High Quality Dog Food Becomes the New Standard


It is not often that people see a change that is so drastic in the dog food industry. People have started to accept that there is a level of quality in dog food that is becoming the new standard. More and more pet owners are finding out that high quality dog food is not just some experimental fad. To the contrary, this higher level of quality in pet food is becoming the new norm. I have seen it first hand, and there is a high level of excitement that people are linking to this.

Pet owners don’t have the ability to really know how great the dog food tastes themselves. They can only gauge if the dogs like the food by their reactions. I have been feeding my dogs some of the high quality Purina Beneful dog food, and it is among the best in the industry. This food comes in so many different varieties. I never run out of new meals to buy my dog. I have purchased the Beneful Healthy Harvest and the Beneful Playful Life and I have not had any problems.

I have seen a lot of other brands that are simply starting to imitate what Beneful has been doing. I think that this makes Beneful the blueprint for the high quality brands. I have never seen one brand offer many different snacks along with wet and dry foods. This shows off the creative streak of the people that are involved with this brand. It takes a lot of work to come up with all of this, and many people have become loyal to these brands.

There are other brands that are trying to compete with Beneful though, and some are doing a great job. Pedigree has been one of the brands that I picked as a stand out for dog owners. Newman’s Own is another brand that has proven to be among the better high quality dog food brands. AvoDerm and Pet Guard Organics are also producing some good dog food. This variety allows a large number of people to try multiple brands for their dogs.