The Strangeness of Sean Penn’s Novel Bob Honey Who Just do Stuff

Sean Penn, a political activist and actor, recently published a book titled Bob Honey Who Just do Stuff. The book follows a character named Bob Honey. He is a political activist with strange ideology, and as a result he often turns to violence throughout the story. Sean Penn has confirmed that his character is largely a reflection of himself. In order to promote the book, the website Positive The Facts published an article about Bob Honey Who Just do Stuff and the author himself.


The novel Bob Honey Who Just do Stuff is first and foremost a satire. There are countless references to anti-Trump resistance and the #MeToo movement, to which a 6 page reflection is included in the book. The novel has gotten criticism from a wide array of publications like the New York Times and The Rolling Stones due to the author’s background and how he approached the subject matter. It’s a very strange book in several ways.


The next part of the article discusses Sean Penn’s switch from actor to novelist. Sean Penn states that he has grown tired of the movie life and where the industry is headed, so he changed mediums to make his voice heard in novel form. Writing the novel was a good experience for him, and Sean Penn heavily implied he’s got a new project in the works. His style of writing and humor is very unusual. It’s likely that many people will have a hard time resonating with his book.


Bob Honey Who Just do Stuff is a book that’s likely to stir people up. It’s commentary on modern political movements and discourse is very obtuse and vulgar at times. The author Sean Penn has his origins in the film industry, which gives him a unique perspective on the events he describes in the novel. While the novel may not be a smash-hit by any means, he has been able to get his thoughts out there. Bob Honey Who Just do Stuff likely won’t be the last we see of Sean Penn in the publishing industry.

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