The Brazilian Company Eucatex

Eucatex, a Brazilian company, is a panels factory, which focuses on making insulating and linings stemming from the eucalyptus wood fibers. They got their start in 1951, with the first factory opening in 1954, in Salto. Today, Eucatex dabbles their service in paints, varnishes, plates, panels, flooring, and also supports the construction and furniture business. As of the year 2011, Eucatex had over 2,200 employees and exported their product to 37 countries worldwide.

Eucatex specializes in high density wood fiber panels. Eucatex holds a market share of %41 percent and is second in the foreign market in the amount of wood fiber panels it produces. Eucatex is the domestic leader when it comes to producing insulating materials, ceiling lining and wall partitions. Although Eucatex is widely known for producing high quality wood panels and other wood products, they also manufacture steel products, such as galvanized steel roofing sheets. The company’s largest sectors are the civil construction and furniture industries, together, making up about %83 percent of the companies income.

Perhaps the most interesting and innovative technique Eucatex executes comes from their concern for the environment. Their focus has always been to keep replanting the forest that they use, therefore always regenerating their raw materials.

Flavio Maluf is a successful entrepreneur and the president of Eucatex and has been working for Eucatex for more than 30 years. He was born on December 2, 1961, and he graduated from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation in Sao Paulo. In 1987, Flavio started his career at Eucatex working in the trade area of Eucatex. He then transferred to the industrial area until 1996, when he started work as an executive and soon after, became the president of Eucatex the family company.

Author Flavio Maluf favors the use of new technologies in the classroom he’s said on Twitter. He is aware of the fact that children are extremely attached to electronic devices such as computers, tablets and cell phones. He realizes that these devices may actually considerably help students learn in the classroom. In 2013, approximately %46 percent of teachers logged on to the internet in class as a resource for learning material. Flavio Maluf firmly believes that the implementation of technology in schools is a great thing and that students will reap many benefits from it.  He’s also commented on the future of the chemical industry, and what’s going to happen as Brazil moves forward.

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