Former insurer to Atlanta Hawks in Lawsuit

Dan Ferry and the company that used to insure Atlanta Hawks have been sued by the former ownership of the company for breach of contract. The former ownership of Atlanta Hawks, led by Bruce Levenson has been attached to the lawsuit. The company former owners are stating that they are suing the insurer because the terms of the policy have not been adhered to. However, the current team and the management are not part of the lawsuit.

According to the company that has filed the lawsuit; the insurer had stated that the premium they were offering was to cover all the losses that would occur as a result of malpractices in the hiring process. These would include wrongful termination, discriminating hiring practices, and many other issues related to human resource management at the company. The specific details of the case were held back by both companies. In a report by Forbes, the new ownership of Atlanta Hawks stated that while the company was aware of the ongoing suit, they did not wish to be part of the process.

Bruce Levenson

Bruce was the owner, president and CEO at Atlanta hawks when the issues related to this case started. He is an entrepreneur that is seasoned and experienced indifferent forms of investments. He and his long time friend and business partner, Ed Peskowitz started their first company, UCG ( when they were fresh out of college. He is an alumnus of the Washington College and also the American University School of Law. The journey to the top as an investor was not easy, but his resilience helped him get there.

In 2011, after working with UCG for three decades, he started looking for other investment options and that is when the idea to start Atlanta Hawks came to him. He bought the team and nurtured it for four years before selling it at a good profit. Bruce Levenson is also a family man and a great philanthropist.


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