The New Standard of Leadership-Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is no stranger to the legal and business world. He has spent much of his career advising several international companies on the business of hedge funds and strategic planning. After graduating from Oxford with honors-he pursued and attained his Masters from Columbia Law school. This educational background prepared him to begin his career as an up and coming associate of law.

Mr. Tabar began this career at the prestigious law firm of Skadden,Arps,and Flom, LLO. He counseled clients regarding hedge fund formation and structure. He also supervised investment management agreements and private placement memorandums. In 2004, Mr. Taber joined the Sparx/PMA group as an investment advisor. His talent and hard work enabled him to be promoted to Managing Director and Co-head of Business Development. Here he catered to large family offices as well as high net worth clients. Mr. Taber developed over 400 new investors to Sparx as well as increasing their hedge fund accounts by $2 billion during his tenure there.

In 2011, LinkedIn shows Sam Tabar became the Director of Capital Strategy for Bank of America. With offices in Tokoyo, Hong Kong, London and New York, Mr. Tabar has international experience in dealing with hedge fund counsel and significant introductions of institutional investors. He built a client list of 1200 new investors. He has a strong background in counsel of note to Hong Kong and Tokoyo-which gives him an edge as an attorney and strategist with a world view. In 2013, Mr. Taber once again pursued the law side of his career as he became a Senior Associate at Schulte,Roth and Zabel LLP (New York).

One of Mr. Tabar’s latest accomplishments is being named COO of the Full-Cycle Energy Fund in December 2015. His goals for this appointment include being a leader in the movement of moving away from current high dollar polluting fuel options to lower priced and environmentally safe fuels. Mr. Tabar is a leader in other aspects of business. He was one of the first investors in THINX, which promotes women in Asian and African countries.  This also inspired Sam to create a GoFundMe to personally continue those ideals into helping children in Africa.

Sam Tabar is a multifaceted businessman…with his degree in law and his international experience…he is the new standard of leadership that is required in today’s challenging economic world.