Madison Street Capital Offers Premium Investment and Financial Advice

Based on the annual report from Madison Street Capital, the company successfully managed to close a high of 42 hedge fund deals over the course of 2015. This 4th edition of M&A overview shows an increase of nearly 27 percent from the 32 deals the company closed in 2014. Madison Capital expressed upon the lacking performances across the hedge fund markets during the year, but the overall increase in transaction volume, coupled with the high boost in transactions later in the 2015 year, 2016 is lined up to see some of the highest numbers seen for hedge funds so far. More information can be found in the press release published on

Even though market performance was lacking among most hedge funds during the year, potential investors looking for new management for their assets has only continued to grow in accordance to the common need for higher business returns. New hedge fund companies and small managers of hedge funds are fighting in a difficult market and know the hardships of working below optimum standards. While company’s cost to function continues to rise every year, they also continue to demand lower costs for their wanted services. This leaves new hedge managers looking for alternatives.

As a global leader in financial management and investment banking, Madison Street Capital has moved to the forefront of the industry. The company opened its doors in 2005 in the United States with it’s based of operations located in Chicago, Illinois. Since the company’s launch, they have managed to expand their business into more locations around North America, Asia, and Africa. The primary services offered by Madison Street Capital is financial management and advice, mergers and acquisitions as well as business valuation. Their services are offered to all companies and individuals in any business sector, regardless of it being public or private. The firm continues to grow and so does its active contracts, currently standing at 100 exclusive deals under way for a wide variety of different firms all over the world.

Madison Street Capital’s success is majorly due to the talented individuals working behind the company. They have used their extensive experience in the industry to build long lasting relationships with their customers over the years. The company is strong dedicated to provided the highest customer satisfaction possible, which is why they’ve managed to help so many clients succeed in the endeavors, leaving them with invaluable business knowledge. Every client seeking assistance from Madison Capital will go through a thorough analysis regarding their situation and receive the information they need to reach their goals.

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