Steve Ritchie Is Battle A Tough Road Ahead For Papa Johns

Steve Ritchie is perfectly aware of the challenge that is ahead of him in renewing Papa Johns image and helping the company get through a transition period. Regardless, Steve is prepared to do his best and wanted this opportunity to make a difference for Papa Johns and their loyal customers all over the globe. Not only does Papa Johns have loyal customers, but loyal employees as well, more than 120 thousand employees in fact. Steve Ritchie has worked in other executive positions before and he believes he will be able to steer Papa Johns in the right direction as CEO.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns wants to make Papa Johns stand out as a pizza restaurant and one of the best, something unique that people want to experience. Its easy for Papa Johns to be thrown in with the group of pizza places around the country, but Steve wants them to stand out like they once did in the past. The first step to this is making amends for the past and moving on to new things, which is why Steve Ritchie personally issued an apology on behalf of the company. Quality service and customer care are what will be top priority at Papa Johns for as long as they maintain a business.

Steve Ritchie is on a mission to meet and get feedback from so many team members of the Papa Johns franchise as possible and make the necessary adjustments to make Papa Johns an enjoyable working experience as well. There are many dedicated employees at Papa Johns that represent the name well and do good for their community, which Steve wants to be at the forefront of the company.

According to Steve, good customer service is going to start with happy employees, which is why a nationwide survey is going to be completed before any major changes are made throughout all of the Papa Johns locations.


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