The Brazilian Company Eucatex

Eucatex, a Brazilian company, is a panels factory, which focuses on making insulating and linings stemming from the eucalyptus wood fibers. They got their start in 1951, with the first factory opening in 1954, in Salto. Today, Eucatex dabbles their service in paints, varnishes, plates, panels, flooring, and also supports the construction and furniture business. As of the year 2011, Eucatex had over 2,200 employees and exported their product to 37 countries worldwide.

Eucatex specializes in high density wood fiber panels. Eucatex holds a market share of %41 percent and is second in the foreign market in the amount of wood fiber panels it produces. Eucatex is the domestic leader when it comes to producing insulating materials, ceiling lining and wall partitions. Although Eucatex is widely known for producing high quality wood panels and other wood products, they also manufacture steel products, such as galvanized steel roofing sheets. The company’s largest sectors are the civil construction and furniture industries, together, making up about %83 percent of the companies income.

Perhaps the most interesting and innovative technique Eucatex executes comes from their concern for the environment. Their focus has always been to keep replanting the forest that they use, therefore always regenerating their raw materials.

Flavio Maluf is a successful entrepreneur and the president of Eucatex and has been working for Eucatex for more than 30 years. He was born on December 2, 1961, and he graduated from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation in Sao Paulo. In 1987, Flavio started his career at Eucatex working in the trade area of Eucatex. He then transferred to the industrial area until 1996, when he started work as an executive and soon after, became the president of Eucatex the family company.

Author Flavio Maluf favors the use of new technologies in the classroom he’s said on Twitter. He is aware of the fact that children are extremely attached to electronic devices such as computers, tablets and cell phones. He realizes that these devices may actually considerably help students learn in the classroom. In 2013, approximately %46 percent of teachers logged on to the internet in class as a resource for learning material. Flavio Maluf firmly believes that the implementation of technology in schools is a great thing and that students will reap many benefits from it.  He’s also commented on the future of the chemical industry, and what’s going to happen as Brazil moves forward.

Doe Deere And Her Fashion School Of Thought

Doe Deere is not your typical girl on the street. She is a businesswoman who has all ingredients suggesting that she is made of steel. She is the Founder as well as the Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime; a brand new makeup line cosmetics company that is currently the talk of town. Doe does not subscribe to the school of thought that for one to remain fashionable respectfully, strict rules have to be adhered to. She is of the opinion that one must get out of that cocoon by breaking some rules for self-fashion satisfaction.

Doe believes that being fashionable is a state of mind, and if one is not comfortable with what he/she is wearing, then no fashion is being observed. Her makeup line has also carved a niche for itself as being known to make products that are for those who are not afraid to express themselves using color. The company specializes in whimsical, colorful and cruelty-free cosmetics.

Personally, Doe has been a brand ambassador of those that cling to the hope that one can be equally stylish by veering off the beaten fashion path.

You can wear a bold eye with a bold lip and still look gorgeous

She supports her argument by saying that sometimes, a girl is allowed to play around with colors. She is personally well known to break this rule on a daily basis.

You can mix different colors and still look fabulous

Doe does not see a boundary that seeks to explain how much is exactly too much when it comes to colors. She says that ladies should wear big splashes of color and remain unapologetic because it is a good thing.

There is no boundary when it comes to mixing patterns

She does not shy away from mixing colors and patterns to achieve her desired look. She keeps saying that she does not dress for weather or even for the people, she dresses to make herself feel good and fashionable.

Doe chases after her dreams. She does not rest until she achieves what she sets her mind to achieve. Before venturing into her current occupation, she had tried very many other things like modelling, singing and acting and every time she failed, she always blew away the dust to concentrate on trying another thing altogether.

Being an online personality herself, she has received a lot of criticism. Her company has also been accused of very many things all of which she has managed to counter and prove untrue. The world certainly needs many like her for real growth in business to be achieved. She is a firm believer that women can also drive economies by doing business its only that many do not get the opportunities.

The Importance of Healthy Dog Food

As dog food becomes more and more popular, the industry has grown to become a multi billion dollar industry that is currently estimated at around 23.7 billion dollars. The dog food industry is booming with different companies creating their own niches in order to make their business a popular business within this industry. One of the top new ways to promote dog food brands is to promote healthy living through wholesome meals that will make any dog feel energetic and happy for the rest of the day. One particular example is a small dog food gourmet manufacturer that is called Freshpet Production. This production is currently located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and is dedicated to providing the healthiest and most wholesome meal to each dog. The owner and creator of this new business is Richard Thompson. Mr. Thompson prides himself on the fresh ingredients that he and his employees use to make a delicious meal. Mr. Thompson states that he makes his food with the intention of having a short shelve life. Mr. Thompson wants his customers to enjoy the food when it is bursting with flavor rather than eating dull and processed food. This gourmet dog food brand is an example of the many new niches that are popping up to make dog food completely remodeled. One of the top dog food brands in the United States that has been focused on healthy and delicious food is Beneful. Beneful is a national brand on Amazon that makes delicious products that include wet dog food, dry dog food, as well as dog treats. Each product that is offered comes in different flavors and textures that make every mouth water. One of the most delicious products that is served by Purina Beneful are the dog treats. The dog treats come in a variety of textures which all depend on the dog’s preference. Treats that are made through Beneful can either come in a crispy texture such as that of a cracker or even a crumbly texture such as that of a biscotti. Beneful offers numerous options to make sure every dog is happy and focused after a meal.

The Value of Giving As Told By Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos and his family is known and valued greatly, especially in their community of Grand Rapids, Michigan. There are many reasons that they are valued. However, the most important reason that they are valued is that they are very giving as people. As a matter of fact, the DeVos family has given a total of almost 1.2 billion according to a family foundations report. The DeVos family has ranked as number 20 on the list of the top 50 givers. In fact, it is amount that one gives that gives him the social clout and the influence in his community. In that case, Dick is one of the most influential people in his community.

Other activities that Dick has been involved in is the ownership of the Orlando Magic basketball franchise. He has also spent part of his career as the President of Amway and brought the company a lot of profits. He has proven to be a skillful businessman. He has also worked as the president of Alticor before retiring to put more focus on his private work. He has also looked into political issues in order to have an effect on his community.

He entered into politics in 2006. During his time as a politician, he worked ran for Governor as part of the Republican party for the state of Michigan. He was one of the wealthiest men to run as a governor in Michigan. Given that he had a lot of wealth, he used his own money to finance his campaign. However, money has proven to be a non-issue as he lost the election to Jennifer Granholm. Even though he didn’t make it in the political office of governor, he has proven to be a large influence in his community through giving and other activities. 

I am incredibly grateful to my parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within our family. We are happy to be a part of this great community!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, January 4, 2016

Dick Devos is one of the most generous people. He is one of the wealthy people who do not just hoard the wealth that they have. He uses his wealth to give to others. He has been involved in plenty of philanthropic activities. Both He and his wife Betsy run The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. They use their charity foundation in order to help build their community and help anyone in need. They are not greedy and selfish with what they have.

A Wide Variety Of Business And Services Are Offered By Healthcare Companies

Healthcare is big business in this country. Healthcare companies around the United States are growing and thriving. Many of this companies own several separate facilities that offer a wide variety of services from diagnostic to surgical. When looking on for a healthcare provider using one of the larger more reputable companies is a good option. They will use the best physicians and technicians to service you and your family’s medical and surgical needs. One such healthcare provider with an excellent reputation is Nobilis Health. Nobilis Health is a network of major and minor surgical procedure and diagnostic providers and individual surgical clinics around the country. Nobilis Health is a thriving company that owns several surgical centers in the United States that offer a wide variety of procedures for their clients. They have merged Northstar Healthcare and Athas Healthcare. Some of the centers that they have; Northstar Surgery Center in Dallas, Tx, Northstar Healthcare Surgery Center in Houston, TX, Northstar Healthcare Surgery Center in Scottsdale, AZ, The Kirby Surgical Center, Northstar Urgent Care and Surgery Center, Northstar Imaging Center, First Surgical Hospital and First Street Surgical Center, Hermann Drive Surgical Hospital, and Plano Surgical Hospital. Nobilis Healthcare manages over one hundred surgical centers around the country. Some of the services that they specialize in are spine surgery, pain management, orthopedic surgery, podiatry, general surgery, gastrointestinal scopes, Otolaryngology. Nobilis Health employs the most skilled board certified physicians in the country. Nobilis Health is also in the forefront of technology used in surgical procedures.

Analysis Done for Manhattan Real Estate

Town Residential has recently studied the housing marketing in New York city real estate. What they have found is that within the last fourth quarter, the real estate values in and around Manhattan have gone up by about 20 percent. This is an enormous spike in the values of properties, making it easier to make a profit off of a home and less easy to buy a home because of the large expense. Manhattan, in general, has always been known for its high prices and competitive housing market, but it has been seeing these types of spikes for years now.

The study was done by the Town Residential and featured on Virtual Strategy Marketing. The article outlines everything that was done within the study and what was found when the analysis was completed. This has made it easy to see why so many people are investing in Manhattan real estate when compared to other areas. Manhattan is also just a great place to live, with lots of conveniences and amenities for those who are living in the area and are proud to call it their home.

The analysis done by the Town Residential has shown a great spike in real estate values, allowing people to easily sell their home for a much larger amount than they paid for it. Even for those who just recently purchased their homes are finding that they are making more money off of them temporarily than they might have thought. The best option for you to make is to work with an agent if you are interested at all in finding properties within the city to buy. This is the best way to get a good deal on a piece of property that you know is going to be going up in value over the course of time.

Doe Deere’s Breaking the Rules

Breaking all the rules when it comes to fashion and beauty is just her style. Doe Deere, self appointed unicorn queen and CEO of her own beauty company Lime Crime has her own style and enjoys not just breaking the rules, but rewriting them.

Deere’s line makes it clear that she plays by her own rules. Her creations are tagged as makeup for unicorns and feature bright, bold, and vivid colors as well as whimsical combinations like teal lipstick and glittery cosmetics. While she doesn’t play by the traditional rules, she has a few that she loves to break and she recently shared them in an interview.

Bold eyes and bold lips go together. Traditionally, women are told to do one or the other, but Deere thinks nothing looks better than a bold eye with deep red lips. She is known to have bright and vibrant eyes while sporting fun and whimsical shades on her lips quite often.

One big rule has always been not to mix too many colors, but Deere couldn’t disagree more. Her trick is to adhere to color combinations that work well together, including the fun shades she is often seen sporting in her hair.

For decades we have all heard not to mix patterns, but Deere makes that a thing of the past. Patterns are fun and her thoughts are simply the more the merrier. She loves the print on print looks, and while there is no wrong way to pair up patterns she does recommend staying in the same color scheme.

All our lives we are told not to wear socks with open toed shoes, but not anymore. Deere and her fun socks are meant to be seen and paired in a fun and trendy way with open toed shoes. She makes socks a garment that everyone can have fun with as they let fun colors or patterns peek through the toes of their shoes.

Fashion rules imply that looks must be tidy and dictate that neutrals are only meant to be worn by those who have unnaturally colored hair, but Deere and her vibrant hair couldn’t disagree more. She loves pairing color with her hair and outfits, but she does warn to pay close attention to how the colors interact with each other.

Dressing your age is out the window. Deere believes if you like it then it’s appropriate. True style knows no age.

Finally, she is throwing out the rule about occasion specific dressing. Mix and match to turn something fancy like an evening gown into something more casual by adding a sweater. Clothes are made to be enjoyed and everyone should wear what makes them feel their absolute best and most expressive selves no matter what the occasion.