How The Greg Secker Foundation Benefitted Philippines Typhoon Victims

Nonito Donaire, Jr., who was once a world boxing champion, returned to his native country of the Philippines recently to witness the turnover of newly built homes to those who had lost theirs to typhoons. He and his wife were picked up at the airport by the person who had started this rebuilding effort, Greg Secker. Secker is an English businessman and philanthropist who started the George Secker Foundation. The home building project he started was in the city of Iloilo.

After returning to the Philippines, Nonito Donaire, Jr. attended the ceremony in Iloilo. He has donated his own money to rebuilding efforts in the past, such as in 2009 when he gave P1 million after typhoon Ondoy had destroyed some homes. He says that athletes need to stand up and make their voices heard when standing up for those who are less fortunate.

The Greg Secker Foundation built over 100 homes in three Philippine cities. Secker, who is 42, has been helping others through his foundation for several years. Beyond building homes for the less fortunate he has also focused on helping children around the world. One of the charities he has financially supported in the United Kingdom is the nonprofit Basket Brigade. He provides money to pay for food that is given to low-income families during the holidays each year.

Greg Secker made millions of dollars while in his 20s making trades, particularly in the Forex market. He decided to help others by teaching them the strategies to follow so that they could attain similar success. The main company he owns is called Learn to Trade. This award-winning program teaches people about the strategies and digital tools to use to trade on Forex markets over the course of two days. He also teaches them about stock market trading as well.

For several years Greg Secker has also been a public speaker. He has spoken all over the world such as at the National Achievers Congress that is held annually in Asia. He has also made many media appearances on financial shows on networks like CNBC and Bloomberg.

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