AvaTrade Review: Finding the Truth

Forex trading is increasingly becoming a major investment opportunity. Even those people who were skeptical in the earlier days are now starting to embrace online forex trading. However, one of the main challenges facing most people while getting started is to find a reliable forex broker. Forex brokers are essential in introducing you to various financial markets and to assist you with advice on trading.


For this particular AvaTrade broker review, we would like to talk about AvaTrade, one of the largest forex brokers in the world. Some of the questions that one would probably ask are; is AvaTarde a trusted forex broker? Is it easy to work with AvaTrade? Can AvaTrade be trusted with large amounts of money? These among many other questions are often the concern of most traders while shopping for a forex broker. For that reason, we are going to try some if not all of these questions about AvaTrade and determine if it is a genuine forex broker or a scam.


First and foremost it is important to mention that AvaTrade is not a scam. The company was founded in 2006 in Dublin, Ireland. It has its offices across the world including, New York, Sydney, Dublin, Tokyo, Millan, among others. Unlike most of the forex brokerage firms, AvaTrade is regulated by high-ranking financial institutions in Europe such as the Central Bank of Ireland, ASIC in Australia, the B.V.I Financial Services Commission in Britain and the Financial Services Commission in Japan. This already implies that AvaTrade is a forex broker that can be trusted.


Services offered by AvaTrade


AvaTrade just like any other forex broker offers different kinds of brokerage services. The company provided different types of trading accounts to its clients across the world. Apart from the free demo account, AvaTrade has a standard trading account that requires traders to deposit a minimum of $100. For that amount the company offers a leverage of 1:400 as well as spread beginning from 0.9 pips.

It is important to note that AvaTrade offers some of the most competitive spread compared to most online forex brokers. In a nutshell, AvaTrade meets most of the conditions required from a forex broker. It has physical locations as well as regulated by major international financial institutions.

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