Highland Capital Management Acquires Private Equity Fund in Asia

The Korean division of Highland Capital Management recently closed a healthcare private equity fund worth $147 million. The South Korea’s National Pension Service was one of the stakeholders who enabled this transaction.

How Highland Capital Management plans to run its recent acquisition

Highland Capital Management is expected to work in collaboration with Stonebridge Capital in the management of the private equity. Stonebridge Capital is a venture capital firm located in Korea and one of the best-performing companies in the finance industry. This transaction marks Highland Capital Management’s first healthcare private equity fund in Asia. According to the managing director of Highland private equity group, Carl Moore, the company is experienced in handling these kinds of transactions and is expected to provide productive results.

Highland Capital Management is a financial institution that provides services such as credit hedge-funds, collateralized loan obligations, and private equity. It also offers services such as separate accounts, long-only funds, management of public pension plans, and alternative investments. Highland Capital Management is a SEC-registered company and manages assets worth $15.4 million. This corporation has operations in Seoul, New York, Sao Paulo, and Singapore.

About Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management operates under the leadership of James Dondero and Mark Okada who as serve and CEO and CFO respectively. These professionals have led Highland Capital Management into becoming the most significant alternative investment provider. This company’s central offices are in Dallas. Highland Capital Management has over five hundred employees across the globe. Apart from business and wealth creation, this company has an interest in giving back to the community.

Highland Capital Management volunteers to and funds numerous non-profit organizations in different locations. This company also chairs the boards of a majority of charity organizations in Texas and other parts of the country. Among the agencies that Highland Capital Supports is the Dallas Foundation, a platform improves the lives of the residents of Dallas. This company is a member of the Dallas Foundation organizing committee and plays a key role hosting charity events. Recently, it helped the Family Place raise $16.5 million needed to expand the facility and hire more staff to help the families in need. Highland Capital Management’s commitment to its customers and the local community is outstanding.

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