Securus video visitation helps prevent crime in America’s prisons

Over the last decade, America’s prisoners have been gifted with VoIP-based video visitation technology that has allowed them to stay in almost constant touch with their family members and friends on the outside. This has proven to be an extremely important development, allowing prisoners to stay well socialized within a social circle of law-abiding citizens. In this way, prisoners can avoid the pitfalls of long term of incarceration, including isolation from normal social situations due to only being able to communicate with their fellow prisoners.


No one has been more instrumental in bringing this change about than Securus Technologies. Through its innovative VoIP-based video visitation system, Securus has enabled prisoners to engage in high-quality conversations with their loved ones in a face-to-face setting. It has done this largely through maintaining extremely low calling rates for inmates in the nation’s prisons.


The benefits of this have been almost too numerous to list. Any prison guard will tell you that inmates who are able to maintain close contact with their loved ones have a sense of hope and meaning in their lives that enables them to do time without becoming depressed or falling into a state of ennui. This is not just a great benefit to the inmates themselves but also to the prisons where they are housed.


Inmates with a sense of hope and a reason to keep their heads up, completing their sentence on good terms and not incurring infractions, are dramatically less likely to present security risks to the institutions where they’re housed.


Carceral facilities that have installed Securus video visitation systems have much lower rates of criminal activity and have generally fewer disciplinary problems. Experts attribute this effect to the positive psychological effects that maintaining meaningful relationships with law-abiding citizens, especially family members on the outside, has on inmates.




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