George Soros doesn’t feel the Bern

George Soros does not believe that American needs to be made great again. Even though he is not a supporter of Republican front-runner Donald Trump, he is not feeling the Bern either. The Democratic billionaire does not believe Sanders is a viable Democratic presidential candidate.

Despite Hillary Clinton’s high negatives, George Soros may be right. Neither Trump nor Clinton poll favorably among American voters. Even though Clinton currently leads in the number of delegates she has, she does so because of super delegates at the moment. After a few more primaries, Sanders might actually pull ahead in the popular vote.

Even though the media is currently focusing on the contentious nature of the Republican campaign, there is just as much unrest on the Democratic side. Soros has thrown his support behind former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The billionaire’s support for her campaign makes even more sense when his net worth is considered. Sanders has spoken out against the one percent and accused both parties of engaging in oligarchy.
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Soros hopes that he can prove the senator from Vermont wrong by throwing his money behind Hillary, but the billionaire’s support rests more on his fears of another economic collapse similar to the one that happened in 2008 than his dislike of the Sanders’s policies. Soros believes that another Great Recession is imminent because of the policies of foreign countries. Electing the right president may not have an effect on the Global economy, but it could alleviate some of the effects locally. The philanthropist and fiduciary political activist believes that only Clinton can ameliorate some of the more severe effects.

Organizations such as list him as one of its founding members, and the billionaire regularly contributes funding to the Media Matters website. Media Matters exists to debunk right-wing media misinformation. It frequently shares videos from to further this goal.

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