Robert Ivy Carries Home the highly esteemed Lifetime Achievement Award

Time and again, Robert Ivy has proven himself a natural-born winner. His candidacy for this year’s Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award goes on to consolidate this fact and cement his winning streak. And for the first time, his success spills on to the American Institute of Architects considering that he will be the first practicing architect to receive this prestigious award since its inauguration in 1978. The architect goes down in the history books of the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters as one of the propagators of arts, joining the likes of Morgan Freeman and Shelby Foote.

Robert’s nomination

The lifetime awards recognize Mississippi citizen’s contributions to the continuation and development of art within the state, the country and internationally. Robert Ivy’s nomination, therefore, came on the heels of his achievements in spreading architectural awareness. The award particularly recognizes his writing and authorship contributions, both of which have aimed at further spreading the architect’s gospel. The success achieved as an author and leader may, however, be seen as the last nail hammering home the award.

How Ivy’s success brought the award his way

According to Mississippi institute, the lifetime achievement awards honors an individual’s contribution to art, especially if that individual dedicated their life towards championing this course. Robert Ivy is seen as having dedicated his life towards the advancement of architectural art through his past and present engagements. His dedication and commitment to each one of these courses further earned him points for the award.

For instance, Robert successfully published his biography and Fay Jones: Architect in 2001. The book that is now in its third edition extensively showcases the work of an American Architect. It has since gone on to win several awards and recognitions including being voted as having the highest standards of design, scholarship, and production.

Before transitioning to his current role as the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy worked as the editor-in-chief for a McGraw Hill architectural journal. While here, Ivy steered on the publisher’s journal to becoming the number one most distributed architectural journal globally. He also played an important role in the expansion of its global reach as well as its translation into Mandarin and more to know

Best fit for the award

Taking these achievements into consideration, the Mississippi Institute president of congratulated him arguing that there is no one like Robert Ivy when it comes to spreading the architectural awareness. Robert will receive this award during this year’s ceremony held at the institution on 2nd June.

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