Altium Capital Health for a Change

Gottlieb is a revered investor that many had an extensive reputation with a unique eye for value. He decided to start a new firm that is eventually named Altium Capital. In the past, he spent his time working as the CIO of Visium Asset Managment, a firm with a few public downfalls that involved insider trading. After the extensive investigation, Jacob Gottlieb was free and let out without any charges. This is a critical reason as to why he decided to open his own firm and a clean reputation.

As a young man, Gottlieb had a passion for investing. His drive for investing is not only at home, but he brought it out to his classmates and was the winner of a stock picking contest at his school. Gottlieb, with his parents, support ultimately decided to pursue a career in medicine. After much time in university, he graduated with a Bachelor in Arts from Brown University in Economics. He did not stop there and also earned an M.D. from NYU Medical School.

Now he is ready to work as a professional in a world of many flaws. His first job after University was as an analyst for Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. This new job sparked further interest in the space and he decided to continue going to school. This time he wanted to earn his Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) which he received in 2001. As a CFA he gained a lot more standing within the industry, and he left Sanford taking his expertise elsewhere. He moved to Balyasny Asset Managment (BAM) where he truly began to shine. He stayed at his new job for a few years before the entrepreneur inside him screamed for change. This change was to start Visium in 2005, a bold move that would pay off heavily.

Investors came in rather quickly, and he was able to raise $300 million in no time. This lead to a prosperous time of success and Visium grew into an $8 billion fund with 170 employees at its peak. Things changed quickly at the end of 2016 when three employees were charged for insider trading and securities mismarking that artificially inflated not only their pay but the returns for clients. This scandal led Gottlieb to leave the company and pursue his original passion in medicine by investing in companies such as Oramed Pharmaceuticals and Sellas Life Sciences. Both companies he understands with a disruptive roadmap preparing for entry into the broad pharmaceutical and medical fields.

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