Rocketship Education- Solution For Assuring The Success of Disadvantaged Students

Rocketship Education is a charter school network based in California. The first Rocketship Education school opened in 2007. The network has 16 schools in three states and DC. Most of these schools are in the San Francisco Bay Area. The campus in DC is an elementary school. There are two Rocketship campuses in Nashville, Tennessee: Rocketship Northeast and Rocketship United. Students attending Rocketship schools come from academically and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Schools in the Rocketship Network have been nationally recognized for high test scores. Students use traditional learning methods and technology. Staff is sensitive about the needs of its culturally sensitive students.

Rocketship schools have five core values. Respect, responsibility, empathy, and persistence are the four core values held in common by Rocketship network schools. Parents and teachers decide on the fifth core value. School environment and vision are the determinants of this decision. Some ideas for a fifth core value include duty, eagerness, and desire. As of February 2017, gratitude was chosen as the fifth core value because it would empower students to develop relationships with their classmates and teachers.

Toxic stress management is a critical skill that students learn at Rocketship. Social-emotional learning is offered three times a week. The Kimochis program is used for the lower grades at Rocketship. Upperclassmen at Rocketship use RULER tools to for tracking their emotions in a diary.

One of Rocketship’s goals is to instruct parents on how to be advocates for their students once they complete elementary school. Parents have an opportunity to connect with their child’s teacher prior to the first day of class. Attendance and parent engagement matter at Rocketship. The school administration cares about the effectiveness of the teachers. Teachers have a chance to go over their lessons with the principal. Once the administration observes the teacher, an evaluation is completed. A positive evaluation can lead to a promotion. Teachers never stop learning from others.

The CEO of Rocketship Education is Preston Smith. He is also one of Rocketship’s co-founders.

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