Wen by Chaz

Chaz Den, the founder of Wen, is a high profile holistic hair stylist to the stars of Hollywood. Chaz has always been creative in his craft combining products together trying different shampoo alternative for his clients. Having the drive to find a product that would enhance the look and feel of one’s hair, Chaz was able to develop his hair product line Wen. Chaz’s goal of wanting to create “new” products that changed the texture of hair came the name for is product line “Wen”, which came from writing the word “new” backwards. Chaz wanted hair to look and feel like it was fresh and “New” every day.
In using the product hair gradually goes through transformation from brittle and lifeless hair to full and shiny hair. As described in an article on www.bustle.com, using WEN for a week the product beautified hair with thicker hair and a healthy bounce. Wen provides a healthy formula for shampoo instead of the traditional “lathering” that has been said to strip hair of its natural oils, Chaz’s line is a conditioning system on eBay.com, which is taking the ingredients of what is healthy for hair and incorporating a formula that also takes less time to clean hair. Wen formed over 10 years ago, and now has now become a multi-million dollar product line. Wen products are easily available online as well as at the Chaz Dean Studios. See, http://www.wen.com/before-after.html for the result!
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Social Media Guru Lime Crime Hits 2 Million Instagram Followers

Using social media to push a product will only take a business so far. Demonstrating her true social media genius, Doe Deere, CEO an Founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, engages her followers to participate in spreading the word about how they actually put together colorful, creative and trending looks. Because consumers spend so much time in their favorite social media outlets, sharing and coming up to speed with the latest in everything from fashion to stylish home living, the wise ecommerce business would do well to get to know their target audience and figure out a way to involve them in sharing their ideas concerning product usage.

PR Newswire announced that the Los Angeles based cosmetics brand, had doubled its worldwide Instagram fan base in less than one year. How’d they do that?, you might ask. According to the article here are a few notable pointers used by Lime Crime to catapult take the product line to social media heaven:

  • offer an interactive shopping experience
  • cultivate a fun and engaging environment
  • have fans contribute their own product testimonies

Lime Crime has been a fully vegan and animal cruelty-free product line since 2012. Take a look at their popular Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipstick line which allows wearers to exhibit their moods in either extremely dark or charmingly light color duos. Bold colors, such as Red Velvet and Sudeberry, stay put throughout the day according to user reviews. The ability to prevent the wearer from looking like a clown are a testament to research that goes into formulating the Lime Crime products, including clinical allergy testing.

One visit to the Lime Crime Facebook, and you can experience how lovers of this product adore the unabashed use of color to express their own unique identity. Lime Crime products are not for the faint at heart. Old rules and traditions go out the window. Color splashing with bold and opposing hues, bright lips and dark eyes, and highly pigmented, creamy metallics are enough to make your grandmothers hair stand on edge.

Sanjay Shah is Responsible for Overseeing Solo Capital Market’s Strategic Investment Plan

Solo Capital Markets is an international boutique investment, Registered trading, and consultation firm. Its owner and CEO Sanjay Shah founded it in September 2011. Its main offices are headquartered in London, England while others are based in locations like Dubai where Shah resides. The trading company is regulated in the United Kingdom. Towards the end of March, the net worth of the company amounted to £15.45 million, cash flow of £30.26 million, and assets totaled to £67.75. The firm is popularly known as Solo Capital UK and Solo Capital Limited.

Shah owns over thirty companies across London, Dubai, Malta, The Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, and Luxembourg, but Solo Capital is the most successful. Other enterprises that are directly linked to Shah include Aesa S.a.r.l and Solo Group Holdings. Solo Capital Market offers high-quality services.

About Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah established Autism Rocks in 2014 after Nikhil; his youngest son was confirmed to be suffering from a neurodevelopmental disorder in 2011. He had financially support needy children in India for decades but became serious with philanthropy after his son was diagnosed.

Details on Autism Rocks

Autism Rocks is an organization that throws invites-only concerts to create awareness and compel donors to raise funds for supporting -autism research. Since being established, Autism Rocks has collaborated with famous entertainers in the music industry such as the late Prince, Snoop Dogg, Lenny Kravitz, Drake, and prominent DJs.

Academic history

Shah ventured into the medical field but decided to shift to the financial industry. He joined the University of Mumbai and graduated with a degree in accounts. He pursued a master’s degree in Finance in the same university.

Employment history

He has served as an accountant at several reputable investment banks like Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, and Credit Suisse. His focus has been to offer personalized services. After the financial crisis of 2007/2008, Shah decided to venture into the financial and investment industry has a private investor. He founded Solo Capital, which experienced tremendous success few months after being launched. In 2014, Solo Capital Markets purchased Old Park Lane Capital, a stockbroker that specializes in marketing natural resources.
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George Soros doesn’t feel the Bern

George Soros does not believe that American needs to be made great again. Even though he is not a supporter of Republican front-runner Donald Trump, he is not feeling the Bern either. The Democratic billionaire does not believe Sanders is a viable Democratic presidential candidate.

Despite Hillary Clinton’s high negatives, George Soros may be right. Neither Trump nor Clinton poll favorably among American voters. Even though Clinton currently leads in the number of delegates she has, she does so because of super delegates at the moment. After a few more primaries, Sanders might actually pull ahead in the popular vote.

Even though the media is currently focusing on the contentious nature of the Republican campaign, there is just as much unrest on the Democratic side. Soros has thrown his support behind former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The billionaire’s support for her campaign makes even more sense when his net worth is considered. Sanders has spoken out against the one percent and accused both parties of engaging in oligarchy.
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Soros hopes that he can prove the senator from Vermont wrong by throwing his money behind Hillary, but the billionaire’s support rests more on his fears of another economic collapse similar to the one that happened in 2008 than his dislike of the Sanders’s policies. Soros believes that another Great Recession is imminent because of the policies of foreign countries. Electing the right president may not have an effect on the Global economy, but it could alleviate some of the effects locally. The philanthropist and fiduciary political activist believes that only Clinton can ameliorate some of the more severe effects.

Organizations such as MoveOn.org list him as one of its founding members, and the billionaire regularly contributes funding to the Media Matters website. Media Matters exists to debunk right-wing media misinformation. It frequently shares videos from Rightwingwatch.org to further this goal.

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You Need To Know Why I Picked NutriMost

I was cruising the Internet and twitter every day to see if I could find a better diet program because I had been on so many of them. I have been let down before, but I finally found something thru the NY Daily News website that was perfect for me. I fell in love with Nutrimost because it is a simple program that helps me eat the right food and do the right kind of exercise every day. The food is the hardest part, and I learned all about this reading here.
When I started on NutriMost, I was attracted to the food program because I am not a very good cook, and I know nothing about food or calories. NutriMost taught me everything I needed to know about food, and I take that information with me everywhere when I am eating. I used a lot of their resources to make myself better food, and I also made sure that I was teaching my friends the recipes when they came over. They were surprised that I even knew how to cook anything, but they loved the food. Now they are eating that food, and they are slimming down just because they are eating better. I feel like I am helping everyone around me get healthy, and I was so happy to share really good food with them.

I am now cooking at home almost every day, and I am going to keep up with the program until I am down to my goal weight. I am getting there, and I am going to keep doing the things that NutriMost.com tells me to do. I just needed some guidance to make sure that I was able to get this weight off, and NutriMost helped me do something that I have been trying to do all of my adult life. Visit https://nutrimost.com/members/weightloss/ and see for yourself!

Attorney Ross Abelow Says Detroit Crisis Is Cycle of Destruction

“The administrative uprising against Detroit schools has been a long time coming,” says NY lawyer, Ross Abelow. Mismanagement of funds, several restructuring scenarios, and a bankruptcy, to name a few, has left Detroit with the worst school system in the United States. “The outcome is dire for those on either side of the fence,” adds Abelow. Interestingly, this strike comes just four months after teachers called a previous sick-out in protest over class size, wages, and conditions of buildings. The magic number to rescue Detroit’s school system – $715 million dollars.

December, 2015 a small number of teachers called a sick-out, thus closing three Detroit schools. In January 2016, another sick-out resulted in about 60 Detroit schools were closed. “Detroit has this band-aid affect and unless the problem is solved, its going to be an all out war,” warns Abelow.

Hundreds of teachers called in sick, May 2nd and 3rd, and their teachers union gives their full support. Michelle Zdrodowski, spokeswoman for Detroit School District, says out of about 97 school districts, 87 remain closed. While teachers are calling it a sick-out, its obvious its a full on strike, which is illegal in Michigan. However, Ivy Bailey, the interim president of the teachers union says by not paying the teachers to work, their contracts have been broken. “Politicians have tried to pass a number of bills that call for consequences for striking, but none have become laws,” says Ross Abelow.

Is It Fair Detroit Execs Paid And Not Teachers?

An article published by Deadline Detroit reveals that Detroit School District spokeswoman, Michelle Zdrodowski earns $161,111, while their chief procurement officer, Medina Abdun Noor, earns somewhere around $157,000. That’s not to say Detroit executives are not entitled to a fair wage but it has been pointed out that the teachers are the glue holding those schools together and they deserve to be paid.

Ross Abelow is a New York-based attorney, practicing since 1990, and offering his expertise in a broad range of substantive fields, including divorce and other civil proceedings. After High School, Abelow attended New York University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree, then went on to Brooklyn College of Law. For more than 20 years, Ross has litigated an array of cases that range from Commercial and Contract law to matrimonial issues.

Currently, one of his biggest roles is working as an activist for animal rights. After gaining popularity as an animal rights advocate, Ross Abelow went on to start a GoFundMe Campaign to help fight against strays, and animal cruelty. The fund will go to help underfunded New York animal shelters and assist with food, medical needs, and of course sheltering the animals.

Learn more here: http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/31286766/launch-of-gofundme-campaign-by-ross-abelow-benefits-strays

Talk Fusion Enhances Communication for Many

The communication world has a lot of different ways for people to connect. There are a significant number of platforms that are allowing people to start video chat and conference sessions. Talk Fusion, however, is expanding beyond what the rest of the competition has done in the past. This has become the organization that is thriving in a world of overly saturated competition.

Talk Fusion is now a global leader that has managed to secure a lot of different customers. This is a company that has video email marketing. This is something that is very unique because it allows people that utilize email to market to a different crowd. More people can be reached with the concept of video email because it is so much more engaging than the standard news letter. This can be excellent for people that are marketing new products. It can be thrilling for people that are enhancing their communication with the customers. The customers are going to react much better in an instances where they are seeing something that is out of the ordinary.

Talk Fusion has managed to gain a lot of support from customers that are interested building up a customers base with many customers that want to present something that is new and innovative. People are impressed with this communication because the interface is very easy to use. That is something that makes it a hit for people in Asia, Indonesia and many other areas. The video conference aspect is appealing, but the video email is also something that is being embraced by lots of customers. Everyone that wants to get a new form of video communication will see the benefit of obtaining the software from Talk Fusion.

Business leaders in many different parts of the world of praising the founder of Talk Fusion for making this software easy to use. They are excited about the early stages of Talk Fusion and all the progress that this company is bound to make in the future. There are a lot of people that love what Talk Fusion represents to the video conferencing world.