Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Is Based On Sean Penn’s View Of The World

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is the debut novel from Sean Penn. The book has been called a cult classic with insane action. The original version was a mysterious audiobook released in 2016. The book contains unsubtle references regarding the President at the Republican National Convention. The main character is a part time assassin named Bob. The language is filled with ambitious prose and stylistic flourishes. There are even conspiratorial messages such as Bob’s realization the media is encouraging cops being killed after Bob see five police officers shot.


Bob is from the baby boomer generation. His response to the world is absurd, angry and loud. His antisocial behavior is meant to communicate wisdom. Bob feels America is not the beautiful girl who gave birth to him anymore but the ghost of a girl. The critics believe Bob is the embodiment of Sean Penn as he seethes against the political status quo. The book also contains details of the life of Sean Penn. This includes an odd fiesta with an El Chapo fill in. He bonds with Bob in a clunky and hilarious dialect.


Towards the end of the book Bob writes a letter addressed to the United States President in the book. He is called the Landlord and it is obvious he was based on Donald Trump. Bob calls the Landlord reflexive, narcissistic and illegitimate. The conversation includes words such as NRA, Russia and alternative facts. This comes off as a bit hypocritical and shrill. There are a lot of similarities between the political messaging of Bob and Sean Penn. Bob puts in a great effort to emasculate Donald Trump. He calls his inauguration piddily. He then challenges him to a duel and asks for his assassination.


The epilogue is a poem Sean Penn wrote and covers numerous news stories. This includes the tension with North Korea, the Las Vegas shooting and the crises in Puerto Rico. He speaks of Louis C.K., Charlie Rose, shaming sluts, reducing rape, a toddlers crusade and impunity. Sean Penn has ensured his view of the world is a part of Bob Honey.

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