John Goullet Career History

Two things always differentiate an entrepreneur from other people. The two include the ability to build and develop something from scratch and the capacity to see an opportunity where there is a difficulty. This is what makes John Goullet a great entrepreneur. He is the current chairman and managing principal of Diversant LLC. Mr. John works for everything he owns. He does not believe in free things. He has expressed dignity, class, respect, and honor throughout his work as an IT consultant to his current position at Diversant LLC.

Mr. John Goullet is an IT technician, Staffing professional, and entrepreneur. Mr. Goullet started off as an IT consultant before he became an IT staffing professional in 1994. He has grasped a huge deal of perspective in the IT industry working on both sides. The experience was all it took to start off his Info Technology Company after a careful and cautious study of IT market trends of the day.

Info Technology specialized in IT staffing solutions to other companies in the United States. The company had done well in a period of five years. It had a worth of $30 Million. The achievement led to its documentation on the 8th place in the Inc Magazine. The magazine ranks top 500 fastest growing privately owned companies in the entire USA.

The achievement left John Goullet thinking of partnering with another like-minded individual with the aim of merging their businesses. This idea would earn them greater successes. John Goullet later met Diversant Inc’s Gene C. Waddy. They negotiated and agreed to join Info Technology with Diversant Inc to form Diversant LLC. John Goullet would be the Principal as per the agreement.

John Goullet is charged with the responsibility of professionally steering the company and making strategies that ensure the company continues to find new ways of addressing the ever-evolving Information Technology challenges. The choice of the market for Diversant LLC is the mid-market and the Fortune 500 clients. Industry leaders and other senior leaders form the innovation team that together places the company a mile ahead of their competitors.

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