George Soros Helps the Democrats for Years

George Soros is not content to let billions of dollars to sit in the coffers of the wealthy. He has decided that he will go the path of the philanthropist and begin spreading his own ideals and values around the globe. George Soros truly believes that all governments around the world should be some form of a democracy and he is doing his best to make sure that happens.

He is quite passionate about the liberal message, and this has put him as a constant enemy against the Republican Party. Whenever the Republican Party attempts to pass legislation he does what he can to block it. If they think the new policy is good, he is there to convince the public it is wrong. His constant stopping of the Republican agenda has earned him the label bogeyman of the right.

The favorite tool of George Soros is his nonprofit, the Open Society Foundations. He is known to use this nonprofit to spread the Democratic message both nationally and globally. When it comes to democracies around the globe, Open Society Foundations has given hundreds of billions of dollars so that these hard-pressed governments can thrive. They do ask for one condition though; these governments must stay accountable to the people.

George Soros got heavily involved in politics in the year 2004 when John Kerry was fighting George W. Bush for the presidency. Soros was concerned that a Republican would stay in office for another four years. He saw what two wars had done both to America and to the world at large and vowed this cannot continue. In order to get George W. Bush out of the White House, George Soros broke every conceivable record and donated $27 million to the DNC, which was earmarked to fund the John Kerry campaign. Unfortunately, John Kerry would not succeed in his bid for the White House. While this may be unfortunate, the Democrats were able to sway the majority of people to their side.

George Soros saw his work pay off in 2008 when Barack Obama announced his candidacy for office. Here was a man who is charismatic, intelligent, passionate about liberalism, and truly had the best interest of the American people in mind. Soros knew that Obama had the best chance of convincing the American people to buy into leftist him. With his soaring rhetoric and capabilities of motivation, Obama was able to sway the American public to truly buy into the message of the Democrats. It would seem that this president has changed this country in more ways than one.

George Soros would continue to promote leftism in the year 2016 and back Hillary Clinton for her run as President. This was at a time when she was up against Donald Trump will look like he would secure the Republican nomination. George Soros gave the Democratic national party $25 million to support struggling Senators and purple states and show how qualified Hillary Clinton was for the role of the United States presidency.

Protection for Immigration Rights and Humane Treatment Brings Unrelenting Support

The Office of United Nations High Commission for Human Rights (OHCHR) is an organization that works on behalf of the international immigrant community to protect their human rights as well as providing essential information to those communities.

The objective and mission is to educate and empower immigrants and those affected by immigration in order to stand up for the ideals of basic human decency and dignity. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

The OHCHR seeks to strengthen the immigrant community, embolden an understanding of equality and provide accountability for the actions of unlawful treatment by those who engage in civil and human rights violations.

In strengthening the immigrant community with supportive resources, the OHCHR plays an important role in the helping to develop early warning detection’s of human rights violations, conflicting applications of the law and also identifying violence as it pertains to detainment with immigration enforcement actions.

In a horrendous turn of events, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were the victims of having their First Amendment rights violated. As local journalists for the Phoenix Times, they exercised their freedom of speech through their publications of then Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

In 2013, they reached a settlement with the Maricopa County, and the Sheriff’s Office, for $3.7 million. However, that was not the end of their determination in taking a stand against the abuse of power of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Because of their experience Michael and Jim decided to earmark the settlement for creating the Lacey and Larkin Fund which provides resources, information and gathering of essential materials to the immigrant community. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

It was determined by both of them through their ordeal that immigrants and minorities, specifically the Latino community, were being treated far worse than their experience with Sheriff Arpaio and local law enforcement. Through their efforts, the Lacey and Larkin Fund has generated enormous support among other human rights and civil rights organizations.

With 41 million immigrants in the country and unreliable undocumented statistics, it is unclear of how many unknown cases involve immigrants who many have been mistreated or violated; however, with the focus and continued efforts by human rights groups, there can be a reduction in those that are reported.

The protection of human rights are vitally important, and the Lacey and Larkin Fund, and the OHCHR has shown by proactive and far-reaching actions that the immigrant community is best served when there are an unrelenting and supportive groups acting on their behalf.

Nathaniel Ru’s Journey To Greatness Through Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru is preeminently knows as the lead executive and head cheerleader of Sweetgreen, one of the leading, high-quality salad franchise in the nation. With over 40 restaurant locations, it is evident that Sweetgreen is manned by experienced leaders.

Background data

This is how it all started: During their schooling year in Georgetown University, Nathaniel Ru and two friends had trouble locating health-based, eating diners that were in addition fun and easy. The three friends wondered if they could provide an answer to this question.

With a 560 square-foot area on M Street, they decided to establish a revolutionary business. Six years later, their hospitality business transitioned into a 21 –store serving, diner, with Ru as the chief executive officer.

The onset of Sweetgreen

Recently speaking at the New Era of Marketing, a program that is set to initiate the growth of marketing strategies, Ru stated that Sweetgreen’s growth is directly appended to his determination to expand the business by investing in healthy foods. Read more: Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

The first attempt at starting this business was encompassed with challenges as the landlord was barely reachable to provide the rental logistics. After calling up to explain his situation, the landlord hanged up.

For over a month, Ru and his current partners called up to schedule a business meeting. Well, the trio got lucky. What was initially the green has now transitioned into an admirable business that most restaurants can borrow notes from.

The establishment of Sweetgreen

The first month of the business was spent looking for backers in addition to an architect. Ru was thankful to the landlord for assisting them in their quest.

Through her better judgment, the business was set to succeed. She agreed to assist the group that bore no previous experiences in hospitality. Ru narrates the series of events as a blessing to have nailed the chance.

Fresh salad produce

Sweetgreen is presently a leading franchise in Northeast America. With major stores in the state’s major cities of Philadelphia, New York, Washington and Boston, the company is focused on providing healthy, fresh foods. Most ingredients stem from local farmers. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

The company markets itself through its fresh produce and concentration on digital marketing.

The conclusion

In addition to providing superior ingredients in addition to developing stellar reputation for being a leading, healthy chain option, the business has a modern and unique model of operation.

Nathaniel Ru is persistent about decentralizing the company’s operations with the aim of running the business away from the main office.

How SahmAdrangi Makes Money By Shorting Stocks

SahmAdrangi is the founder and chief investment officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management, LLC. It was in April 2009 that he founded this investment company which is located in New York City. One of his bigger transactions occurred in 2016 when he raised $100 million from other investors. The money was used to bet against one single stock, as his research led him to believe it would fall and by shorting the stock he could make back a lot of money.

Usually hedge fund managers raise money in order to invest in a company or sector they expect to experience growth. The capital can be raised to invest in distressed companies that are on the verge of a comeback or it could be invested in other asset classes such as residential mortgage-backed securities. Sahm Adrangi, though, is flipping this on its head by shorting a company he sees as losing a significant amount of money per share.

When writing about raising this capital, Sahm said that because he was able to swiftly raise the $100 million he knew that his idea had been seized upon by others in the alternative investments community. He hasn’t publically revealed the name of the company, only that it is worth more than $10 billion. Along with one of his analysts at Kerrisdale, Shane Wilson, he put together a presentation including a video, a report, and a website which is being used to show other investors why he is right about this company’s stock.

Adrangi received his bachelor of arts in economics from Yale University. He has worked in the financial industry for about 13 years. He started out his professional career as an analyst for a number of firms including Chanin Capital Partners, Deutsche Bank, and Longacre Fund Management LLC.

Under Sahm’s management, Kerrisdale now has about $150 million in assets under management. He is well-known for making money by shorting stocks. He was one of the first investors to see that several Chinese companies were actually fraudulent in nature. He shorted a number of these companies in 2010 and 2011 from which Kerrisdale made a significant amount of money.

Rocketship Education- Solution For Assuring The Success of Disadvantaged Students

Rocketship Education is a charter school network based in California. The first Rocketship Education school opened in 2007. The network has 16 schools in three states and DC. Most of these schools are in the San Francisco Bay Area. The campus in DC is an elementary school. There are two Rocketship campuses in Nashville, Tennessee: Rocketship Northeast and Rocketship United. Students attending Rocketship schools come from academically and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Schools in the Rocketship Network have been nationally recognized for high test scores. Students use traditional learning methods and technology. Staff is sensitive about the needs of its culturally sensitive students.

Rocketship schools have five core values. Respect, responsibility, empathy, and persistence are the four core values held in common by Rocketship network schools. Parents and teachers decide on the fifth core value. School environment and vision are the determinants of this decision. Some ideas for a fifth core value include duty, eagerness, and desire. As of February 2017, gratitude was chosen as the fifth core value because it would empower students to develop relationships with their classmates and teachers.

Toxic stress management is a critical skill that students learn at Rocketship. Social-emotional learning is offered three times a week. The Kimochis program is used for the lower grades at Rocketship. Upperclassmen at Rocketship use RULER tools to for tracking their emotions in a diary.

One of Rocketship’s goals is to instruct parents on how to be advocates for their students once they complete elementary school. Parents have an opportunity to connect with their child’s teacher prior to the first day of class. Attendance and parent engagement matter at Rocketship. The school administration cares about the effectiveness of the teachers. Teachers have a chance to go over their lessons with the principal. Once the administration observes the teacher, an evaluation is completed. A positive evaluation can lead to a promotion. Teachers never stop learning from others.

The CEO of Rocketship Education is Preston Smith. He is also one of Rocketship’s co-founders.