Avaaz Fights For The People Of Mexico And Germany

When the water supply in Mexico was threatened Avaaz was there. There was an outrageous law being fast tracked by Mexico’s congress that would give corporations the legal ability to pollute the water supply of the nation. According to the proposed law any investigation of the contamination would be illegal. When Avaaz was made aware of this issue a public campaign of massive proportions was launched. Avaaz joined with some of their key partners, created an enormous petition, and hit the streets with a media wave. The politicians were unable to ignore the actions of Avaaz and when the vote went to Congress the law was voted out. Avaaz kept the water supply in Mexico safe. The campaign Avaaz began kept the people informed and caused them to put pressure on their representatives. That is the power of the voice of Avaaz.

The organization of a group of xenophobic marches in Germany by the right-wing group Pegida caught the attention of the members of Avaaz. They joined forces in a fight to stop the fear being generated with the only thing that would work, love. Avaaz encompassed Germans of all different backgrounds and faiths with a wall of friendship. Avaaz posted numerous images of friendship and attended the rallies in Berlin and Dresden where the situation was at its most explosive level. Their campaign was incredibly effective and the message of division issued by Pegida was challenged. The height of their campaign included a festival of diversity that lasted the entire day at the Brandenburg Gate. The festival was attended by singers, musicians, and poets who had come together in the celebration of common humanity. The message of Avaaz was clear. They stand for a Germany that will accept more than one perspective, a country willing to have discussions and debates, and a country that was built for one another and not against one another.

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