JMH Development’s Aloft South Beach in Miami Preferred Due to Its Spacious Rooms

When JMH Development Principal Jason Halpern announced the topping out of his latest development project, Aloft South Beach, competitors shook in their boots. The announcement that came in the last quarter of 2014 promised completion of the luxurious hotel in early 2015, which meant competing hotels in the region would suffer amidst the strong competition posed by Aloft South Beach.

Fast forward to 2016, Aloft South Beach, located in the middle of Miami Beach features 235 rooms. With the aim of obliterating the competition and cornering the market, Jason Halpern strategically instructed the contractors to construct a hotel with much bigger rooms than what the competition offered.jason-halpern-shirt

The hotel is located in a prime waterfront location having been wrapped around Collins Canal and Lake Pancoast. Aloft South Beach is also located just one block away from the sandy shores of Miami Beach. The guests of the hotel are afforded easy access to both locations. On the town front, the hotel is near social centers like art galleries, restaurants, boutiques, nightclubs, among others.


Besides its strategic geographic location, guests of Aloft South Beach hotel enjoy outdoor swimming, 24-hour fitness centers, conference rooms, rooftop lounge, etc. Additionally, the hotel will host exclusive shows from local emerging artists and bands which guests will have free access.

About Jason Halpern


JMH Development was founded by his Jason Halpern’s forefathers from three generations before him. Naturally, Jason Halpern took up the position of Principal Managing Partner of the real estate development company. JMH is an experienced real estate company boasting over 50 years of constructing and managing properties in the US.
Since inception, the company has constructed hundreds of properties in various towns and cities in the region.

Having grown up in a real estate family, Jason developed a passion for real estate and so he grew up learning the business preparing to manage it. Credited with vision, innovation, and experience from a tender age Jason was appointed managing director of the company. At the helm of the company, Jason has led JHM Development into construction and acquisition of landmark structures in different cities.jason-halpern-boat

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