David Osio and Team Launch New Capitalization Rate Calculator Application

Meet the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group

Mr. David Osio is an expert in the field of financial services. He studied International Banking Law after completing an Advanced Management Program at a prestigious university in Venezuela. Mr. Osio began has achieved much in his career, beginning in 1981 when he was responsible for exporting coffee as President and CEO of the company OPED Enterprise. He has continued to thrive and outdo himself with each company he has run. Fast forward 10 years, and Mr. Osio branched out on his own with a knack for expanding businesses. In 1991, The Davos Financial Group was born, made up of a group of independent organizations that are licensed to provide financial advisory services as well as asset management throughout Latin America and the United States. Mr. Osio has also proven to be a great philanthropist, remaining involved with many community service projects and organizations in several countries. Every year, he is a sponsor for the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. He also encourages a culture within his companies to serve and bring access to the arts, for instance working with nonprofits such as SaludArte and Miami Symphony Orchestra.

Most recently, David Osio and his team at Davos Real Estate Group announced the launch of their new mobile application “Davos CAP Calculator”

This application will enable the potential investor to estimate the return on a real estate investment that the client is interested in within the United States. The development of this application has enabled the Davos company to begin to focus their efforts internationally. Right now, they are working with real estate agents from Spain. The company currently has office locations in cities such as Venezuela, Geneva, and in the U.S., New York City and Miami. They are always seeking new areas to grow the business.

The CAP calculator will estimate the price of property that best suits the client’s income. There will be a mortgage calculator that will allow clients the ability to estimate their mortgage payments, which helps clients determine which particular property they can afford, and how much profit can be made throughout different time periods. It can be downloaded for free in Google Play and The App Store.

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Discover A Company That Allows Quality Inmate Calls

If you’re frustrated with trying to stay connected to your loved ones in a correctional facility because of dropped calls and expensive operator fees. Securus Technologies provides a one stop shop for many cost effective inmate calling features. Suprisingly, they contribute to over 54.7 billion calls annually being successfully processed for inmates and their families. Each call is mandated for government monitoring to ensure the safety of the public. The Public Utility Commission works closely with Securus Technologies to regulate other inmate calling companies during a fourth quarter audit. For example, Global Tel-Link was regulated by Securus and had an above review.

Services Offered By Securus

Video Chat

Securus has teamed up with Vimeo to offer their customers a dynamic video chat feature that saves their customers time and money. It’s provides a great calling feature over the internet that allows loved ones to talk face-to-face.

Advanced Pay Services

Advanced Pay services are available to their customers from the official Securus website. This feature allows customers to register for an account and purchase prepaid inmate calling credits. This feature eliminates the need for operator assistance to place your call.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njhhJG2StgA

Securus Technologies offers several inmate calling features to their customers. They have been proudly serving inmates and their families for over 30 years. They’re committed to the highest standard of customer service satisfaction. Securus Technologies has technologically advanced features that will allow users to visit their loved ones over the internet or pay for features over the phone without ever having to leave home. Customera are guaranteed every minute under their contract. In fact, Securus is well known for their quality calls available to inmates and their families nationwide. Louisiana callers get free calls from a correctional facility for a limited time as a promotional offer. You’re invited to visit the Securus Technologies website for more details.


Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Care for Your Hair

Natural beauty products fall in and out of fashion at a fairly predictable rate. People cycle between preferring carefully styled looks and looser, more casual ones. These revolving trends aren’t just about the final results. Trends also dictate which styling products are used in the process of creating the hairstyles of the day.
It’s only logical that laid-back hairstyles and natural products would be in vogue at the same time. During these phases, people let their hair dry naturally and care more about the health of their hair than making it look perfect at all times. Some people go so far as to avoid washing their hair for days at a time. There’s a fair amount of science to support this practice: your scalp gradually decreases its oil production if you’re not rinsing it away every day. Your hair also benefits from its decreased exposure to the stripping ingredients in shampoos.

If you don’t like the idea of abstaining entirely from washing your hair, there are ways to give your hair a rinse without resorting to normal shampoos. You could use a silicone-free conditioner in place of shampoo, since conditioners usually contain small amounts of chemicals that allow them to rinse out cleanly. Some brands like Herbal Essences and Not Your Mother’s even make specialized cleansing conditioners that clean the hair without the use of any type of shampoo. The most natural approach is to clarify the hair with apple cider vinegar and follow it up with a rich oil like coconut.

Wen by Chaz (https://chazdean.com/store.aspx), the original cleansing conditioner, is another way to experiment with more natural hair washing methods. Because WEN Hair smooths and treats as it cleanses, hair dries sleek and shiny without the use of a hair dryer or heat styling tools. The Wen collection of products improves the hair by putting as much moisture into the hair as possible; the scalp only starts to overproduce its own oils when shampoo leaves the hair too parched.

Whether you are trying out new trends or just want treat your hair a little better, gentle products are the way to go. Try shampooing only on alternating days, and experiment with different natural conditioning oils. Get these products exclusively on Sephora and eBay.

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FreedomPop is on the Rise

Smaller mobile phone service do have a tough time breaking through to the consumer public. Buyers have a tendency to stick with the big names thanks to their track record. What consumers do not like is the high costs so commonly associated with smartphone use. Well, the smartphone is cheap. The connecting service comes with high costs. Or does it?

FreedomPop is on the verge of revolutionizing the mobile industry. The Los Angeles company came up with a brilliant mobile service strategy that helped the small company make a big name for itself. There are now millions of subscribers in the United States and the United Kingdom with many more accessing the service via a global Wi-Fi hotspot.

FreedomPop’s brilliant plan entails providing completely free phone, text, and data on its basic plan. Free comes with no “secret costs” or gimmicks. Upgrading to expanded service is possible. The original free plan delivers 200 minutes and 500 text messages, and 500 MB of data per month. Again, minor additional fees can upgrade the amount.

For under $20, unlimited phone, text, and data is available. Such a deal is among the most generous of generous offers in the entire mobile industry. Another solid deal made available by FreedomPop is a new Wi-Fi hotspot service designed to connect at millions of locations all throughout the United States. The cost associated with the service is an incredibly low $5 per month.

FreedomPop has capitalized on some very basic consumer demands. People want excellent service at great deals. FreedomPop has been able to deliver both – something the major names in the mobile phone industry have not. FreedomPop went further than even the most generous of dreams. Free service was unheard of. Millions of customers will point out this is no longer the case.

FreedomPop has chosen to continue its successful endeavors by coming up with many new ventures. One item that is being developed is a VoIP phone, a phone totally reflective of the future. FreedomPop puts the tens of millions of dollars in venture capital funds it receives to fantastic use.

Another new horizon FreedomPop is gearing up to explore is internet service. The company has modems and accompanying inexpensive service available for those interested in cutting their current bills down. That should score some good marks in a FreedomPop review.

FreedomPop could end up going from a small-sized startup to a monster in the mobile and internet industry. And all this success will be built upon the classic concept of giving customers a good deal.

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Kate Hudson Living Her Passion In New Fabletics Active Wear Ads

Wouldn’t it be nice if a star really did use the items he or she was advertising, and we really believed them?

Check out actress Kate Hudson in new 30 second spots for Fabletics active wear, the brand she co-founded, and watch her get real.

What makes these energetic commercials look genuine and sincere is Kate Hudson, first of all. She’s cute, bubbly and approachable to fans. In other words, she is down to earth and relatable. Seeing her working out wearing colorful Fabletics active wear is a treat and window into the star’s normal lifestyle outside the Hollywood red carpet.

Kate Hudson has always been fit and fashionable, and that’s what her brand is all about. The 30-second TV commercials show on Pinterest the actress in behind the scenes footage where she is swimming, playing ping-pong, doing yoga, skate-boarding and even exercising on a Pilates machine.

Kate Hudson wanted the spots to look like part of her social media feeds of normal life, so she recorded most of the action on her personal i-phone. Almost 70 percent of the shots featured in the spot were filmed on the phone.

The spots are cool and unique and show the versatility of the work-out brand. Fabletics features vivid colors and patterns in trendy leggings, crop tops, tanks, tees, yoga pants, swimsuits and even athlesiure dresses. Kate even sleeps in her Fabletics gear when she wants.

The busy mom of two wants to encourage other women around the world to get moving in any way they can. “Live your passion” is the brand’s mission, and Kate Hudson says her clothing is not only affordable and comfortable but stylish active wear 24/7 on facebook.com. She designed the pieces to work into night, like her new collection of dresses, which can be worn on a date or night on the town.

Fabletics’ other two co-founders include business partners Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Maintaining Fabletics as a top online subscription retailer is not an easy maneuver in the world of e-commerce. Most start-ups like these explode onto the scene and then quietly wither away, but not Fabletics. The VIP membership they offer has won them fans around the globe.

The VIP member always has the option to shop or not shop every month. If they don’t care to make a Fabletics purchase that month, all they do is click on the “Skip the Month” button in their personal shopping boutique. As long as they “Skip the Month” by the 5th of each month, the member won’t be charged.