Removing the Poison



Securus Technologies mainly specializes in the distribution of prison technology (for-profit). Their main headquarters are located in major cities, such as Atlanta and Texas. Their innovations track down detained criminals and individuals who are off parole. This allows the government to have a reliable source of information for storage.

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Tainting the name of Securus

Securus views Global Tel Link (GTL) as “A cancer to the industry,” based on accumulated findings that highlights wrongdoings and breaches made by the business. GTL has committed several acts such as voluntarily adding overcharges to telephone calls. In order words, according to a report published on the prnewswire website, the minutes were being unaccounted for. Also, double billing similar calls made by inmates were also recorded.

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As highlighted in the following, press release, C.E.O Richard A Smith intends to publicize these illegal acts and make them evident to the public, ruining the reputation of GTL. His main goal is cut all ties with company and cut all business ties for the sake of the Seucrus’s growth.

Further Reference

Securus Technologies currently operates in approximately 3400-3500 law enforcement and correction agencies throughout the United States. They have an A+ company accreditation from he BBB. Anyone who’s interested in staying updated with the company’s goal of providing safe and secure monitoring products/services, refer to the following article!

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