Wen By Chaz Steals My Heart

I have always loved trying new products on my hair. I like being able to experiment on new things to see just how effective products may or may not be. My mom has always warned against it but I am much like my grandmother who has taught me that if hair falls out it will almost ahttps://intern.textbroker.com/a/rejected-write-submit.phplways grow back so why stress over what may or may not ever happen? While I love great products I have been afraid to try this one product I have been hearing alot about called Wen By Chaz [http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html]. It was created by favorite celeb stylist, Chaz Dean and it’s been receivng alot of backlash in the news. I’ve seen so many celebs using his products and trusting him to style their hair so really how bad could the product be? Before I could try the product I needed to see someone like me give the product a try and prove that it really does work and to my surprise I found an article that did just that.
A blogger at Bustle.com decided to dispel some of the biggest hair care myths by giving readers insight on the time she tried the sephora fig version of Wen By Chaz on her hair. She had tried several products and had no faith that this product would work on her thin hair; however, after 7 days the blogger was shocked to see that the product actually does work and works pretty darn well.