NIck Vertucci’s First Book Shows How You Can be Successful

Recently, Nick Vertucci, well-known real estate investor, came out with his first book titled Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed.

This book is part memoir and part guide. The memoir is how he fell and how he was able to rise to become a successful investor again. The guide part details how he was able to become successful again.

The book starts with a forward by Kevin Harringtom, one of the original hosts of Shark Tank.

At the back of the book, a person can see an endorsement by Dean Cain, an actor and producer.

A person can buy it on Amazon and so far, it has sold about a thousand copies.

Nick Vertucci says that he was in the computer technology business and lost everything. He decided then that he would enter the real estate industry. At first, he made a lot of mistakes. A mentor then taught him how to invest more wisely. He also learned that he should combine a strong mental base with his real estate business. This combination did help him more successful in his life and in his business. He hopes that his book is a guide to how a person can deal with hardship in their life and business.

Lioncrest Publishing published this book and in 350 pages, the book illustrates how Nick Vertucci formed the steps that that led to a philosophy that changed his life and that led him to a strong, sustainable business.

In his endorsement, Keven Harrington believes that everyone loves a rags-to-riches story. He thinks that a back-to-rags and back-to-riches story is even better. Despite having no money or education he was able to make a lot of money in the computer business. He then lost his tech business and had to fights his way back to be successful again. Harrington believes that Vertucci is the right one to teach a person on how to be millionaire because he has been a millionaire twice.

This book by Nick Vertucci should help you become successful.

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