Canadian Craft Beer & Eli Gershkovitch

The popularity of craft beer may be slowly declining in places like the United States where consumers tend to prefer the familiar products of giant companies like Budweiser, Coors, and Miller, but in Canada, the last thing craft beer is doing is falling off. Last year craft beer accounted for almost a quarter of all beer sales in the country, bringing in a whopping twenty-three and a half billion dollars. In a world where millennials continue to impact the future of the global economy, it seems craft beer has nothing to worry about. Just ask Eli Gershkovitch, famous Canadian businessman, and brewery owner.

Eli Gershkovitch is not your average Canadian businessman by a long shot. A successful attorney, pilot and CEO of Steamworks Brewing Company, he has far more worldly experience than your typical craft beer designer ever dreamed of. Using his intimate knowledge of the law he single-handedly started one of the most popular breweries in all of Canada. He is also largely responsible for transforming the oldest district in Vancouver into the hipster hangout that it is steadily becoming recognized as.

In 1987 Gershkovitch traveled through parts of Europe after graduating from the University of Toronto’s law school. It was then and there that his love of craft beer began to blossom, though it would take nearly a decade for him to realize his vision and begin to breathe life into it. After several years of representing clients who forced him to become more and more familiar with the alcohol-related laws of his country, he was ready to take full advantage of his knowledge and position. By 1995 he had introduced half a dozen premium craft beers to the Candian market.

2013 found the entrepreneur expanding his growing craft beer empire by moving from micro to full-scale operations by raising production levels to twenty times what it had previously been (OttawaCitizen). Now producing fifteen to seventeen types of craft beers per year, Gershovitch is enjoying in the limelight of his dream come true. His products can be found in over one hundred stores, including almost 90 government liquor stores in Canada.

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