The Reputation Doctor Arrives At Austin’s Top PR Firm

Mike Paul, the president of Reputation Doctor LLC, is called, appropriately, “The Reputation Doctor”. He now has another name. Mike Paul can be called “advisor”. Paul is coming to Status Labs in the role of a board advisor. Status Labs is one of the top reputation management firms in the world. One of the most well-known public relations, crisis counseling, and reputation management professionals is slated to lend his ample expertise to the Austin, TX-based company.

Per Broadway World, Paul intentions are to supply “strategic insight and counsel” to Status Labs. The firm is going exceptionally in the reptutation management world. The expertise of Mike Paul should definitely help Status Labs navigate its newfound success.

And the company has been wildly successful since being co-founded by president Darius Fisher in 2012. The company’s revenues have increased by 900+%.

Mike Paul has a tremendous amount of experience, and this experience allows him to be a solid source of advice and mentorship. Darius Fisher has gone on record stating he welcomes any advice and insight Mike Paul may provide.

Paul’s experience definitely is extensive. The Reputation Doctor has written prescriptions for some of the largest company’s in the United States. Actually, a few of those companies are multi-national enterprises.

Paul has also lent support to departments in the U.S. Government, and he has even be called to the People’s Republic of China to present solutions on a global scale.

Status Labs is sure to benefit from the help of Mike Paul. The company has opened offices in New York and San Paulo, and its number of clients served has reached 1,500. Yes, this is a firm that is continuing to thrive.

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  1. Mike Paul is a regular visitor in media. Notoriety administration is an intriguing theme a considerable measure of news demonstrates appear to say. Mike Paul makes the correct visitor for such shows. It is also true that could do much of this work themselves and it makes sense it will continue to be so.

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