Turn Your Love For Wine Into Extra Cash With The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard business model continues to be successful for many wine guides throughout the nation, and we recently read about the fun activities a group of them tried while on a trip to the Napa Valley region. Their suggestions were perfect for a fun-filled day away from the vineyards. Even the most dedicated wine enthusiast has limits to the number of wine estates they can visit in one weekend! If you are looking to spend a little time away from the tasting rooms, check out the fun suggestions from the Traveling Vineyard wine guides. They range from a day at the spa to a trip to the historical society.

For those not familiar, the Traveling Vineyard is a wine club that offers direct sales at their private tastings. The wine guides are partnered up with hosts who in turn invite their friends and family to the events as guests. The wine guide and the host work together to plan the perfect evening of enjoyment! The tastings feature a select group of wines that are often paired with some great food. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual, and the level of fun is high! The Traveling Vineyard company is one that believes in having a great time while learning about wine.

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Wine guides do not need to be experts in the field of wine and winemaking. What they do need is an interest in wine and a desire to learn more about it and share that knowledge with others. The wine guides have the opportunity to earn some money while doing something that they enjoy! Some wine guides enjoy it so much and reach a steady level of success, that they pursue a full-time career with Traveling Vineyard. Either way, becoming a wine guide is a fun way to learn more about wine while sharing your experience with others in a relaxed and informative setting. If you love wine and also love spending time with friends and family, a wine guide position may be a good fit for you. The information is fun to learn and share with others too.

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