The Zika Virus Is Just One Of The Diseases Carried By Mosquitoes According To Brazilian Medical Expert Dr. Sergio Cortes

The Zika virus is turning Americans into a mosquito hating group of people that will stop at nothing to rid the planet of the long-nosed bugs. It’s true. Mosquitoes are responsible for killing more people than any other animal. Even though the Zika virus is not fatal, in most cases, the complications from the virus can be devastating, according to Brazil’s top medical doctor, Sergio Cortes. Dr. Cortes knows that mosquitoes have been infecting Brazilians with dengue and chikungunya for decades. The Aedes aegypti mosquito is the pest that carries Zika, dengue and chikungunya. But other mosquitoes species can carry virus too, according to a recent article about Dr. Cortes posted by

The battle against mosquitoes on the streets of Brazil has been going on for decades, and the mosquitoes are winning, according to Noticias R7 report about Dr. Cortes. The fact is, the mosquito population is increasing in Brazil even though a larvicide spraying process has been going on for years. But it’s not just Brazil that is having mosquito issues. Mosquitoes are turning up in cities that never had mosquitoes before. One reason for the increase in the Aedes aegypti population is that mosquito can breed in clean water.

The old notion that viruses like Zika, dengue and chikungunya are confined to tropical climates is not true anymore. People have transported mosquitoes around the world, and they people have provided a trash-filled landscape for mosquitoes to thrive in. On Facebook, Dr. Cortes said the Aedes aegypti mosquito can breed in car tires, dog bowls, tin cans, flower vases, and even bottle caps. The female mosquito actually spreads the Zika virus when they take multiple bites of the protein found in human blood. That protein is food for mosquito eggs.

According to a Dr. Cortes tweet, encephalitis, dengue, Zika and chikungunya viruses are invading countries in Europe, thanks to the traveling abilities of mosquitoes.  No city or rural area is immune to the Zika virus, according to Dr. Cortes unless those cities and rural areas are located more than 6,500 feet above sea level.

Even though the main focus is on the Zika virus because of the rapid spread throughout the Americas, there are other viruses that have the potential of causing similar complications. In 2014, there was a large epidemic of chikungunya in the Caribbean. That virus had never been in that area before and in 2007, the same virus invaded Italy, and that was another first.

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