Motivational and Resilience learning Via ClassDojo’s PERTS


ClassDojo recently came out with a short animated series shows that features characters that closely resembles Mojo and Katie directed to help Students, teachers and parents study more on growth mindset. ClassDojo was first released through San Francisco-based ClassDojo revealing series of five animated videos educating about growth mindset. The series shows that knowledge and strengths in students can be transformed over time than being rooted in ones’ capabilities. The clips come with a manual guide that will help teachers to disseminate the learning process to students.
ClassDojo Cooperated with Stanford University’s projected for Education Research That Scales (PERTS). The union got triggered by the number of teachers that ClassDojo covers being over 85,000 teachers across the United States. According to Dave Paunesku, the lead student in the research said that the Student Group that came up with PERTS are out in mission researching about Motivation and Resilience. The ClassDojo was founded by Liam Don, ¬†who points out that PERTS accommodates users in 1 in 2 Classrooms and such happier classrooms moments will enable more learning and generation of new ideas. Liam Don besides being the Founder, he is also the Chief Product Officer of ClassDojo. The team behind PERTS is out to ensure teachers fully understand how to read information from the animated clips before translating it down to students to ensure the aspect of the growth of mindset is well perceived.
Dave, the executive producer of PERTS, says that the biggest achievement is to let the users in this education program clarify in details what is the rationale behind growth mindset. PERTS advocates the student be centered, and the important aspect is to gain adhesion from parents and teachers that work can be simplified down for easier synthesis without working hard. The Manual within PERTS gives educators and parents an online tool that includes resemblance like that of actual classroom timetable with lesson plans on ways on how to introduce students to Growth Mindsets.
ClassDojo was founded in 2011 by Liam Don with higher investment injected to an amount of $31 Million at San Francisco’s based. ClassDojo is stretching markets outside the U.S. reaching over 180 teachers in other countries. It improves critical thinking among student by promoting skill, culture, and happier classroom moments. Parents can make contributions to the learning process and get updates through ClassDojo platform by sharing of photos and pictures of class events and activities.


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