Jorge Moll, the Brilliant Neurologist

Jorge Moll attended the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and graduated with a medical degree in 1994. Moll went on to complete a medical residency specializing in Neurology from the University in 1997.In 2004; Jorge Moll obtained a degree in the doctorate of science specializing in the physiotherapy from the University of Sao Paulo. Jorge Moll also specialized in various other areas including the cognitive neuroscience through his postdoctoral degree in the sector of cognitive neuroscience in 2007 ( Most of Jorge Moll’s research studies focused on antisocial behavior, moral emotions, social psychology and neuroscience, moral cognition, and neural behavior base.

Jorge Moll is also the coordinator and founder of the behavioral and cognitive neuroscience unit. The unit is maintained and managed by D’Or Network of hospitals in Rio de Janeiro. Currently, Jorge Moll serves as the board member and president-director of D’Or Institute for research and education. Jorge Moll also heads the Neuroinformatics workgroups in the same institute. He was recognized and feted as the most distinct research fellow by the NIH Award for the period of 2004-2007. In 2008, Jorge Moll joined the prestigious Brazilian Academy of Sciences before he was elected to the international neuroethics society in 2012-13. The Stanford Neuroscience Institute of Stanford University feted Jorge Moll with the visiting scholar award.

Jorge Moll has served as a periodic reviewer for numerous magazines focusing on neuroscience. Journals and newspapers that Jorge Moll reviewed include the psychological science newspaper, Emotions newspaper, Journal of neurosurgery, neurology, and psychiatry, cognitive science trends newspaper, neuroimaging, and cognitive neuroscience journal. Jorge Moll is also currently serving as an editorial board member of the Social neuroscience newspaper and dementia and neuropsychological periodical.

Some of Jorge Moll’s publications

Jorge Moll has been involved in a variety of academic publications. Some of these publications include the Neural Basis of Human Moral Cognition, Moral Affiliation of Disgust: A Functional MRI Study, Functional Networks in Emotional and Non-Moral Social Judgments, Morals and the Human Brain: A Working Model, The Neural Basis of Human Social Values: Evidence from Functional MRI. Others include the Neural Correlates of Trust, Social Attachment, and Aversion in Human Moral Cognition among many other publications.


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