A Double Hitter for a big Hitter

The Technology Marketing Corporation bestows the Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award upon Talk Fusion. The award is granted to Talk fusion for their Video Chat work product. The award recognizes outstanding technological achievement in video and voice communication. To be eligible for this award, a product has to be on the market or improved within the last 12 months.


Rich Tehrani, CEO of Technology Marketing Corporation, sings the high praises of Talk Fusion Video Chat. He calls them true leaders in the field and sees their work as the best of the best on the market. Video Chat uses WebRTC to accomplish something that is really state of the art in the world today.


When this platform performs its function, it lets devices video chat in real time. This means at any given moment and location, anyone with a smartphone, desktop or tablet can talk face to face. That is of course after they download the application which is available on iTunes and Google Play.


The fact that the application is so readily available and accessible is a good deal. The availability of Video Chat comes only months after its creation. That fact is what nudges out Talk Fusion’s competition with regards to the final selection for the award recipient.


For Talk Fusion Founder & CEO Bob Reina, this is just the beginning. He expects big things from his IT department by way of their All-in-One Video Marketing Solution plan. As far as Reina is concerned, this platform is a game changer, and that’s just what they do.


Reina is not alone in that sentiment. As Chief Technical Officer, Ryan Page sees this award as proof of Talk Fusion only getting better. But Page understands the process, information and people involved deserve the real focus. The ceremony is the second time in the same calendar year for Talk Fusion to be honored with recognition.


Talk Fusion is a company that specializes communication and technology geared for marketing. Putting people in contact with each other through video and real time is one of the services perform. This can be from business to business or business to potential customers.

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