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Natural beauty products fall in and out of fashion at a fairly predictable rate. People cycle between preferring carefully styled looks and looser, more casual ones. These revolving trends aren’t just about the final results. Trends also dictate which styling products are used in the process of creating the hairstyles of the day.
It’s only logical that laid-back hairstyles and natural products would be in vogue at the same time. During these phases, people let their hair dry naturally and care more about the health of their hair than making it look perfect at all times. Some people go so far as to avoid washing their hair for days at a time. There’s a fair amount of science to support this practice: your scalp gradually decreases its oil production if you’re not rinsing it away every day. Your hair also benefits from its decreased exposure to the stripping ingredients in shampoos.

If you don’t like the idea of abstaining entirely from washing your hair, there are ways to give your hair a rinse without resorting to normal shampoos. You could use a silicone-free conditioner in place of shampoo, since conditioners usually contain small amounts of chemicals that allow them to rinse out cleanly. Some brands like Herbal Essences and Not Your Mother’s even make specialized cleansing conditioners that clean the hair without the use of any type of shampoo. The most natural approach is to clarify the hair with apple cider vinegar and follow it up with a rich oil like coconut.

Wen by Chaz (, the original cleansing conditioner, is another way to experiment with more natural hair washing methods. Because WEN Hair smooths and treats as it cleanses, hair dries sleek and shiny without the use of a hair dryer or heat styling tools. The Wen collection of products improves the hair by putting as much moisture into the hair as possible; the scalp only starts to overproduce its own oils when shampoo leaves the hair too parched.

Whether you are trying out new trends or just want treat your hair a little better, gentle products are the way to go. Try shampooing only on alternating days, and experiment with different natural conditioning oils. Get these products exclusively on Sephora and eBay.

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