The Functions of Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a medical journal that is peer reviewed on a weekly basis. The journal documents research done on all matters that pertain to oncology. It is open for access by all. The first publication was made in 2010 by the impact journals who couple as its publishers. Its two editors in chief are all Doctors from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The Oncotarget acts as a multidisciplinary journal publishing and publishes its content every week. For the last ten years that the journal has been providing information to its readers, it has attained a reputation as a reliable and efficient oncology journal.

In 2016, Oncotarget journal was ranked among the top 50 oncology journals by the SC Imago. The SC Imago lists journals on a scholarly topic from the available public rankings in the Scopus data. The mission of the journal is to avail scientific evidence in due time and to give an insightful peer review. It uses an insightful review in its attempt to maximize the research impact. Oncotarget facilitates quick sharing of any extraordinary discovery in the medicinal field. It has made great strides in removing the borders that have long been in existence between different specialties. The journal works to promote the application of both basic and clinical science in fighting diseases.

Due to the success attributed to the Oncotarget journal, it has been able to launch other sections. These parts include neuroscience, cardiology, pharmacology, immunology, cell biology, endocrinology, metabolism among other topics. All these components use the same submission procedures. The journal continues to rise in popularity among various readers due to the insightful, creative and punctual release of data.

Oncotarget is one of the main sponsors of the Gordon Research Conference. According to the BIOXBIO, the journal had an impact factor of 5.008 in the 2015/2016 year generating a total of 10452 citations. The high impact factor shows the frequency of citations of its articles in a given year. The high impact factor also indicates the scholarly importance attached to the journal at the In its first year of ranking, Oncotarget got a rank of 4.78.

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