Omar Yunes Expanding his Entrepreneurship Grounds

Mr. Omar Yunes has been highly successful so far as he took the gold for the year of 2016 for the competition of the Best Franchisee of the Year.

For many years, Mr Omar Yunes has been working at Japanese food chain called Sushi Itto which has expanded their reach all around the world. Mr Omar Yunes, in particular, has been the owner of 13 Sushi Itto locations. Since he won the award for the Best franchisee in 2016, Mr. Omar Yunes has gained ownership of more than the ten percent he had previously owned. His current Sushi Itto restaurants are located in Veracruz, Puebla, as well as in Mexico City, among other places. Mr. Omar Yunes has been working towards expanding his entrepreneurship. He has started venturing into the business of real estate.

Up to date, the real estate business is changing in a way that real estate values are also affecting charities in many places such as California for example. The rents are experiencing a rise which also makes it harder for charities and businesses to operate. In terms of foundations, these organisations have been functioning on donations and grants that are from the government and from the public. Many of the organisations are forced to either move to a more affordable location or to cease existing altogether.

Specifically to California, the relocations of some of the charities or their case of operation can be quite the disadvantage. Many low-income individuals and families heavily rely on those funds in order to be able to receive education, medical service, and so on. The increase of rents obviously affects consumer as well as businesses and charities. That further enhances the problem for individuals and families with low income severely. That creates a financial problem that affects people in many ways.

One of the most markets of real estate in the United States of America is San Francisco. After the Great Recession, the real estate rents have increased significantly. The mayor of the city has a plan, however, that will alleviate some of the burdens for charities. Over the course of a year, Mayor Lee will be distributing 6 million among qualified charities to help with rents.

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