Alliance With Amex And Strong Second Quarter Performance Makes GreenSky Look Undervalued

GreenSky recently partnered with American Express. This new move gives the company access to their strong merchant base and will help to give a big boost to their platform in the coming months. The company is hoping to grow their revenue while only creating a small impact on their operating costs.

GreenSky’s Role

The company’s role in business is as an intermediary between potential borrowers and lenders who have strong credit scores and low risks. For the foreseeable future, their relationships with healthcare providers, banks and home improvement companies will continue to remain a key component to their growth.

The Impact This Deal Will Have

GreenSky has seven different core value drivers. The deal they have made with American Express will directly impact each of them. Below are the top ways the new partnership will impact the company.

  • Transaction Volume- While their transaction volume for each merchant has steadily declined and is anticipated to continue, the volume that Amex’s merchants bring in will help to reduce the rate of decline.
  • New Transaction Fee Volume- The new partnership will allow a portion of the transaction fees to be split between the two companies and should slow the rate of decline for GreenSky’s transaction fees.
  • More Customer Accounts- The new deal with Amex will have a positive impact on the growth of customer accounts as they will be curious to explore their services.
  • Average Loan Amount Per Customer Account- From 2015 to 2017, the average loan amount for each customer on GreenSky’s platform steadily declined. The deal the company made with American Express is not expected to slow this decline in the coming years. There is also no expected changes to the amount in service fees to be charged forthcoming.

GreenSky’s Beginnings

Based out of Atlanta, this financial tech company was founded in 2006. They offer technology to merchants and banks so they can offer loans to customers for solar, healthcare and home improvement projects. Their credit programs are offered and provided by state and federal financial institutions.

ClassDojo App Receives Additional Funding

Technology has become a dominant part of the education system. Today, almost every aspect of the education system is impacted by modern technology. While technology has had a major impact on most areas of the education system, there are still a few areas of the education system where technology has yet to make a significant impact. One of these areas is the teacher and parent communication that takes place related to students.

The traditional method of communication between teacher and parents has been and continues to be the face-to-face meetings that are held between teachers and parents a few times each year. These meetings are important in the growth of students because the meetings allow parents and teachers to meet to discuss the strengths and weakness of the students.

Although these meetings hold significance in the educational development of the students, the method of the meetings pose various problems for both teachers and parents. For teachers, the meetings add a tremendous amount of time requirements fro meetings when teachers are already overloaded with the tasks that they need to handle on a daily basis. As for parents, the amount of time needed concerning the meetings can cause time allocation problems to an already full schedule.

A company that is taking aim at providing a technology alternative to the physical meetings between teachers and parents is ClassDojo. The company has an app that provides the capability for parents and teachers to communicate over a platform designed for schools. The communication app developed by ClassDojo allows teachers and parents to communicate on a regular basis without having to physically meet in person.

The app allows teachers to update parents using the app. Parents can connect to the communication platform to view student schoolwork, student activities, student progress, and a variety of other student related tasks.

Recently ClassDojo received additional funding for the communication app to add a wide array of capabilities to the app. The amount of additional funding is 21 million dollars. The app by ClassDojo is already receiving good reviews from schools that are using the app. The communication app is in almost 80,000 schools across the country.

ClassDojo is providing technology in an area of the education system where there has been little technology. Many schools are still primarily using the few face to face meetings held during the year related to parent and teachers to keep parents informed o students progress in school. The communication app by ClassDojo will give these schools options related to the traditional parent and teacher meeting.

Want To Meet New People? Skout Has You Covered

Meeting new people, making new friends and even finding a love interest has never been easier thanks to Skout. The mobile flirting app currently boasts 3.5 million active monthly users who share 29 million chats a day.

The mobile app has been bringing people together since it launched in 2009 and it keeps adding new users every day. According to company reports, 42,000 new users sign up every day. With that kind of growth, you are certain to find people around the world who share your interests.

The app allows you to share photos, chat and “wink” at those users who interest you. When you see someone who you would like to connect with you can view their profile and check out their most recent photo uploads.

You can start a chat with them or even send them a virtual gift. Skout has essentially taken all the aspects of friendship and brought them to the virtual world.

One of the most interesting features of the app is the “Shake to Chat” option. By simply shaking your phone you will automatically be connected to a random user. Both users will remain anonymous for 40 seconds. After that, you can then see the profile of the person you are chatting with. This is an excellent feature for the adventurous spirit.

One of the more intriguing features of the app is Skout Travel. This allows you to purchase a “ticket” to a certain city and then explore all it has to offer and meet people in that city. Let’s say you have always wanted to visit Paris. With Skout Travel you can buy a virtual plane ticket and you will automatically be taken to that city via the app. All your setting will be tuned in to Paris. You can chat with locals, find out about the events going on and even find a local cafe.

With Skout the world is at your fingertips.

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Would You Date You?

Before downloading those dating apps, it is important for the user to ask himself if he would date himself. People need to be honest with themselves. While guys have a lot of demands for the type of women they want to date or have a relationship with, they should expect the women to have similar standards. For one thing, there is the golden rule. One must do to others as he would have them do to him. In other words, the user has to be willing to give what he is willing to get. While a fat slob can land a women with hot model looks, he shouldn’t expect to.

This is not to say that one should settle if he is not up with what the women typically want. Instead, he should work on himself while using these apps in order to find dates. Even if he is not the best looking guy, if he constantly updates his app with better pictures of himself as he is changing, women will be more interested in him because he is constantly growing. If there is one thing women love, it is men that are constantly improving. They want to be apart of something that is getting better, not worse.

This is where Skout comes in. Skout is not only good at getting people together for dating, but also helping people improve their lives. Skout not only presents people with a platform to meet and mingle, it also allows room for tips to be given. There are also suggestions for people who meet up in a certain area. There are plenty of fun activities that could enrich the date. One of the things women look at with their date is how much fun they have together. Even if the man is not the best looking guy, he may win someone over with his sense of fun.

Skout also has the feature of having people meet globally. There is no need for one to be stuck with his local area. If he is not satisfied with the choice he has or is not getting any responses with his local choices, then he could expand his horizons to other parts of the nation. He could even take it outside of the country and meet women in areas where standards are different and he has a better chance. It is about going where the chances are. While it is a good thing to be able to maximize one’s chances where he is at, he does have a better chance with just moving to a different area.

With dating apps, it is important to find one that is the most constructive available. For men, it is not a good idea to just send out a photo. Women on dating apps get a ton of messages. The man is going to have to stand out in some way so that he could have a better chance. It helps to have some kind of trait that will appeal to women.