Sheldon Lavin Of OSI Group Had A Plan As Soon As He Joined The Company

The name OSI Group is globally synonymous with outstanding customer services in the distribution of high-quality food products. The company ranks as one of the world’s largest food wholesale businesses and has high profile clients such as McDonald’s, Papa John’s and KFC. Though OSI is today a world leader in the foodservice industry, its first incarnation was that of a local butcher shop in Oak Park, Illinois. This family-run butcher shop was the family business of Germany immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. Today, that small family meat market has locations in 17 countries worldwide with over 65 processing facilities. A large part of this worldwide expansion has been carefully guided by OSI CEO and Chairman Sheldon Lavin. Sheldon is responsible for a lot of the success that OSI Group enjoys today, but there is more to the story.

Otto Kolschowsky was the founder of OSI Group. A German immigrant, he came to the United States looking for the same opportunity that so many others came for. Otto made good on his dreams and started his family meat market in the Chicago area in Illinois. After establishing a good business, Otto decided to pursue wholesale meat distribution in the wake of World War I. 1928 saw the business given the name Otto and Sons and the 1950s saw the sons of Otto Kolschowsky make a deal with the rising star of the restaurant world, McDonald’s. This relationship still exists today and supplying McDonald’s was a huge boost in OSI Group’s fortunes and more

It was in the 1970s that Sheldon Lavin first arrived on the scene at OSI as a financial advisor to the Kolschowsky brothers as they expanded operations. Due to his high level of success and keen mind, Sheldon Lavin soon became one of the partners. When the brothers retired, Sheldon Lavin was the sole controller of the company. The operation was renamed OSI Group in the mid-70s. Sheldon’s biggest push during his time with OSI, beyond maintaining the firms traditional family values, has been to expand. He has been a constant presence behind OSI Group’s steady expansion from being a U.S. firm to a global one.


Anil Chaturvedi is one among a few seasoned banker with more than four decades of experience in investment banking, corporate banking, and private banking. Anil also privileged to provide corporate advisory moreso on cross-border transactions such as Europe and India. Anil has his origin in India although his career has been mainly outside India. He is currently the Managing Director at Hinduja Bank Switzerland. Anil attended Delhi University and graduated with a Bachelor of Amorerts in Economics in 1973. He later went to FMS Delhi University from 1971 to 1973 and graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration in Financial Management.

From 1987 to 1991, Anil worked at the State Bank of India as the Manager in charge of development and planning. He was posted to the greater New York City area and was responsible for coming up with strategic plans and their implementation to capture nonresidents Indians in the US. His leadership at the institution led to over $500 million in new business. He was awarded Man of the Year Award because of this commitment and work for the four years that he worked at State Bank of India.

Towards the end of 1991, Anil joined ANZ Grindlays Bank as the vice president and senior representative of US operations. He was responsible for the overall operation of the bank such as product development, developing marketing strategies, developing leadership skills among the staff and coming up with profitable models. In 1993, Anil Chaturvedi left ANZ Grindlays Bank for Merrill Lynch serving as the Managing Director. He was a leading private banker for Indians living in the US, Europe, and Asia. He helped high net worth investors find suitable investment opportunities and became one of the best advisors for high net worth individuals.

In 2011, Anil joined Hinduja Bank Switzerland as the managing director after seventeen years at Merrill Lynch. He is responsible for developing corporate advisory as well as facilitating cross-border transactions between USA, Europe, India, and Asia. He facilitates mergers and acquisitions and raising of capital between cross-border businesses. He has also helped many startup companies in India especially in e-commerce. Anil Chaturvedi has become of the best bankers, and his advice is widely sought especially in cross-border transactions.

Contribution of Sheldon Lavin to growth of OSI Group

OSI Group is one of the largest companies in the United States and the largest privately owned food company in the world. Forbes ranks it in the top 100 companies in the United States. The company deals with the supply of protein foods in the United States and 25 other countries. It has constructed 65 facilities to aid in the production of foods for its market. This business has been around for the past one century since it was started in 1909. It has taken the hard work of the people who have managed it- from Otto Kolschowsky who is the founder his two sons and later Sheldon Lavin who is the current CEO of the OSI Group company.

Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group in 1975. At the time, the company was under pressure to increase its production capacity so that it could it could meet the demand that coming to its business partner known as McDonald’s. OSI Group had been contracted by the McDonalds to supply hamburgers. McDonald’s grew faster than OSI had anticipated and they were forced to take some quick measures to ensure that the company remained in business.

At some point, OSI Group needed to take its activities to other parts of the globe. There process however needed management that well versed in financial matters due to the issue of capitalization. The organization needed someone who has been in business long enough to know how it should be carried out. It is at that point that Sheldon Lavin joined an equal partner in the company. His addition to the company proved vital as it promoted the quick growth of the business. In the year that followed entry into OSI Group, results started showing. He changed the business model of the company so that they could stop being over-reliant on the McDonalds. They also needed to find other clients who would support the company’s growth.

The changes that were brought by Sheldon Lavin proved vital for the company as the company recorded impeccable results in the following years. There was a rapid development of the company and its international expansion plan kicked off in earnest.

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Academy of Art Sends Graduates Down the Runway

Graduate students of the Academy of Arts University got to strut their stuff on April 26th for the annual Spring Show and Student Showcase. The Showcase is a n annual events granting design majors the opportunity to demo their various creations in front of fashion professionals. It allows them practical, hands-on experience and gives them a chance to see their creations draw stares. The Showcase provides for some a future, as designers present may hire said students, but no matter what it creates a memorable experience.

The Academy of Art University is for-profit, based in San Fransisco, and owned privately by members of the Stephens familty. It was founded in the olden days of yore, 1929, but was not initially an arts school. In fact, the then Academy of Advertising Arts, as 1929ians called it, was just as the title describes, an advertising school. Richard S. Stephens was the founder, a magazine editor and painter. His son Richard A. Stephens took over in ’51, and eventually the school landed in the hands of his daughter Elisa Stephens. The University has been participating in NY Fashion Week since 2005, attending the event bi-annually. AAU has regional accreditation and offers associates, bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

The diverse population of AAU hails from over 112 countries. The mixture of cultures, backgrounds, and spirit creates a slew of creative ideas. Graduate designers participating in the annual showcase have gone on to do many things. 2016 Alumni Brandon Kee went on to star in the 16th season of Project Runway. Many attributed his success on the show to his prior experience participating in the Student Showcase. Brandon himself weighed in stating in an interview, “It pushes you to figure out who your are quickly.”

The showcase is also a great way for professional designers in the industry to preview upcoming talent. Through the creativity of the next generation such professionals can anticipate oncoming trends, and be inspired themselves for future designs. On the whole the entire event is a crowning point of graduates, an icing on top of the cake. They get to feel what it is actually like.


Sound financial fitness by Infinity Group Australia

Having been founded in the year 2012 as a private company, the Infinity group Australia has prided itself as a financial coach and advisor that has focused on services, for instance, money management and financial planning.


It has its headquarters in Bella Vista NSW. The Infinity group has managed to capture a broad clientele base from athletes to navy officers among other professionals. They have been able to achieve this by first differentiating themselves from traditional brokers.


When approached by any client to help manage their finances, they ensure that they first establish the facts about the clients. For instance: the clients’ needs and their expenses. They then come up with a plan that offers a strict based budget for the various necessities and expenses.


Their clients can review their budget to determine if they align with their expectations and goals through the provision of the performance reports which are monthly based. Detailed reviews are also provided after every half a year to ensure a full commitment to the reduction of the family mortgages and the client’s success.


Recent studies have shown that over a quarter of households in Australia were extremely overindebted.this was done from the debt to income ratio. Almost half of the mortgage holders were over-indebted as regards to the tenure type.


The study also proved that a higher number of those indebted were in their youthful stage of life. The various borrowers have generally accepted infinity approach .this is because of the less time is taken to offset their loans wherever infinity chips in.


To half their clients achieve financial fitness, they engage in a concept known as the debit card. This helps control the consumer spending. This has been more so achieved by promoting and educating clients to differentiate between their wants and needs while ensuring they remain accountable to their set goals.


Instead of spending money on stuff that later turns out to be trash. The Infinity group believes that the money should be used in offsetting the mortgage expenses. They focus on reducing expenditure through the different ways.


For instance Introduction of the debit card to ensure family outgoings are not hyperextended. Besides the debt reduction, the Infinity group fully prides itself in helping the clients gain financial freedom.


This is achieved by maintaining the clients understand the concept of wealth creation, establish an investment plan based on asset and even help you protect and review your assets to reach maximum potential financially.


Planning for retirement is a key goal of any financial plan. The Infinity group helps their clients define their goals and set up a retirement plan. The program seeks to consider the income, age and the asset portfolio created by the client.


This plan is highly essential due to the rising costs of living and the high inflation rates set to be experienced. Learn more:


Richard Dwayne Blair on Financial Education

The world of investments can be overwhelming and intimidating, especially if you are new to making investments. What do I invest in? Companies or resources? Will I make my money plus some back? How much do I need to invest to see a profit? How often will I see my earnings? How do I sell my investments? When is the best time to sell my investments? These are just some of the questions a new investor might have. Luckily, there are people, like Richard Dwayne Blair, who are experts in the investment industry and can help guide newbies through the process.

The Three Pillars Approach to Financial Planning, developed and used by Richard Dwayne Blair, allows him, along with his clients, to walk through the financial planning and investment process that will best suit the client’s needs. The first pillar is where a detailed plan is made; goals, strengths, and willingness to take risk, or lack thereof, are discussed in great detail. Additionally, it is during this phase that clear expectations are set, a critical step in the financial planning and investment process. During the second pillar, an investment plan is set up. This is typically a long-term plan that is specific to each client’s individual goals. The third pillar is where Blair implements and monitors the investment plan set up during phase two.

With a long history of teachers in his family, it was at an early age that Richard Dwayne Blair realized the importance of education. He also realized that he had knack and interest for all things related to finance. Once he graduated college he decided to combine the two, education and finance, and founded Wealth Solutions in 1994. Wealth Solutions is based out of Austin, Texas and is dedicated to educating clients about various financial topics. The ultimate goal of Richard Dwayne Blair is to help his clients meet their retirement goals in the most effective and efficient way.



Guiding Forex Traders

According to NetPicks, Online Trading Company, Forex Trading gives traders the rights to invest based on the movement of currencies. Forex Traders operate based on speculations on whether the prices of currencies will rise or go down.

Forex Trading is popularly referred to as FX trading, direct currency trading or foreign exchange trading. FX trading gives traders an ideal opportunity to trade currencies in decentralized markets. Due to the advancement of technology and the internet, you can trade Forex through online platforms. Additionally, some traders choose to purchase Forex over-the-counter in major cities such as Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, London, and New York.

NetPicks allows traders to transact Forex through the provision of charts and live signals. Usually, the Forex market is open for 24 hours. This is why traders can negotiate in various cities. When one Forex market closes, traders can operate in other markets. For instance, when the New York forex market closes, traders can transact in Sydney forex market and so on.

Most traders prefer spot marketing. Nevertheless, you are also provided with a chance to trade through the forward markets. Most business owners prefer forward or future demands.

Characteristics of Forex Markets


Forex Markets are incredibly liquid. Many traders choose to trade currency pairs due to the cash in the forex market. According to NetPicks, the Forex trading for every day is nearly $5.2 Trillion.

limited Trading Alternatives

Different from stock exchange markets, the Forex market provides a limited array of trading alternatives. The most traded currency pairs are; The US Dollar against Canadian Dollar, the US Dollar against the Sterling Pound, the Euro against the Japanese Yen among others

High Liquidity in price variations

Most Forex traders benefit from the high liquidity in Forex markets due to the subtle price variations. Such movements provide trading benefits.   Additional tips on

About NetPicks

NetPicks is an online trading and day training that enables Forex traders to carry out their transactions. They have signals and charts which makes them the ideal platform to transact forex.

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Sightsavers Trying To Eradicate Blindness

It’s one of the main infectious causes of vision loss and nearly 182 million people are at-risk of becoming infected with the disease. According to Sightsavers, Trachoma, a bacterial infection of the eye, impacts the poorest communities, but it could be eliminated.


Millions of people live in areas where trachoma is endemic. Trachoma spreads in communities where sanitary conditions are precarious due to limited access to drinking water. The first symptoms are those of a common conjunctivitis: burning in the eyes, tearing, and redness. If left untreated, the infection causes scars to the conjunctiva until the eyelashes are turned back into the inside of the eyelid.


Trachoma is estimated to cause severe hypo-vision in 2.2 million people, and Sightsavers says over half of them become blind. The first symptoms manifest themselves with redness , photo-sensitivity, strong burning, tearing and swelling of the eyelids. In a few weeks the conjunctival follicles become inflamed and the capillary vessels invade the cornea.


In countries like Africa, it is children who have become healthy carriers of the infection, and then spread this relapsing conjunctivitis to parents, siblings, and friends.


Trachoma affects mostly women, preventing them from working and taking care of themselves and their families. The disease compromises vision, which is fundamental for the socio-economic wellbeing of people, trapping them in the cycle of poverty. Among the countries in the world where trachoma is even more widespread is Ethiopia.


Collaboration To Control Trachoma

Sightsavers, along with several other alliances, and members of the International Coalition for Trachoma Control have banded together to promote a new protocol called the SAFE strategy. SAFE is an acronym which means: surgery of trichiasis (Surgery), distribution of antibiotics to treat the infection (Antibiotics), education in appropriate cleaning and facial hygiene (Facial cleanliness), and the improvement of environmental conditions (Environmental improvement). This strategy works and has been endorsed by the World Health Organization.


This program has already achieved important results and field workers, using smartphones, collect and relay the information back to home offices for data analysis. But the data proves that it’s working.


Sightsavers also revealed, at a TED 2018 event, a new philanthropy project for trachoma elimination called the Audacious Project. With the support of philanthropists and various not-for-profit organizations, the Audacious Project focuses its efforts on a global change. In schools, students are being educated, says Sightsavers reps, about hygiene rules that prevent the spread of this disease, and they look to continue to spread this important audacious program.

Robert Ivy Carries Home the highly esteemed Lifetime Achievement Award

Time and again, Robert Ivy has proven himself a natural-born winner. His candidacy for this year’s Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award goes on to consolidate this fact and cement his winning streak. And for the first time, his success spills on to the American Institute of Architects considering that he will be the first practicing architect to receive this prestigious award since its inauguration in 1978. The architect goes down in the history books of the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters as one of the propagators of arts, joining the likes of Morgan Freeman and Shelby Foote.

Robert’s nomination

The lifetime awards recognize Mississippi citizen’s contributions to the continuation and development of art within the state, the country and internationally. Robert Ivy’s nomination, therefore, came on the heels of his achievements in spreading architectural awareness. The award particularly recognizes his writing and authorship contributions, both of which have aimed at further spreading the architect’s gospel. The success achieved as an author and leader may, however, be seen as the last nail hammering home the award.

How Ivy’s success brought the award his way

According to Mississippi institute, the lifetime achievement awards honors an individual’s contribution to art, especially if that individual dedicated their life towards championing this course. Robert Ivy is seen as having dedicated his life towards the advancement of architectural art through his past and present engagements. His dedication and commitment to each one of these courses further earned him points for the award.

For instance, Robert successfully published his biography and Fay Jones: Architect in 2001. The book that is now in its third edition extensively showcases the work of an American Architect. It has since gone on to win several awards and recognitions including being voted as having the highest standards of design, scholarship, and production.

Before transitioning to his current role as the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy worked as the editor-in-chief for a McGraw Hill architectural journal. While here, Ivy steered on the publisher’s journal to becoming the number one most distributed architectural journal globally. He also played an important role in the expansion of its global reach as well as its translation into Mandarin and more to know

Best fit for the award

Taking these achievements into consideration, the Mississippi Institute president of congratulated him arguing that there is no one like Robert Ivy when it comes to spreading the architectural awareness. Robert will receive this award during this year’s ceremony held at the institution on 2nd June.

Malcolm CasSelle the Online Video Game Expert

Worldwide Asset eXchange also is known as WAX can be defined as a P2P market whereby the exchange of virtual resources is built. With a foundation of a chain of blocks and a decentralized smooth contracts, that allows both the buyers and the sellers to trade professionally with each other with the virtual resources.

WAX helps in solving fragmentation and fraud of which are the major problems in the virtual resources markets. The platform allows the worldwide pool of both the buyers and sellers in accessing the global stock of the virtual merchandise in a decentralized marketplace. Whereas eradicating the financial dangers that the users might encounter from prevailed consignment market model.Mr.Malcolm CasSelle expressed confidence with the WAX platform saying the Industry of Gaming is determined in igniting the cryptocurrency world to the mainstream.

Mr. Malcolm CasSelle is the current President of Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) and the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the OPSkins, which is the number one market for the buying and selling of items from the online filmed games. He previously held a presidential and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) roles at Tribune Publishing (tronc) whereby he was overseeing the rapid developing of properties by leveraging digital resources.

Mr. Malcom CasSelle had also previously been a Senior Vice President (SVP) and the General Manager (GM) of the Digital Media department at the SeaChange International which attained his business known as Timeline Laboratories whereby he held the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position. It was the leading solutions to companies so as to both discover, exhibit and take the measurement that engages contents that are based on the social signals.

Mr. Malcolm CasSelle led the startups in digital business that includes MediaPass which leads in the digital payment solutions to main media businesses, Xfire which is a gaming social networks worth 22M, and the Groupons which is a joint project with the Tencent based in China.Mr.

Malcolm is an active stakeholder with Facebook, Zynga companies and also funds big figures and the blockchains vertical. When he started his career he was the co-founder of the PCCW, which is a public traded telecom which is established in Hong Kong with values of excess $35 billion USD. He also helped in the raising of billions for the PCCW’S publics contribution and millions in other secretive transactions.

Mr. Malcolm CasSelle got a degree in Bachelor of Computer Science from the MIT as well as masters in Computer Science at the Stanford University. Mr. Malcolm CasSelle also speaks the Japanese and Mandarin languages.