FreedomPop: The Alternative Phone Line

Android users in need of a cheap carrier that offers unlimited options are in luck. FreedomPop is offering an unlimited talk, text and data over WiFi for just five dollars a month. This service runs through the FreedomPop app that is available on the Google Play Store.

How Does this Work?

This service uses over tn million wi-fi hot-spots across the country to provide users with service. Many of these hot-spots are private, and only are available to subscribers. The service connects automatically at any wi-fi hot-spot or network. This means that phone and data services work seamlessly almost everywhere.

People who are on a budget and those who want to avoid a huge cell phone bill will both benefit. It’s also perfect for younger people. High school or college students will find it useful. Their phones would be connected while they are out and about, disconnect safely while they drive, and then reconnect when home. The temptation to text and drive is simply and easily removed. It is a safer alternative to a typical cellular plan.

Automatic Connections Offer an Alternative Line

The FreedomPop app gives its users an easy to use automatic interface. Instead of having to manually sign in each and every time locations change, the app automatically logs the user in. Nationwide Wi-Fi service provides a workable and reliable alternative to standard costly LTE data plans.

Using Wi-Fi instead of cellular data is an easy way to lower a cellular bill. Cellular data is by far more costly than Wi-Fi data. The FreedomPop five dollar plan gives its users a low-cost option to supplement their existing cellular plan. It’s a great way to save money without sacrificing service quality.

According to the CEO of FreedomPop, Steven Stokols, the network of wi-fi hot-spots will number over 25 million locations by the first quarter of 2015. Some of these locations will include popular retail locations such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, Best Buy and Burger King.

About the App

The FreedomPop app runs on nearly every Android platform. It assigns a local phone number to a phone or tablet. The app then runs texts, sms messages and phone calls through it. Users can call anyone in the world. Users can call or text anyone in the United States for free. The provided number can be taken anywhere. It is great to use as a second phone line or a low-cost cellular plan alternative.

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