Transforming Education Using ClassDojo

Sam Chaudhary started ClassDojo, an education-based mobile application, to connect parents to teachers and students while in school. The communication platform also facilitates sharing of learning materials through photos and videos. Moreover, it supports confidential communication within parents and teachers on a student’s conduct while at school.


Sam Chaudhary launched the application to help transform the learning process by creating a positive learning culture in classrooms and schools. Students were given a chance to take control over their learning process by being able to build up their ClassDojo Portfolio to their liking. This encouraged students to develop life skills such as responsibility, hardworking, and teamwork.


ClassDojo has teamed up with Stanford’s Project for Education Research That Scales to introduce a series of animated videos aimed at growing students’ mindset. Positive comments on students’ portfolio were significant in transforming their perception. The comments made students appreciate and build on skills that were recommended by parents and teachers.


Sam Chaudhary and his Co- founder Liam Don were inspired to fill the communication gap that existed in the traditional classroom. In their endeavor, they consulted with teachers and parents on where they felt the education system had a weakness. Parents testified that they wanted an active involvement in their children’s learning process. Based on the responses received from teachers and parents, the two founders designed ClassDojo mobile application.


The head of communications at ClassDojo, Lindsay McKiney confirmed that the application had already been downloaded by millions of users. Two- thirds of public, private and charter schools in US has already adopted the app. The application is also being used worldwide in over 180 other countries.


The apparent reason why the mobile app has received such a ground- up market growth is its ability to create a positive culture with classrooms and schools. ClassDojo has enabled a shared classroom experience between parents, teachers, and students.


 The app established collaboration between parents and educators by addressing the obstacle of distance between home and school. Parents can readily follow up on their children’s conduct and progress from anywhere without having to wait for a parent-teacher meeting to be arranged.


To enhance efficiency, ClassDojo does not need one to provide login credentials, such as elaborate sign-up passwords, to use it. It has a feature of translating messages to several languages by just tapping. Moreover, it was designed based on private policies that enhance the security of its users.

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