FreedomPop to Launch in Spain with Zero-Rated Access to WhatsApp

FreedomPop for those of you who are unaware is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator that offers mobile cell services for little or no cost as well as free roaming in 31 countries around the world. FreedomPop’s free service offers 200 minutes, 200 megabytes of data and 200 texts free of charge. Through offering a basic free package to its users upfront many individuals choose to purchase additional monthly services from FreedomPop which is exactly what their business model was designed to do. FreedomPop was founded in LA back in 2011 and currently offers services in the United States and UK. Recently FreedomPop announced that it would be rolling out services in Spain in the upcoming months. FreedomPop announced that in addition to its mobile service plans it will be offering zero-rated access to WhatsApp. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging and communications services utilized by individuals around the globe. There are other service providers that have offered zero-rated access to WhatsApp in the past which is powered and owned by Facebook however FreedomPop will be the first mobile network carrier to embrace WhatsApp in an organic manner allowing them to offer these services without an official partnership with Facebook or Whatsapp. With WhatsApp already being the most popular messaging app amongst mobile consumers in Spain it only makes natural sense that FreedomPop would leverage on their success to gain traction in the market. With full global expansion expected from FreedomPop, many individuals believe that this upcoming launch in Spain is an example of the bigger business model that is to come from FreedomPop. To learn more about FreedomPop and the upcoming release into the market in Spain check out the article originally published on VentureBeat here.

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