Nick Vertucci Wants Everyone to be Successful Like Him

Before he made millions in real estate, Nick Vertucci found himself destitute not once, but twice. First when he was in his teens, when at one point he found himself living out of a van. The second time happened after he became a successful entrepreneur, creating a business that sold computer parts according to But when the dot com bubble burst in 2000, Vertucci found himself broke.

More than a year after he lost his business, a friend invited him to a real estate seminar. From that point on, Nick Vertucci dedicated himself to learning all he could about the business, and being successful at it. After a decade of hard work, he amassed a fortune selling property.

But Vertucci did not want to keep the secrets of his success to himself. He wanted others to experience it as well. To that end, Vertucci set up the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Starting in 2013, Vertucci traveled the country, putting on workshops to show people how they can be successful in this industry. Much of his talks focus on the day to day challenges of real estate investing, and how to overcome them. The NVREA covers contracts, how to rehab houses and flip them for sale on the market, buying and holding properties to ensure long term cash flow, and commercial investments according to Twitter. But selling and buying are not the be all and end all of Nick Vertucci’s presentations. He also goes over IRA and 401k investments, as well as other asset protection. Vertucci also has a community of investors and lenders to help fund the real estate deals of academy students.

Vertucci emphasizes that his academy classes are for anyone. Even those without prior real estate experience or formal training, or who have no cash reserves, can attend NVREA to learn Vertucci’s tips of the trade and apply them to their new business venture at

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