Amicus Therapeutics Focuses on Rare Diseases

When someone is hit with a rare disease, they need more help than the person who is affected with a disease that everyone knows about and that has been treated many times before. Amicus Therapeutics is the kind of company that focuses on the rare diseases, and that offers help to those who are dealing with such issues (Facebook). Those who are faced with rare diseases and in need of some help in addressing what they are facing can rely on Amicus Therapeutics and the kind of aid that they are ready to give.


Amicus Therapeutics is based in Cranbury, New Jersey, and they have a goal of helping people around the country with the illnesses that they are facing. This is a biopharmaceutical company ( The CEO of this endeavor is John Crowley. This company is something that has been around for a while now, and it is one that has bright things in front of it.


Amicus Therapeutics received a helpful grant to provide them with the money that they need for the plans that they have. This grant was something that helped them to get by a little longer, and that will push them on to a better future. The grant that Amicus Therapeutics received came through The Michael J. Fox Foundation. This grant was given to Amicus Therapeutics to help them with studies that they are completing in conjunction with David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. They also received another grant from the Alzheimers Drug Discovery Foundation to help with other research projects that they are working on.


Founded in 2002, Amicus Therapeutics is a company that is looking to help with the development and availability of drugs for those who are facing rare diseases and in need of someone to notice them and help them move on.


Osteo Relief Institute: How to Manage Osteoarthritis and get some relief

One of the most common medical conditions in the United States is arthritis. The condition is known to affect approximately 50 million adults. What most people do not know, however, is that the condition manifests itself in various forms. Most commonly in women, studies show that arthritis is also one of the major causes of disability in the United States.


Osteoarthritis: What is it?


One of the common types of arthritis is known as osteoarthritis which is a degenerative joint disease. The condition causes the cartilage as well as soft tissues found between the joints to degenerate. This causes a lot of pain and discomfort. Not only does the degeneration of cartilage causes stiffness, but also swelling.


People who are at a high risk of contracting osteoarthritis are those with excessive weight. Some risk factors include age, family history or previous injuries. Because the condition is not curable, patients are advised to commit to self-management techniques in order to achieve some level of relief. These techniques involve exercising and changing one’s lifestyle and daily routine.

Managing Osteoarthritis


One of the exercises recommended for people suffering from any form of arthritis is stretching. If you stretch before you go to bed, you may be able to reduce stiffness in the morning. It is also advisable to adjust positions every now and then. Walking, standing and stretching can suffice.


Another tip which may help an osteoarthritis patient is weight loss management ( Excess weight usually puts pressure on the joints. Patients are also advised to quit smoking because it damages the connective tissues found in the joints.


Osteo Relief Institute –New Jersey


If you reside in New Jersey and you are looking for a center that will help you manage your osteoarthritis, Osteo Relief Institute is a great option. They have a team of professionals who take patients through therapy sessions to bring them relief. Apart from exercises and professional advice on lifestyle changes, the Institute also offers pain relief medication to those who need it.

Eli Gershkovitch and the Canadian Craft Breweries

Canadian craft breweries are distributed across all of the Canadian provinces. Each of the provinces has hundreds of craft beer brewers which cannot be fully exhausted in a single article. As for this article, four of the most popular brewers in four different provinces are highlighted.


Steamworks Brewing Company


Steamworks Brewing Company is a craft beer microbrewery based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The microbrewery, under the leadership of Eli Gershkovitch, has been manufacturing alcoholic beverages for the last 22 years. Some of the products associated with Steamworks include Jasmine India Pale Ale, Pilsner, White Angel IPA, and Imperial Red Ale. The company also manufacture beers on a seasonal basis. Some of the seasonal bears produced by Steamworks include Killer Cucumber Ale and Winter White Stout.


Amber’s Brewing Co. Inc.


Amber’s Brewing Co. Inc. is based in Edmonton, Alberta. The company’s craft beers are unique because they are made from natural flavors. Launched a decade ago, the company has almost ten active beers associated with it. Some of these beers include Amber’s Pale Ale, Amber’s Sap Vampire, and Bub’s Lunch Pail Ale among others.


Wild Rose Brewery


Wild Rose Brewery is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and was established 21 years ago. Although the company is popular, it has a small production volume, and this means that the beers produced by this company are only consumed within Alberta. Mike Tymchuk and Alan Yule are the company’s founders.


Half Pints Brewing Company


Half Pints Brewing Company started operations in 2006. It is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but has operations in other provinces including Alberta and British Columbia. Some of the main beers associated with this company include Humulus Ludicrous and Bulldog Amber Ale.


About Eli Gershkovitch


Eli Gershkovitch is the CEO of Steamworks craft breweries as of today. He is among the most respected and admired businesspersons in Vancouver and Canada at large. Eli Gershkovitch is a man of many professions since besides being a businessman, he is a lawyer and a pilot (


Eli Gershkovitch celebrated his 42nd birthday on the 4th of July this year ( Despite his young age, however, Eli Gershkovitch has shown high levels of innovativeness and team leadership. Under the leadership of Eli Gershkovitch, Steamworks has grown to overtake most of the legendary Canadian craft beer brewers.


Edisoft: Leading In Supply Chain Platforms

Technology companies are constantly trying to enter various different sectors to help improve its efficiency. We are moving towards a more technological age, which is why it becomes essential to incorporate these services to establish one’s position in the sector that they are running in. Edisoft is one such company that entered the field of technology not just to revolutionize its own sector, but to provide a platform through which other companies could develop. Their flagship product is a Smart Process Supply Chain Service Platforms. This software is sold under the name of Edisoft and is highly customizable and can be edited to suit the user’s needs in the most efficient manner possible. The company provides this services mainly to manufacturers and distributors. This allows them to keep a track of all the products that they are putting out, and also gives them information regarding the different things that they would want to keep a track of. This software has overall improved the quality of supply chains, and the efficiency of the products that they put out (Crunchbase). The company believes that they can revolutionize the logistics industry, and are doing so brilliantly with one single revolutionary software.

The company has an extremely expansive team of coders and software professionals who are well versed in the field and who want to offer a high quality of services. The platforms that the company puts out are constantly developing and improving so that the company can offer their services to the best of their abilities. The company also stores the data that the company uses in the most efficient way possible. The information that the company has is stored on a company server and can be pulled out for analysis whenever the need arises ( The company has been able to consistently deliver some of the best services and technology in the field, which is why they have managed to stay at the top of the sector.

The headquarters of the company is currently located in Toronto, but it offers its services throughout the entire country. Edisoft has managed to cement their position in the technology industry with this extremely efficient platform.


Glen Wakeman helping businesses succeed.

Starting your own business can be fun and exciting. It’s also a nice change from the nine to five rat race. With that being said, it takes time, lots of energy, money, etc. to get your business going. One factor often overlooked is the instruction part. People need to learn about how to run a business to be successful, that’s why Glen Wakeman has got you covered.

He is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. It was founded in 2015 and is a SAAS corporation that is fully automated and helps entrepreneurs form their business ideas into a workable plan. It offers a number of resources including tips, suggestions, and whatever else you would need from advisors and capital providers. Glen Wakeman is a mentor to budding entrepreneurs. With his proven five-step methodology he has helped countless businesses change the way they look at their business and succeed. These 5 dimensions of performance are leadership, risk management, governance, human capital, and execution. With these factors, Glen Wakeman has turned around many businesses.

Glen’s professional work history is rich with achievement. He worked for GE Capital for over 20 years holding high-level positions. He worked as operations management, in business development, and general management. He worked up the ranks to Chief Executive Officer of GE Money Latin America (AliveNewspaper). This business revolutionary attended the University of Scranton and received his Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance. Next, he went to the University of Chicago where he got his Master of Business Administration in Finance in 1993. Glen is also an investor and a writer. He likes to match money with ideas. This businessman also founded Nova Four. It helps provide capital and accurate advice to developing companies. It is a business accelerator.Glen also works as a Board Member and Chief Executive Officer of Nova Four. He spends his days looking over his businesses, checking the numbers to see if anything can be changed, and helping others succeed at business.

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David McDonald Plans For OSI Group David McDonald’s Background

Growing up on the farm in Iowa, made David McDonald (President OSI Group) develop a passion for agriculture, which he followed by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in animal science, at the Iowa State University. This education and passion have propelled David McDonald to rise through the leadership ranks from a project manager to the Chief Operating Officer of the OSI Group. David is a man of many hats, as he serves several boards like the OSI International Foods in Australia and the OSI Group. It’s through this vast work experience and a good education foundation that the moves he has made on the OSI Group are substantial.
Improving OSI’s Sustainability
OSI Group is lucky to have David on board, due to his exceptional leadership that has led to outstanding achievements. One of them is the Wallace E Barron Senior award. Due to this achievement and other success, he has become the force to reckon with in the industry. As a leader of the OSI, he is planning to make it the largest poultry product producer across China, where they have set up eight facilities, after being there for over 20 years. This is a demonstration of David’s calculated move, and pragmatic skills by linking things.
As the president, David is working tirelessly to enhance the sustainability of the OSI Group. He is achieving this by ensuring that the company has the required facilities in all its outlets. Additionally, he is ensuring that OSI’s logistics team attains the required skills that are required in the global market.
Under David’s leadership, the OSI Group has partnered with the clients through product development, by offering them what they need. Moreover, they have invested in technological mechanisms that enhance quality, and safety of their products. This is done by manufacturers that produce equipment that can detect any foreign food particles in their products.
The Baho Food
Under David’s leadership, the OSI Group extended its market in Europe, by acquiring the Baho Food. This is a Dutch company that deals with deli meat.According to David; this acquisition is a great investment for the company. The reason being it broadens OSI’s presence in the European market, and also makes it keep up with the global trends.
OSI Group
OSI Group located in Illinois is an American leading provider of meat products like beef patties, sausages, and bacon. It serves both local and international retail food service industries; with its over 50 facilities across 17 countries. One of these facilities is in China that serves clients like the McDonald’s, Starbucks, and the Subway, which is a strategic move. The reason being, during the 2008 Beijing Olympic, they supplied their products and received no complaints, an indication of OSI’s quality products.

Contreversal Cosmetic Designer, Doe Deere, Gives Away The Keys To Sucess

Doe Deere, cosmetic professional, marketing analyst, and technology expert is stirring up major talk about her new line of cosmetics branded under the Lime Crime name. Deere, didn’t hesitate to be the first of her kind to base her products with velvetine matte. Customers rave over her cosmetics because they go on super moist, and dry to perfection. Thousands of women worldwide rely on LC products for their daily makeup routine, and Deere, admits to LC Galore online magazine her cosmetics are a part of her daily beauty regimen. She challenges her wearers to be unapologetic about their color choices.

Clearly, LC cosmetics offers bold colors tat weren’t always popular among Deere’s peers. Her unconventional way of thinking about colors caused a lot of people to discourage her branding items. See also noticed the value of entering design school in New York, and received her certification in under three years. From the early age of thirteen, Deere, realized she had a nice for marketing by popularizing novelty tattoos to her friends in Russia. Deere, realized the importance of people supporting her ideas, and attending her events. Her motivation, and hard was a flame behind the birth of Lime Crime cosmetics. Learn more:

Deere, has created a Scandal being talked about among her 2.4 million Instagram followers, and big name cosmetic designers. It all started from her expansion of her signature LC products. Cosmetics designers are baffled with how many want to be a part of the Scandal. That’s right; Scandal is a Lime Crime branded lipstick with an amazing violet-purple hue. Wearers get the same hypoallergenic, LEAP Bunny approved product they’re use too. In fact, her new line isn’t having a problem standing apart from her signature brand, LC cosmetics. Stand tuned for new colors coming from Scandal very soon.

LC cosmetics is a rich line of eye-shadow, and lipstick products. Enjoy superior super-foil formula with cool colors like Radical Metallic, and Purple Sorbet. Choose from intricate colors that are unmatched by LC competitors. Discover a new look, or spruce up your ordinary style with LC products. Deere, says her cosmetics are meant to empower girls, and guys to be who they are without regret. LC gives their wearers a unique identity all of their own. You’re invited to visit the exclusive Lime Crime online website for more details on purchase, and promotional offers today.

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Desiree Perez and Roc Nation

Anyone who follows Roc Nation or Jay-Z’s multiple successful business ventures will know of Desiree Perez. She is known for being a main figure in Roc Nation and the executive behind some of it’s most successful deals. Perez and Jay-Z have known each other for almost 20 years and it can arguably be said that without Perez, the Roc Nation would not be where it is today. Perez is known in the music business as a fierce negotiator and a powerful executive that has rightfully earned her spot among the most important people in the industry.

The Roc Nation consists of a number of corporations that take a lot of hard work to manage.Perez is the person who is in the board room meetings negotiating deals and working towards the success of these companies. She is the main executor behind the famous deal made between Rihanna and Samsung for Rihanna’s “Anti” tour. Perez is also one of Rihanna’s right hand people has well, belonging to the popular singer’s inner circle and helping Rihanna with her business ventures.

Another deal that Perez has a hand in is the Roc Nation’s 360 deal with with Live Nation, a deal that was signed in 2008 for an astounding $150 million. Now that the deal is up, both sides have the option to sell their stake in Roc Nation or buy the company completely. Live Nation wants to continue the relationship, but Perez and Jay-Z were reported to have met with Sir Lucian Grange, the CEO of Universal Music Group, which could mean that UMG has a possible stake in the deal. With Perez as a main force, there is no doubt that Roc Nation has a lucrative future.

Trabuco, The Powerful Ancient Siege Weapon

The Trabuco, which is also called trebuchet, is a medieval weapon used in the middle ages in siege warfare. It worked just like the catapult or stave sling. Soldiers in the medieval period used the Trabuco to hurl massive stones into castle walls and enemy fortifications. Its engineers built it to provide a more devastating impact as compared to the conventional sling. The power of Trabuco could smash enemy buildings and walls into rubble within a few days. This was a big deal in the ancient times.

The medieval war machine consisted of a lever and a string. The lever measured up to 60 feet to give the weapon an extra reach. According to, the engineer placed a pivot on the arm, ensuring that the effort arm was shorter than the load arm. They hanged a counterweight on the shorter side. The weight was basically a ballast box filled with soil, sand, and stones. Consequently, the builders attached the sling to the longer load arm. It had a leather pouch onto which the payload was placed. When the troops dropped the counterweight, it lifted the sling at a high force hurling the ammunition over great distances.

The Trabuco’s origin dates back to China in 300BC. The first design was called the traction Trabuco. Its primary power source was a large group of men pulling down ropes attached to the effort arm. It required several people to generate a throwing force that could inflict considerable damage. This weapon was later adopted by the French in the period referred to as the Dark Ages in 500AD according to

The French used the Trabuco for quite some time but faced different technical challenges. For instance, it was quite difficult to control the troops of men who provided the pulling force. Therefore, they redesigned the Trabuco by introducing the concept of the counterweight. Based on, the weapon became more powerful and could throw a payload of up to 140 pounds.

When the Trabuco reached the Middle East in the thirteenth century, the Arab merchants modified it further by increasing the weight of the counterbalance. It was now able to throw a payload of up to 400pounds. The Trabuco was later used to devastate Europe and other kingdoms until gunpowder cannons replaced it.

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How You Can Travel as a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard

Are you one of those people who are really interested in the process behind the production of wine? Or maybe you really like traveling to different and exotic places. For any of those two options, Travelling Vineyard has a different take that allows you to travel as a traveling vineyard wine guide.

Being a wine guide means that you can show your culture and knowledge of the wine industry while also having fun and having different experiences with other guides as well.

Travelling Vineyard has a simple catch to it: The group connects people who are interested in wines, either because they enjoy the culture behind it or because they want to enter the industry and start producing their own beverages; and they pair these individuals with wine guides, which will help them fulfill their desires.

Travelling Vineyard tries to arrange these meetings in more than just simple conversations: They promote wine tasting parties as well as traveling destinations that you can go to, either as a wine enthusiast or a guide.

Wine Guides are hired to host in-home wine tastings. They will help their clients arrange everything in the meeting, and then will be an essential part of the wine tasting as well.

Every Wine Guide is trained by the team behind Travelling Vineyard, which means that just having some prior basic knowledge is enough to possibly be a part of the team and travel from a destination to another and learn more about the process of making wines.

One of the favorite destinations of the team is Napa Valley. At Napa Valley, wine enthusiasts can learn more about the drink in this land while also getting in touch with nature.

Napa Valley is regarded as the are with some of the best and most expensive grapes in the world, and some of the most famous wines order their ingredients directly from Napa Valley. The place is surrounded with people who produce wine at their own houses, so it is a great place to go to learn more about the production steps and the best practices and tips when trying to enter the industry.

Napa Valley also has a big historical culture behind its seemingly simple community: At the Napa Valley Historical Society, you can learn more about the history of the town and those who previously lived in Napa Valley, while those who have a more artistic desire can visit the Napa Art Walk exhibition. Want to take a cooking class? There is a great opportunity at Napa Valley, in the Silverado Cooking School. Want to relax at a Spa? The Auberge Spa is nationally acknowledged as a great option for those who want to sit back and relax after a big walk through the lands that produce some of the best grapes in the world.

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