About Historian Michael R. Zomber

Michael Zomber has been an avid collector of antique arms for more than 40 years. The areas he specializes in include ancient Japanese Samurai and Bushido weapons and armor, American and European and Islamic arms. Expertly designed weapons and armor are of high value to many people. For hundreds of years the advances in weapon technology have helped move the world into new areas of thought. Zomber focuses on weapons from the 16th to the 19th century, an era of weaponry that has not only seen many advances and unique designs, but also developed a rich history that has helped to shape the world as we know it.Many of the world’s influential designs in weapons and armor come from this era.

Michael Zomber’s website provides a way to keep the history of the human race preserved by offering a way for his collections to educate and inspire people to learn more about our history. During his more than 40 years of collecting and researching, he has increased his collection to include many historical pieces of Samurai weapons, among many other types of arms and armor.

Zomber has become a world authority on ancient weaponry, and has even served as a guest historian on The History Channel’s “Tale’s of the Gun” series. Spots on this series have included “Guns of the Orient” and “Million Dollar Guns”, as well as “Guns of the Famous”. He has also developed a name for himself internationally for his expert knowledge of Japanese Bushido and Samurai weapons.

His interest in arms and armor is very historical, and he supports many peace-centered organizations such as the NGO, UNICEF and Doctors Without Borders. He is conscious of the increasing hostilities and conflict around the world. Michael Zomber was born in Washington D.C. and lives with his wife and his two children near Philadelphia. He has a B.A. with honors in English Literature and Psychology as well as a master’s in English Literature from UCLA.  PRWeb has a great article on Michael’s passion for history, and how it would not be deterred for anything.

Venezuela Faces Time Change As Result of Electric Crisis

Elvenezolano.com recently reported a good news, Venezuela has come up with a new way to deal with the shortage of electricity. They’ve decided to do a time change. The country has ruled to make a decision to return four hours behind the GMT clock. This will lengthen the amount of daylight they have in the evening.
In Venezuela, many things are facing a shortage. There has been a declared shortage on toilet paper. Medicine has also faced a shortage. Electricity has been facing a shortage for a long time. This is not the first step that the government has taken to deal with the problem. The country has shortened to a four day workweek in attempt to deal with the overwhelming crisis.

The crisis stems from the fact that the government produces the electricity. It cannot keep up with the needs of the people. Only time will tell if this will be enough to solve the growing problem of a shortage in Venezuela.

You can read more information here on Venezuela’s electricity crisis.

Nobel Lawyer Ross Abelow Helps Animal Shelters Launch Go Fund Me

Ross Abelow is a New York attorney that is doing his best to help homeless animals get off the street by setting up a go fund me campaign for animal shelters in the area. People walking into the local animal shelters to adopt a pet will find the shelters overcrowded and pets in need of a new home. People that have pets need to make sure to have them spayed or neutered to help control the pet population before it explodes to epic proportion. Every time an individual adopts a pet from the local shelters, they must take the time to be responsible and get the animal spayed or neutered. Ross Abelow and some of the other local shelter workers are working hard to help raise money. Everyone helping hopes that they will raise over $5000. dollars to take care of these animals.

Every penny raised with the animal shelter go fund me campaign will go towards the feeding and sheltering of shelter animals. Most shelters are unable to meet the needs for blankets and food so they depend on donations from the community and other fundraisers. Every time a homeless animal is picked up off the street they are taken to the animal shelters. If enough animals are not adopted, then some may be put to sleep. This is such a shame. The hope is for every animal to get a loving and permanent home.

Ross Abelow is a local attorney that has spent a lot of time in the city. He graduated with his law degree and began working to help people that need the family law. The family law helps people write wills, prepare contracts, purchase houses, sell properties, prepare living wills in case they become sick and prepare papers to adopt children. Some family lawyers represent families in court when they need them to. Ross will represent families and he also represents people that are in entertainment or corporate business. He is very happy to be able to live in the big apple and work for such Nobel causes as the family. Ross is in business to help families with legal work when they need his services.

The go fund me a campaign that is set to sponsor animal shelters is hoping to receive enough donations to feed the animals in the shelters and future animals that may come into the shelters. You can find out more about Ross Abelow by checking out lawyer-lighthouse.com.

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The New Standard of Leadership-Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is no stranger to the legal and business world. He has spent much of his career advising several international companies on the business of hedge funds and strategic planning. After graduating from Oxford with honors-he pursued and attained his Masters from Columbia Law school. This educational background prepared him to begin his career as an up and coming associate of law.

Mr. Tabar began this career at the prestigious law firm of Skadden,Arps,and Flom, LLO. He counseled clients regarding hedge fund formation and structure. He also supervised investment management agreements and private placement memorandums. In 2004, Mr. Taber joined the Sparx/PMA group as an investment advisor. His talent and hard work enabled him to be promoted to Managing Director and Co-head of Business Development. Here he catered to large family offices as well as high net worth clients. Mr. Taber developed over 400 new investors to Sparx as well as increasing their hedge fund accounts by $2 billion during his tenure there.

In 2011, LinkedIn shows Sam Tabar became the Director of Capital Strategy for Bank of America. With offices in Tokoyo, Hong Kong, London and New York, Mr. Tabar has international experience in dealing with hedge fund counsel and significant introductions of institutional investors. He built a client list of 1200 new investors. He has a strong background in counsel of note to Hong Kong and Tokoyo-which gives him an edge as an attorney and strategist with a world view. In 2013, Mr. Taber once again pursued the law side of his career as he became a Senior Associate at Schulte,Roth and Zabel LLP (New York).

One of Mr. Tabar’s latest accomplishments is being named COO of the Full-Cycle Energy Fund in December 2015. His goals for this appointment include being a leader in the movement of moving away from current high dollar polluting fuel options to lower priced and environmentally safe fuels. Mr. Tabar is a leader in other aspects of business. He was one of the first investors in THINX, which promotes women in Asian and African countries.  This also inspired Sam to create a GoFundMe to personally continue those ideals into helping children in Africa.

Sam Tabar is a multifaceted businessman…with his degree in law and his international experience…he is the new standard of leadership that is required in today’s challenging economic world.

WEN You have Fine Hair and Want Shine

Wen hair is a high-end hair styling product that takes place of shampoo, conditioner, detangler, and leave in conditioner all together. It does not have any of the harsh chemicals and sufates in it; this allows it to strengthen the hair rather than strip it over time. Many women with thick or ethnic hair use WEN hair to manage their more difficult locks. In this particular article on bustle.com, the author has fine hair and she chose to explore a 7 day trial of the product.

The main thing Emily (the author and WEN tester) noticed right off the bat was the amount of the product she had to use in comparison to normal shampoo. The minimal amount is 10 pumps for any length, and then increases depending on the length and thickness of the hair. This is in proportion though when you compare how much shampoo, then conditioner, then additional detangler or leave in conditioner one may use and total the amounts together – since this one product is to replace all of those. Emily noted that instantly in the shower, her hair felt thicker and fell out less. Over the course of the week she noticed mixed results and took note that in order to get the best results she had to shower and use Wen hair by Chaz Dean in the morning. She even received some compliments on how shiny and healthy looking her hair was mid-way through the week.

Overall, for people with fine hair that take the additional time to get ready in the morning, Emily says it is a great product. For her she will grab for it thru Ebay.com when she desires a bit extra shine.

To see the full article with day by day results check out http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened.



The Baby Kardashian

Kardashian is an ever powerful name in the fashion industry. The girls of the Kardashian family continue to plow new paths in social media and fashion and influence several generations. Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney are the oldest of the group and have opened the doors for their younger sisters Kendall and Kylie. Kendall seemed to catch her groove relatively quickly as she started her modeling career. It is Kylie now who seems to have moved her sisters to the background with her new line of cosmetics. Her new lip kits through her line “Kylie Cosmetics”, has been selling out as quickly as it hits inventory.

Kylie is the youngest of the Kardashian clan and was the quiet tomboy, adventure seeker. She most definitely had some issues on retailmenot.com with her own confidence when younger and opted to seek lip enhancement. This has caused some mixed reactions by the public, with some claiming she has had more work done. In her interview with Paper she shows how an insecurity about her thinner lips and correcting them helped her to grow her now successful line of lip kits (http://www.papermag.com/kylie-jenner-paper-magazine-cover-story-1709513310.html?slide=wNRMIr).

What makes Kylie so attractive to the public is how she seems to be the most reserved of the Kardashian clan. As reserved as she seems, she has over 55 million Instagram followers that look to her for beauty and fashion advice. From the color of her hair to what designer she is currently wearing, Kylie is a fashion icon. She is a fierce business woman at 18 and she is the absolutely the sister to watch.

Women all over the world are searching for the perfect style of fashion that they needed. JustFab will hep you with your fashion problems. They have 35 million members all over the world. Members can choose from hundreds of their styles every month that fits their taste.

Thor Halvorssen Explains Bernie Sanders To The Public

There is a lot of confusion in the public about what Bernie Sanders stands for because people just assume that he must be a communist or wants to take everyone’s money. Bernie Sanders is about as far from a communist as anyone can get, and it is important for people to learn about how they can make informed voting decisions. Thor Halvorssen made sure that he explained what Bernie Sanders is all about when he visited Fox News.

The concept of democratic socialism is not getting a lot of play in the media because people like to shout at Bernie Sanders that he is a socialist. The problem is that European countries run like this every day, and they have really nice societies. They are using all the taxes that people pay to make sure that the people of the country get the best services. Someone who pays taxes under a system made by Bernie Sanders will see the benefits of those funds in their communities instead of just paying for bigger government.

Thor Halvorssen runs the Human Rights Foundation, and he has seen what toxic socialism can do. He knows that what Bernie Sanders stands for is not a toxic version of socialism, and he believes that Bernie Sanders can change America if he becomes President or even the Vice President. There are a lot of people who would get the social services they need under the plans put forth by Bernie Sanders, and Thor Halvorssen knows that many of those plans will make life better in America.

Thor Halvorssen has been a voice for the dispossessed for a long time, but he also wants to make sure that people with good ideas are going to get the coverage they deserve. He cannot sit back just because do not like Bernie Sanders and tell lies about him. Explaining democratic socialism is something that people need to hear, and it is best to hear from Thor Halvorssen. He would know better than anyone because he has parents from both Scandinavia and South America, and he wants to make sure everyone understands the issues. Follow Thor on Twitter to keep up with his news and events.

Get to Know More about Coriant and Its CEO Shaygan Kheradpir

Coriant is known to develop dynamic and innovative networking solutions for the cloud enabled and the fast changing business world. Coriants portfolio of edge to core transport, SDN enabled solutions ensures the network operators are able to reduce the complexity and improve the utilization of the different network resources and be able to come up with services able to generate revenue for the ever changing business demands and customer applications such as cloud, video and mobile.

Coriant is also responsible for serving network operators in over 100 nations with fixed and mobile service providers, cloud and data center operators, content providers, cable MSO’s government agencies, utility firms, financial institutions and large enterprises. The Coriant solutions serve as an excellent foundation in the end user revenue which has hundreds of thousands of networking systems deployed worldwide. Coriant came into being after the powerful combination of the Nokia Siemens Networks, Tellabs, Sycamore Networks which is and distinguished heritage with over 35 years of technological innovation.

The firm offers both software and hardware data transport infrastructure which inter connects the various networks responsible for facilitating the interchange of information between various sub networks. The main benefits of this are that the firms, government agencies and educations institutions are able to be tethered to one network enabling communication.

Coriant managed to demonstrate its Data Center Inter connect solutions, Smart Router, metro-to- core Packet Optical Transport in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress last month. The software will definitely reduce the congestion being witnessed in the mobile data transmission. Coriant has managed to take the challenge to come up with a high end and unique technology for data transmission which can be utilized by different clients.

About Shaygan Kheradpir
Shaygan Kheradpir is the chairman and the CEO of the Board of governors at the Coriant Company. Shaygan Kheradpir obtained the bachelors and doctorate degrees at the Cornell University. Before he was appointed, Shaygan Kheradpir was working at the Marlin Equity Partners where he worked at different projects which are all related to technology development. He also served on the National Institute of Standards and Technology from 2010 to 2013. Kheradpir was also on the advisory board of the YMCA of the Greater New York.

With over twenty years’ experience in the telecommunication industry, Shaygan Kheradpir is considered to be a recognized leader in the telecommunication industry. He is hardworking and a motivated individual.

Yeonmi Park Determines To Tell Her Story

Yeonmi Park is a dissident from North Korea, and she is telling her story by making videos, podcasts and writing a book. An article in Reason shows that Yeonmi Park is ready to release her book to the world even though she is in danger from the North Koreans who want to shut her up. Dissidents have been assassinated before, but she does not care. She lives in South Korea, and she is literally shouting across the DMZ to her people in North Korea.

There is such a major difference between North and South Korea that everyone can see it, and North Korea is so isolated that it is not going to be able to come out of its shell unless the current government falls. Yeonmi is trying to help the world learn about that tyrannical government, and that is something that people need to learn about from Yeonmi. She escaped from North Korea with her mom when she was not even a teenager, and then she was trapped by a smuggler for two years.

She made her way to the west to get an education, and she started using digital technology to make sure that people would hear her message. She is one of the most progressive dissidents in history, and she is writing a book because she wants even more people to learn about her. Her story is really sad, but it shows how bad it has gotten in North Korea.

The story of Yeonmi Park is very important because people in the west cannot keep ignoring a country that is hiding from the rest of the world. It is so bad that people over there will never be able to recover if they still have the same government, and it is getting worse every year. Yeonmi knows that her country will never recover unless she is willing to fight for it, and she has gone right back to the hornet’s nest to make sure that she can help the people she loves. Her love for her country makes her speak out, and she risks her life to educate the masses.