Edisoft: Leading In Supply Chain Platforms

Technology companies are constantly trying to enter various different sectors to help improve its efficiency. We are moving towards a more technological age, which is why it becomes essential to incorporate these services to establish one’s position in the sector that they are running in. Edisoft is one such company that entered the field of technology not just to revolutionize its own sector, but to provide a platform through which other companies could develop. Their flagship product is a Smart Process Supply Chain Service Platforms. This software is sold under the name of Edisoft and is highly customizable and can be edited to suit the user’s needs in the most efficient manner possible. The company provides this services mainly to manufacturers and distributors. This allows them to keep a track of all the products that they are putting out, and also gives them information regarding the different things that they would want to keep a track of. This software has overall improved the quality of supply chains, and the efficiency of the products that they put out (Crunchbase). The company believes that they can revolutionize the logistics industry, and are doing so brilliantly with one single revolutionary software.

The company has an extremely expansive team of coders and software professionals who are well versed in the field and who want to offer a high quality of services. The platforms that the company puts out are constantly developing and improving so that the company can offer their services to the best of their abilities. The company also stores the data that the company uses in the most efficient way possible. The information that the company has is stored on a company server and can be pulled out for analysis whenever the need arises (https://angel.co/edisoft). The company has been able to consistently deliver some of the best services and technology in the field, which is why they have managed to stay at the top of the sector.

The headquarters of the company is currently located in Toronto, but it offers its services throughout the entire country. Edisoft has managed to cement their position in the technology industry with this extremely efficient platform.


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