OSI Group’s Journey

OSI Group is one of the most renowned food suppliers in the world today. Much of their popularity is derived from the enormous volumes of supplies that the company delivers to various food retailer stores in the US and abroad. The company is vast and has more than 20,000 who are all dedicated to the vision of providing quality meat products to all their clients. They have stations in 17 countries. However, their market is not just limited to the jurisdiction of these nations. OSI Group sells to any part of the world.

The journey of transforming OSI Group from a simple butchery story to the world-class firm it is today has been a long one. The founder was an immigrant of German descent who came to the US in search of employment opportunities. Otto Kolschowosky went into the country in a group of other German immigrants and settled at Chicago. After trying out different jobs two years after arriving in the United States, Otto ventured into the meat business. He began by setting up a small retail butchery at Oak Park. The business thrived, and Otto further advanced his company to a commercial scale by the end of the First World War. His clients were now more than he could supply. To cover the high demand, Otto opened up another wholesale butchery at Maywood.

Otto conducted business for another ten years, and as it was the prevailing trend among immigrants, his company continued to grow at a rapid rate. OSI Group was at the time called Otto and Sons. The company has then soared beyond even the projections of the founder. Today, OSI Group ranks among the top suppliers of meat products in the world.

During this period when the firm was making massive strides in the business, another family business was slowly rising. MacDonald’s at this time was just a simple restaurant based in San Bernardino, California. This food selling story had started gaining fame and investors would use their name as part of a franchising agreement. An agent named Kroc opened a small store under Macdonalds in 1955. This store grew from strength to strength, and in short span, Kroc had purchased the entire company.

Kroc’s takeover of MacDonald’s enabled him to get a deal with Otto & Sons Company. The firm was the primary supplier of meat for making hamburgers. Swiftly, the partnership grew as MacDonald’s expanded their market. The symbiotic relationship between the two giant firms enabled them to develop to the current heights. Today, OSI is continually working to improve their already coveted states as the leading suppliers of meat products for some of the best food lines in the world.

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