Osteo Relief Institute: How to Manage Osteoarthritis and get some relief

One of the most common medical conditions in the United States is arthritis. The condition is known to affect approximately 50 million adults. What most people do not know, however, is that the condition manifests itself in various forms. Most commonly in women, studies show that arthritis is also one of the major causes of disability in the United States.


Osteoarthritis: What is it?


One of the common types of arthritis is known as osteoarthritis which is a degenerative joint disease. The condition causes the cartilage as well as soft tissues found between the joints to degenerate. This causes a lot of pain and discomfort. Not only does the degeneration of cartilage causes stiffness, but also swelling.


People who are at a high risk of contracting osteoarthritis are those with excessive weight. Some risk factors include age, family history or previous injuries. Because the condition is not curable, patients are advised to commit to self-management techniques in order to achieve some level of relief. These techniques involve exercising and changing one’s lifestyle and daily routine.

Managing Osteoarthritis


One of the exercises recommended for people suffering from any form of arthritis is stretching. If you stretch before you go to bed, you may be able to reduce stiffness in the morning. It is also advisable to adjust positions every now and then. Walking, standing and stretching can suffice.


Another tip which may help an osteoarthritis patient is weight loss management (http://alivenewspaper.com/2017/09/osteo-relief-institue/). Excess weight usually puts pressure on the joints. Patients are also advised to quit smoking because it damages the connective tissues found in the joints.


Osteo Relief Institute –New Jersey


If you reside in New Jersey and you are looking for a center that will help you manage your osteoarthritis, Osteo Relief Institute is a great option. They have a team of professionals who take patients through therapy sessions to bring them relief. Apart from exercises and professional advice on lifestyle changes, the Institute also offers pain relief medication to those who need it.

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