The Importance of Healthy Dog Food

As dog food becomes more and more popular, the industry has grown to become a multi billion dollar industry that is currently estimated at around 23.7 billion dollars. The dog food industry is booming with different companies creating their own niches in order to make their business a popular business within this industry. One of the top new ways to promote dog food brands is to promote healthy living through wholesome meals that will make any dog feel energetic and happy for the rest of the day. One particular example is a small dog food gourmet manufacturer that is called Freshpet Production. This production is currently located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and is dedicated to providing the healthiest and most wholesome meal to each dog. The owner and creator of this new business is Richard Thompson. Mr. Thompson prides himself on the fresh ingredients that he and his employees use to make a delicious meal. Mr. Thompson states that he makes his food with the intention of having a short shelve life. Mr. Thompson wants his customers to enjoy the food when it is bursting with flavor rather than eating dull and processed food. This gourmet dog food brand is an example of the many new niches that are popping up to make dog food completely remodeled. One of the top dog food brands in the United States that has been focused on healthy and delicious food is Beneful. Beneful is a national brand on Amazon that makes delicious products that include wet dog food, dry dog food, as well as dog treats. Each product that is offered comes in different flavors and textures that make every mouth water. One of the most delicious products that is served by Purina Beneful are the dog treats. The dog treats come in a variety of textures which all depend on the dog’s preference. Treats that are made through Beneful can either come in a crispy texture such as that of a cracker or even a crumbly texture such as that of a biscotti. Beneful offers numerous options to make sure every dog is happy and focused after a meal.

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