s co-founders.

The position of Securus Technologies in the US prisons

In the list of the many companies that provide network services to prisons in the US, Securus technology is one of the top-ranked due to its remarkable services it offers. The organization was founded back in 1986 with its major offices located in Allen, Texas, Carrollton, Georgia, and Atlanta.


The company is still on a verge to coming up with more offices as it tries to expand its services. In the current position, the technology company has played a great role in creating employment to over 1000 people with more than 2,600 correctional facilities in the US.


According to the directors of this firm, their main aim has been to keep inmates connected to their family members and friends. The establishment of this company was after they discovered unlimited subblockedions is the only way of keeping prisoners in touch with their people.


More to this, it is also only communication that can keep them informed of any information they need as well as offer them some independence. They also went ahead to explain their main focus is to facilitate effective communications among key corrections constituents and their number one choice for their communication being offering communication solutions in the corrections industry.


At Securus, the staff is always committed to offer swift solutions on communication matters. Being a premier provider of innovative communications solution in the correction industries, they have ever been ready and present to install and manage communication systems for use by the correctional facilities.


This being their major role, they have always been looking for better ways to offer unlimited and convenient payment services and products to their providers particularly the inmates. They value and know the convenience of funding inmate telephone calls a step that has encouraged them to introduce a variety of payment options with the aim of making it easy for the prisoners to choose their perfect fit.

How Eric Lefkofsky Is Helping Tame the Prevalence of Cancer and Subsequent Skyrocketing Expenditure on Healthcare

Healthcare charges in the United States have gone too high in the recent years compared to 1990s and before. Records show that $933 billion more was spent on healthcare in 2013 compared to 1996. Part of this figure could be attributed to an increase in population, but the effect of rising medical costs cannot be ignored. Aging is also a factor that contributes to increased doctor visits and a consequent increase in healthcare expenditure.

The JAMA Report

JAMA recently published a report on the analysis of expenditures related to healthcare. One peculiar thing about the report was that Americans were not seen to have changed the frequency in which they sought for medical services over the years. This means that besides the increase in population and the long life expectancy in America, the other prominent healthcare expenditure driver is increased charges. Gerard Anderson of the Bloomberg School of Public Health argued that prices shape the spending curve; the higher the cost, the higher the expenditure will be. Although Gerard took no active role in the 2013 research, he was part of a similar undertaking in 2003. He has been consistent since then that it is the prices that escalate spending, with the recent survey vindicating his claim and more

Joseph Dieleman is of the opinion that different diseases come with various costs. Joseph, one of the senior professionals in the study, gave an example of diabetes whereby about $44 billion out of $64 billion was spent on pharmaceuticals. That said, it is clear that prevalence of diabetes has had a substantial impact on Americans’ expenditure. Another major finding in the research was that even though the duration of patients’ hospital stay has reduced significantly, the cost associated with it has remained stagnant. Joseph Dieleman explained that this was an effect of the increase in daily hospital charges.

The Role of Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is a co-founder of several firms including Tempus. The 48 years old native of Michigan has been on the front line in trying to find solutions to cancer-related problems. As the CEO of Tempus, Eric has played a key role in ensuring that clinical data on cancer patients is available for physicians’ future use.

Tempus was established only a couple of years back, and to this end, the firm is doing a wonderful job. Eric has led the company in getting partnership deals with institutions like the University of Michigan- his alma mater, Northwestern’s Lurie Cancer Center, and Cleveland Clinic among others. His passion towards helping cancer patients is driven by a personal experience with a cancer patient.

End Citizens United Battles Corruption In Politics

The American public doesn’t seem to be too shocked by reports that suggest that a business in Russia bought political advertisements through the social networking site, Facebook. The goal behind the purchase was believed to be to sway the political election back in 2016. Many organizations have been looking into the Kremlin’s relationship with Donald Trump’s campaign, after all. They’ve been exploring this potential link for at least a year at this point. There are many individuals who worry that money from foreign nations may have had a big hand in the results of the presidential campaign. Foreign organizations are not actually permitted to donate to political campaigns in the United States. It isn’t exactly easy, however, to control this rule.

End Citizens United is the name of a political action committee (PAC) that desires change. The group believes strongly that Federal Election Committee (FEC) regulations that revolve around digital political advertisements are antiquated. The group also believes that these antiquated guidelines make political elections susceptible to potential exploitation. The End Citizens United team has many concerns that involve corruption in politics and in elections in general. The people who launched End Citizens United began a fundraising campaign at the end of 2015. Their objective in doing so was to battle the effects of money from other nations. It was to battle the effects of money from large corporations as well. End Citizens United indicates that it accepts donations in order to back political candidates who believe in the strength of campaign finance change. End Citizens United took in $4 million in donations during the first three months of 2017. The group, on average, received merely $12.00 from individual donors.

Read more: End Citizens United Explains Why We Need to Re-Evaluate Our Campaign Finance Rules

End Citizens United is an organization that has a clear and simple goal. The group makes this goal crystal clear at all times as well. Its goal is to stop the power of “Big Money” within the political realm. It’s also to repair any and all corruption that exists within the political world. The people who represent End Citizens United wish to do away with corruption by electing individuals who are enthusiastic about reform in campaign finance. They wish to do away with corruption by focusing on state ballot measures as well. They try hard day in and day out to make the general public more aware of all of the dangers that are associated with corruption in politics. They believe that there are many people in the United States who simply don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes politically.

End Citizens United relies on grassroots membership practices in order to showcase political strength as it relates to finances within the political realm. It’s an organization that’s dedicated and motivated.

Find more about End Citizens United:


How Sweetgreen Became A New Type Of Restaurant

Sweetgreen is a chain of restaurants that serve healthy salads to its customers. They emphasize healthy, fresh ingredients that are locally sourced and organic. They now operate 80 locations in the United States. The chain is backed by well-known investors such as Danny Meyer and Steve Case.

One of the co-CEO’s of Sweetgreen, Nathaniel Ru, and has said that Sweetgreen is a company that stands for more than just making a profit. The bottom line of the company, he has said, it to feed people better food. As a next generation restaurant, Sweetgreen also has extensively incorporated technology into how the company operates. A full 30% of the orders the company receives are done through either Sweetgreen’s website or smartphone app. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

Another thing that sets Sweetgreen apart from legacy restaurants is that they don’t maintain a main headquarters. Instead, the co-CEO’s of the company operate from each of the nation’s coasts, which is also where most of their restaurants are located. Nathaniel Ru has said that the company operates better as an entity that is decentralized.

The first Sweetgreen’s location opened in Georgetown in August 2007. It was Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet that Nathaniel Ru partnered with in order to start Sweetgreens. They all attended an entrepreneurship class at Georgetown University at the time which is where they came up with the idea of the company. They had noted that there were no good options when it came to eating healthy food at restaurants and they wanted to change that.

Nathaniel Ru continues to live on the East Coast, working out of offices located in New York City. He earned a degree in finance at Georgetown University, graduating 2007. Under his leadership and the other two co-CEO’s, Sweetgreen’s today has locations along the East Coast, California, and the Mid West.

Nathaniel Ru’s leadership at Sweetgreen has resulted in his being written about in a number of publications and news shows. Among these are USA Today, Bloomberg, CBS, CNBC, the Washington Post, and Forbes.

They have also been honored by Forbes’ with placement on their “30 under 30” list which features top business leaders who are younger than 30 years old. Food & Wine magazine also gave him placement on their annual “40 Big Thinkers Under 40” list.

MB2 Dental is Transforming Dentistry

MB2 Dental has been in the market for only short time, but it has already made an impact in the lives of many dentists who are living in the United States. The organization was brought into the market by Chris Villanueva, and it has significantly grown in the last years. The founder of the institution, Villanueva, is an active dental practitioner who has a vision of promoting only the best practices in the industry. In the past, the successful dentist had worked in the corporate and sole practices, and he understands the challenges faced by the dentists on both sides. He knows how the business equations work, and this is why his company has been doing well. The businessman has used his expertise to offer vital support to his colleagues in the industry without interfering with the integrity of the industry.

When he realized that the doctors in the department wanted some special assistance to carry out their operations, Chris Villanueva gathered courage and founded MB2 Dental. The company did not come into the market with any attached strings. The main purpose of the firm is to offer the medical practitioners in the department support so that they can grow together. The dentists affiliated with the firm are found in seventy locations at the moment. These locations are found in the six American states. The institution currently serves its customers with the help of five hundred and thirty-three individuals who are highly experienced. The employees work round the clock to make sure that the dentist has all the time they need to deal with the patients. The leadership of the successful company is close-knit, and it always looks forward to changing the lives of the dentists.

When a dental patient visits the doctor at their office, they are always looking forward to getting the best treatment for their problems. However, if the doctor has to deal with problems such as finances and insurance, he will not have the concentration needed. With MB2 Dental at their disposal, the dentists in the United States have all the time they want to concentrate on their patients without worrying about the official duties of the office. Doctors that are affiliated with the company receive positive reviews from their patients because of the care and dedication they give to the dental patients who are sick. The dentists, on the other hand, have more free time to themselves and their families.

Mikhail Blagosklonny and the Amazing Healing Properties of Rapamycin

Modern medicine keeps on advancing each day. One medicine that has been very effective in carrying out a number of procedures has been Rapamycin or Sirolimus. Among the many uses of this drug include the treatment of uncommon lung diseases, acts as a coat for coronary stents, and lastly helps in preventing organ transplant rejection.Rapamycin, however, is not a new medicine in the world. This drug was discovered in 1972; however, it was majorly used as an anti-fungal agent. With the advancement in research operations, this drug was discovered to have a lot of benefits including being a great antiproliferative and immunosuppressive. It is as a result of these features that physicians and researchers such as Mikhail Blagosklonny have endorsed it for the treatment of cancer. The following are some of the benefits of Rapamycin according to Mikhail Blagosklonny.

Helps in Treating Patients With Hemolytic-Uremic Syndrome

Hemolytic-uremic syndrome is a condition caused due to the combination of kidney failure, low platelet count, and anemia. This condition is fatal as it may results in renal failure hence leading a patient to be dependent on dialysis all of his or her lifetime. The only preventative cure for this condition is always through kidney transplants. Unlike with calcineurin inhibitors, Rapamycin has a high probability of helping you succeed in the transplant operations as it lowers the toxicity levels in your kidneys.

Treatment of Cancer

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a lead researcher when it comes to cancer. According to his research, Rapamycin’s antiproliferative properties are what helps this drug to be effective in the treatment of cancer. This drug works in two ways; first, it helps boosts our body’s immunity response. Secondly, its effects help to suppress the growth of the cancer tumor thus helping reduce the risks of cancer in patients and more so those undergoing organ transplants.

About Mikhail Blagosklonny and his Plan for Oncology

Mikhail Blagosklonny is one of the most respected scientists in the field of oncology. With cancer being one of the world’s biggest medical menaces, Mikhail Blagosklonny, through his researches, is committed to helping patients and their family ease on the cancer burden. Currently, Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny is a professor, editor, and researcher at New York’s Rosewell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo where he also gets to play his editorial duties at OncorTarget an online oncology publication.Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny has to his name a number of published research works. His specialty is in the area of cancer and the effects of aging. Mikhail Blagosklonny is seeking to establish how these two areas can be merged to help come up with an effective cure for cancer. So far the progress is good if the OncorTarget publication is anything to go by. This publication has been able to attract many online readers thus creating a rich source of affordable information to both researchers and the general public leading to improved quality of life.Going into the future, Mikhail Blagosklonny has more plans not only for himself but also for his publication. He seeks to improve the quality of life and make life more bearable for cancer patients and their families by creating a cure and making the cancer information available.

Alternative Investment-Highland Capital Management

For more 20 years they have been delivering excellent financial services as well as products in the United States. Highland Capital Management has been working effortlessly to realize their goals as well as those of their esteemed clients. Highland Capital is an alternative credit management institution which has expanded to be among the top financial facilities in the region. The long history of the organization can be traced way back in 1990 when their co-founders Mark Okada and James Dondero created a venture with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. Highland Capital Management together with Protective Life Insurance Corporation mainly focused on fixed income markets among them managing senior secured bank loans. In 1993 the name of the organization changed to Protective Asset Management Company (PAMCO). The firm was registered by the Security Exchange and the co-founders James and Mark owned 40% of the company while Protective Life owned the remaining 60%.
The co-founders are go-getters and very determined to see the growth of their organization. As time went by they purchased Protective Asset Management Company’s stake and changed the name to Ranger Asset Management LLP; The group was created as an independent firm which acted as an advisor and was registered by the Security Exchange Commission. The two co-founders and financial experts decided to change the name of the team to Highland Capital Management the following year. Ever since it became Highland Capital Management, the firm has been experiencing a marvelous expansion with them launching commingled bank loan fund in 2000 and which the first was.
Highland Capital Management has their Head Offices in Dallas, Texas and they have continued to make significant achievements in the financial industry including being the pioneers of the collateral loan obligation and it was the first collateral obligation loan for non-banks in 1996. Having the best management team as well as qualified and experienced staff, Highland Capital has continued to manage over $30 billion collateral obligation loans all over the United States, and they are currently the top managers of collateral obligation loans across the globe. Today the financial group invest in a braod range of financial services as well as products serving a diverse range of clients among them investors and individuals.