Why People You Should Own Gold Now More Than Ever

2019 has the value of Gold rising, and the dollar is speculated to weaken, the Federal Reserve, however, is speculated to apply breaks on the tight monitory regulations.

The Gold market might boom according to the comments on Wall Street, which could result from the declining value of the dollar. The Federal Reserve, however, is reluctant on the rising rates instead of taking a stance on the subject like it had been doing.

Is the entity concerned about the market utility this question arose following the events witnessed in the first month of 2019? Is the organization countering the criticism it has faced over the rise of interest if they increased the rates more in 2019? The entity says that raising rates is a part of the normalization of the currency and the general economy.

The economists are projecting that the recession might hit the US economy

The bottom line of this is that that the US Reserve is an independent entity which cannot be influenced by other entities including the government and the president. There have been rising skepticism however that the organization might be under the influence of certain people in Wall Street and Capitol Hill.

The consumer should, however, know the basic information on the currency as it influences various factors within the economy which include the strength of the dollar and the general economy. With all these factors, which might result in depreciation, buyers are advised to buy gold coins since they are least likely to depreciate.

The country is speculated that it might be headed to another period of recession which will result in unfavorable economic position for the consumers. Gold, however, does not get affected by recession or bad economic times which is why owning gold is a good idea at the moment.

Gold might save you in hard economic periods

Financial institutions might start preparing for a turn down in the financial sector and the economy in general. They might be buying more gold soon to safeguard their financial security as the country is projected towards bad economic periods.

Individual ownership of the metal has been proven with a long history of securing wealth in turbulent economic times. During this decade, however, its use has reduced greatly, but in the past centuries, it has proven to be useful in preserving wealth.

As the world struggles in hard financial times, this might be a time for the potential of gold as a currency and wealth storing method to be adopted. Market predictions in fact project that the prices of gold might skyrocket and could hit a new high in the near future.

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Graham Edwards Fights For A Stable Real Estate Market Beyond Brexit

The decision by Great Britain to exit European Union has brought much chaos that is putting the real estate investors into a shaky position. The looming impact has positioned many firms for short sales, which is quite unpredictable and unfortunate. This has hit even the distinguished real estate companies in UK, including the NewRiver (NRRT.L) and Intu (INTUP.L). The home developers like McCarthy & Stone (MCS.L) and Crest Nicolson (CRST.L) are also among those that are positioned for short sales. The outcome is by no chance a coincidence considering that it is affecting firms across all indexes. However, Graham Edwards, a prominent investor and the Chief Executive Officer of Telereal Trillium, has been committed to building a commercial real estate territory that is based on informed policies.


Trillium was launched in 1997 with the aim of facilitating management and acquisition of a huge complex through a contract with UK’s Work and Pensions Department. The complex is close to 27 million square foot, and Trillium was to sign a 20-year property supervision contract for it in the subsequent year. It is through that contract that a foundation was laid for a company that would become one of the regime’s largest contractors. The firm grew at a rapid speed for the first two years, and this caught many investors’ attention. The company undertook several deals courtesy of Graham Edwards, which include purchase by Land Securities in 2001 and the partnership with BT Group PLC.


Even as challenges continue hitting the real estate market, Edwards believes all is not lost. He is out to develop policies aimed at promoting real estate enterprises and at the same time limiting the role of the state. Additionally, these strategies also focus on the growth of institutions and families for a strong society. Graham Edwards believes that when such entities flourish, then the future will be more prosperous. Having led Telereal Trillium for over twenty years, Edward has been tapped to head the initiative by the Center for Policy Studies (CPS). The program focuses on policy making in regard to what awaits Britain after Brexit.


Bernardo Chua Becomes Network Marketing Guru

Network marketing on a global level is not easy by any means. It is hard for some entrepreneurs to market in their own city, state or country. It takes a lot more effort to dominate and become a global network marketing leader. That could be the reason why Bernardo Chua is recognized as much as he is. He has done a considerable amount of global marketing with Organo Gold, and this company has been very profitable from Asia to America and it is still growing.

A large portion of the reasons for this growth have to do with the fact that this coffee came on the market as something that was consider to be a novelty. When people initially heard of Organo Gold, coffee that could possibly contain a healing agent, it seemed like something that was impossible to grasp. It also appeared to be something that would not be long-lasting and successful largely because no one wants coffee that is considered healthy. At least this is the common perception that many people had before Organo Gold became the success that it is today. Read more about Bernardo Chua on Caja Mediterraneo

What Bernardo Chua has realized much more so than anything else is that he is someone that is enabling other entrepreneurs that are selling the Organo Gold products to engage in network marketing and build their own income string. He has promoted this brand as a gourmet coffee brand long before other products came along. That could be is strong hold on network marketing. He knows that you cannot expand brand a bring other products into the environment until you have successfully sold people on your initial idea. He knew the real key to help people to take interest in Organo Gold coffee would be the beginning of his ability to get people to consider other products from the Organo Gold brand.

To learn more about Bernardo Chua, click here: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/bernardo-chua-b96b54aa


Wes Edens and his breakthrough in business

Among many successful businessmen, Wes Edens has truly proved himself more than capable to handle any kind of business. He is a great iconic person in the field of business who has become a great example for many young entrepreneurs to follow. His great strategies in business are some of the qualities that have made him build his career and make it great. He is a well-trained person in business and got to study business administration from Oregon State University. His knowledge and skills in business were well shaped in the institution and it is what has made him the exemplary business professional he is today. Wes Edens has accomplished many things in his career and his experience in business has been built by the many years he has spent in the field of business. See more on Wikipedia.

He has worked with many great business companies and every company he has worked for has greatly appreciated his work. His greatest accomplishment in business was when he successfully founded Fortress Investment Group. This is a world-renowned company that deals with investment management for clients. It offers a wide array of investment-related products such as real estate investments, private equity funds, private credit funds hedge funds and many others. Wes Edens as one of the founders and leader of the company has portrayed his exemplary leadership skills in the many strategies he has been able to apply in the company. His strategies have led to the development and expansion of the company.

One of his major goals as the leader of the company is to ensure that clients at Fortress Investment Group are always content with the services they get from the company. he incorporates financial creativity in handling many challenges that the company faces which is a great strategy that has seen the company get through all the difficult moments. Through his leadership, Fortress Investment Group has been able to close many deals with other companies and partnerships which have greatly boosted the growth of the company. Besides being a businessman, Wes Edens is also a great supporter of sports and currently owns a football club.

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Shervin Pishevar and the Prophetic Tweet Storm about the Dow Jones

The stock market dropped 300 points in one day. The decline follows the four-day rally that led people to believe a comeback was emerging. News about a potential economic slowdown didn’t help the Dow Jones’ cause. Shervin Pishevar, the tech investor and entrepreneur, probably wasn’t surprised the market took a hit. As we approach the first anniversary of his 21-hour tweet storm, we see he didn’t have much faith in the overall strength of the market.

Shervin Pishevar is an optimistic venture capitalist. He saw the potential in Uber and was one of the rideshare company’s earliest investors. Today, Uber revolutionized the way people get around. The expensive world of the taxi industry no longer has a monopoly on transportation services. Pishevar doesn’t only look at the success potential of a company to make evaluations though. He has to look at the downsides. This way, he can determine what particular companies are the ones worth investing funds. In his famous tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar revealed he lacks faith in the stock market. The entrepreneur believes the market might be primed to experience a 6,000-point drop.

The amount of wealth wiped out by this level of a drop would undermine the economies of many countries. Jobless rates could soar. The personal net worth of many individuals could collapse.

The mere thought of a 6,000-point drop is frightening. At one time, investors would scoff at the notion. The market collapse of 2008, however, opened people’s eyes to the danger of an unstable market. Right now, with trade wars, a U.S. government shutdown, and a declining Chinese economy, the global markets might be facing severe instability.

A 300-point drop isn’t cataclysmic, but it could send a scary message to anyone assuming the market’s decline is over. Truthfully, no one knows what direction the market is going. The landscape seems unpredictable. Perhaps that is one reason why Shervin Pishevar chose to warn the public. Selecting a tweetstorm to do so was a novel approach.

A drop of that magnitude could deliver devastating consequences to the global economy.


TMS Health Solutions Offers Innovative Treatment For Depression

Depression is a mental health condition which will affect approximately 14% of Americans at some point in their lives. Many forms of depression are traditionally treated with anti-depressant medications. There are, however, a number of patients who suffer from types of depression that are extremely resistant to treatment with medication. For them, finding help can be difficult. Fortunately, the professionals at TMS Health Solutions offer the latest in proven treatment methods to aid in their recovery from this condition.

Many people believe that depression is just a frame of mind or a bad mood, but this isn’t the case at all. Depression is actually a mental health issue that, if left untreated, can become very serious and result in side effects that can be debilitating. Some people are embarrassed to talk about or seek help for depression due to the stigma attached to mental health issues. This leads to worsening of the condition with often crippling results.

TMS Health Solutions offers a wide range of treatment options, from traditional medication schedules where they are effective to the most up-to-the-minute treatment options to help their patients recover from even the most intense forms of depression. The expert staff go above and beyond routine treatment. They take the time to become acquainted with the entire person, not just as a patient but as an individual. Each client is treated on a one-on-one basis and a personalized plan of action is created to address their specific needs.

One of the most common and highly effective treatments for many forms of depression is anti-depressant medication. For some mental health professionals, however, this has become a “one size fits all” answer to the problem. Unfortunately, medications are not always successful. There are severe forms of depression that simply don’t respond to medications. The care team at TMS Health Solutions understands this. They are trained in the use of alternative treatment methods such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS therapy, a non-invasive form of depression therapy. There are minimal side effects from this treatment. Side effects are quite common with the use of medication. They can often be very unpleasant and can cause people to avoid taking them, which hampers their recovery.

The TMS procedure applies electromagnetic pulses to the area of the brain responsible for regulating mood. These pulses work by stimulating the nerves that can basically override the signals that cause the depressive feelings. It is done as an outpatient procedure right in the doctor’s office and since it is completely non-invasive, it does not affect the patient’s regular activities at all. Treatments last for 4-6 weeks and are about 30-60 minutes long. Patients have reported significant improvements with this type of treatment. TMS Health Solutions is proud to be at the forefront of this innovative therapy, which has proven to be effective in treating even the most resistant forms of depression.

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Ryan Seacrest: the multitalented radio and television personality

Its hard talk about broadcast and cable television in America without mentioning Ryan Seacrest. This renowned host and producer hold a different position in this industry and is a radio personality with syndicated shows nationwide. Ryan is an award-winning television and radio host who joins “Live” as a co-host with Kelly Ripa. He is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist whose efforts are evident. He is involved in entertainment companies and media, and his philanthropic efforts target the youth, and so far, he has created a considerable impact across the nation.

His radio job includes hosting “On Air with Ryan Seacrest,” a number one nationally syndicated morning drive time show. The show airs in Los Angeles at KIIS-FM, a radio station owned by iHeart Media. He also hosts a nationally syndicated show dubbed Top 40. On television, Ryan Seacrest is the executive producer and host of New Year’s Rockin’ with Ryan Seacrest, an ABC annual program. He also brings “E! Live from the Red Carpet with Ryan Seacrest, which is an awards show.

In 2006, the entrepreneurial bug bit him, and he started the Ryan Seacrest Productions. This entertainment production company has grown to win an Emmy award. It is credited with scripted, unscripted, and digital programming shows. Ryan Seacrest Production is responsible for hit shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashian; I Love Kellie Pickler and Shahs of Sunset. It also produces Shades of Blue starring Jenifer Lopez as well as Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Ryan has invested in Media and entertainment though Civic Entertainment Group which deals with marketing services, Pinterest and attn., a company whose target audience is millennials and operates under the Seacrest Global Group. His independent investments include DigiTour that deals with YouTube experiences regarding concerts, Headspace and AXS TV, which is a cable network.

In the fashion world, Ryan has launched Ryan Seacrest Distinction, a menswear line and Polished by Dr. Lancer, which is a skincare business. His philanthropic efforts run through the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which has media centers- Seacrest Studios- in different pediatric hospitals. Ryan sits at the Los Angeles Museum of Arts and is an honorary chair and the Grammy Foundation.

Michel Terpins: A Sertoes Rally Veteran

Immediately right after winning the second part of the 24th Edition of the Sertoes Rally for the T1 Prototype category, and placing 5th in overall standings – Michel Terpins and Maykel Justo of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team is set yet again to compete in the 25th edition of the franchise. Michel Terpins notes that the stages were very difficult with extreme and exhausting stretches. But with the grace of their vehicle and their good chemistry as a duo, they managed to achieve great results and good positioning in the rankings. The dynamic duo is definitely one to watch.


Sertoes is probably the biggest, grandest and one of the most awaited off-road event of the year and for Michel Terpins, it is one of the most enjoyable events as well. Sertoes is probably the most unpredictable race as well, with dynamic terrains and rough environments requires an automobile that is very robust, extremely sturdy and meticulously cared for. Michel Terpin along with his navigator Maykel Justo is set to venture into the event and they are going to traverse more than 3300 kilometers.


The 25th edition of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team’s Double Trophy for the T1 prototype category will cover three regions: Goias, Mato Grosso, and Mato Grosso do Sul, they will make up the total of 3300 km that the Sertoes roadmap that will cover. The Bull Sertoes Rally Team’s Double Trophy is the largest off-road event.


Michel Terpins first made his Sertoes Debut in 2002 but in the motorcycle category – and the 25th Sertoes is his 10th participation for the competition. Michel Terpins also participated with Rodrigo Terpins, his brother, in sailing and in the cars. During the last few years, Michel Terpins has also piloted and improved his T-Rex. During this time, Michel Terpin’s navigator was Taubate who had an extensive experience in the Sertoes Rally and he already had 4 title under his belt. Maykel Taubate was equipped with the proper experince that gives Michel Terpin the security of safety and perfect tuning that will help them lead in the Brazilian Cross Country Rally in Prototypes T1.

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Betsy DeVos: the new US Education Secretary

Have you seen the news about Betsy DeVos? The 11th US Secretary of Education has been making headlines ever since she took office. It seems like there is nothing that she can’t do to get out of the spotlight. In a recent interview with “60 Minutes,” the secretary talked to Lesley Stahl about the success of these new education programs and the safety of students on public campuses.


DeVos looks comfortable as she talks to Stahl calmly about her opponents who say that educational choice can’t work because it won’t receive public funding. DeVos says that just means they don’t understand that public funding isn’t used for educational choice options. DeVos talked to Stahl at length about the success of her programs and whether she thought that any of them had done better than standardized testing and Common Core method.


DeVos believes that Florida has shown the most success. Students have the most educational choice options including virtual schools, magnet programs, charter schools, private school, and homeschooling options. With all of these options, students are able to find a program that speaks to them. This means that they are able to choose a performing arts school if it better suits their interests than where they are zoned.


This has been a huge step forward for students, who used to depend on their zip codes to place them at a school. If you lived in an area with poor schools, it would be difficult to get out of sending your child to that school. Now with educational choice, you are able to send your student to whatever school you wish, as long as it’s approved by your state.


In most states, educational choice is still on the back burner. Despite how much she has campaigned, DeVos hasn’t been successful in getting new educational choice options for every state. Is it an issue with funding? DeVos says that it isn’t, but rather, it’s opponents who don’t understand that private schools provide great options to students who don’t want to be taught to a standardized test or Common Core.


You can choose your curriculum basically with these options, which is a welcome relief to parents who have been trying to get their kids to like school, even though they don’t understand the new curriculum based off of Common Core method. Now students are able to pick where they go in certain states. DeVos hopes to have more on the roster by the end of her term.


DeVos has been working hard as well with school safety officials, trying to help schools across the country go to school safely. Since 2018, DeVos has been working with safety officials to rate school’s safety and add new policies to make campuses gun-free. It’s been difficult to keep up with both campaigns at once, but DeVos continues to push forward. She says that it’s important to put students first.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

Talkspace Announces Partnership with Michael Phelps

Life is not as easy as it was many years ago. People are currently struggling with all kinds of hardships in life. This is why the number of mental patients keeps going up. Mental health is not an easy subject to discuss in most communities. Most people suffer in silence because they do not want members of their family or even friends to notice that they are living with mental diseases. There are some patients who end up killing themselves because they failed to seek medical help when it was early enough. Employers suffer when their company employees are having any mental breakdowns at work. Most of them are now investing in healthcare services so that they never have to lose their workers. Talkspace is a respected company that is online based. The company offers its therapy sessions online, and so far, it has saved so many lives. Visit talkspace on Instagram for updates.

Talkspace is impacting the American community. The kinds of approaches used by the company are unique, and this is what helps the patients to open up and get the assistance they need when battling with mental diseases. Not long ago, the American company announced that they were going a special partnership with a well-known professional, Michael Phelps so that they can deal with mental health in the workplace in the best way. Michael Phelps, a professional who has dealt with mental illnesses in the past, wants to use his experience to change the lives of other people with a similar experience. The star, who is popular because of how much he has achieved, sought the help of a professional doctor when he got depression although he was in a very successful career. Talkspace has announced that it is happy about the new partnership, and it looks forward to a positive report from the patients.

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