If You’re Looking For A Construction Company In Northern Illinois, The Best One To Choose Is Aloha Construction

If you’re looking for a construction company in the Chicago area, the best one to choose is Aloha Construction. Not only have they been in business for a long time, but their services have also been rated well by customers. Aloha Construction has two offices. One of them is located in Bloomington, Illinois. The other office is located in Lake Zurich, Illinois. The Lake Zurich office is the company’s headquarters.

In addition, the company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. All of the services that they perform are covered by a ten-year warranty. These are some examples of the home maintenance services that they offer:

They Can Repair Your Roof:

Aloha Construction will perform a thorough assessment of your roof. They will look for water damage, missing shingles, and other common roof problems. Roof repairs will be made as quickly as possible. If the entire roof needs to be replaced, the company offers roof replacements at an affordable price.

They Can Repair Siding, Windows, And Doors:

Aloha Construction has a lot of experience with repairing doors and windows. They offer many door, window, and siding replacement options. Furthermore, their door and window replacement services have been rated well by customers. In addition, they can repair windowsills to ensure that they don’t leak. This is a highly effective way of preventing water damage.

They Offer Gutter Services:

Aloha Construction is the best company to choose for regular gutter cleanings. In addition, they are experienced with replacing or repairing gutter systems.

Contact Info:

Aloha Construction is available by email and telephone. Their telephone number is (847) 540-7711. You can call this number anytime during their business hours. If you call outside of their business hours, the company will take a message and call you back. You also can email them at [email protected].

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